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  1. S

    Want to buy Taboola & Revcontent advertiser accounts

    Hi, I want to buy Taboola & Revcontent advertiser accounts that I can fund with BTC. If you can offer them, send me a message!
  2. R3spawn72

    [HELP] Facebook Ad Account keeps getting blocked dropshipping alternative to get traffic?

    Hey Guys, As a dropshipper, the no. 1 place to go for traffic is facebook ads to get purchases, but my ad account keeps getting flagged or disabled due to unusual activity, I contacted facebook but there is no response from them. Please help me, which other good alternatives are there to get...
  3. aka_ab

    Is there any ad network that pays for Tor traffic?

    Do you know any ad network that pays for Tor traffic?
  4. cleanhead

    Facebook ads + Paypal activated by vcc

    Hey guys, i'm wondering if anyone had ever linked a Paypal account that has been activated by a virtual Card to Facebook ad account and it worked properly without any problems or getting flagged! And if possible i wanna know if it's a good idea, if an ad account on a business account on...
  5. E

    Propeller ads: Do they pay well?

    Has anybody tried propeller ads? They seem to have high CPM rates or at least that's what I've heard. I'm thinking of making a viral site which will mostly have copied content hence Adsense is out. My traffic source will be mostly social media.
  6. DulalKisku

    Is anyone advertising on CPA ad networks?

    I am new as advertiser on cpa ad network, I just created an advertiser account on Where will i get cpi offer without getting from another 3rd party ad network like spartamobile ? I expect some suggestion before starting the journey.
  7. B

    youtube channel problem

    i had adsense account and i lost it, adding to that i used to earn money from a channel on my youtube account, but it got strikes, and i had to delete all the videos, but even that it got a problem with invalid clicks, and by the way this channel has more than 600 subscribers so now i wanna...
  8. WebHack

    Is my website good for adsense approval?

    Hello Friends, I have created my new site as: and have created all the required pages. I just wanted to know wheather my site is now eligible for adsense approval? Also, what are other ads platform that i can use with my website. Thanks
  9. M

    My FB ads are not delivering, can anyone help me a bit? :)

    Hi all, I've created 3 campaigns with each 3 ads and i used a cloacked URL. None of my ads are spending money of reaching people. Does anyone know why? thanks in advance!
  10. ty310

    What is the best way to monetize off of a content aggregation site?

    This is not an automated aggregation site, it's a content aggregation site based on different articles (with some original content basically half) real estate related. How can I monetize without using Adwords? I have been doing some direct advertising because it is in an industry I am involved...
  11. Vasko Gjorgiev

    Is it possible? -FB ads

    Is it possible to get 0.01 per like from USA? I'm not asking how just want to know the answer. Regards
  12. MileUnderMedia

    Looking For Adwords Account Farming Expert

    Hey, I run CPA Ads, and a growing Ad Account Business, mostly specializing in Facebook Ads Accounts, Bing, and Payment Methods. I am wanting to either learn (I will pay or exchange knowledge for knowledge, up to you) how to create and handle Adwords accounts, so I can train my farming team to...
  13. K

    Facebook Ad Account Banned Again.. WTF

    Hi, I have recently had my FB ad account banned for the 4th time or so. The reason is always due to "unusual activity" or "suspected fraudulent activity" or something of that nature. Every time it has been disabled I have submitted my drivers license and verified my identity and got it...
  14. Iaguiar

    Google Keyword Tool - VERY INACCURATE - why?

    In June, Google AdWords turned off access to the Keyword Planner tool for those who did not have an active AdWords campaign running. However, they later backed away from this, and instead said it was a “technical issue” affecting some accounts. But many saw it as writing on the wall that...
  15. F

    Looking for fb PVA / non PVA adverts account ?

    I anyone interested Skype: fbadspro
  16. T

    [ REQ ] FACEBOOK AD Account

    Hi , I am in need of FACEBOOK AD Accounts ( Personal or Agent ) . The greater the Limit , the better . Is there anyone who can provide ??? Or can you guys suggest me any reliable Provider ???
  17. O

    Banned From FB Ads, Must Get Back Up & Running Again Asap- What is the best way to do this

    Hello BHW- My advertising capabilities on FB were banned the other night. I had recently begun advertising on FB through my personal account that I have had for years. I'm obviously disappointed, but extremely driven to get back up and running again! Its insane to me how FB can take-in such...