1. R

    How to use Adobe Flash Player on recent browsers

    Hello guys, I am facing an issue, we have an old web application developed with Apache flex and Action Script 2, and we want to have the possibility to launch it on recent browsers, but due to the end of life of Adobe Flash Player, I tried some plugins like ruffle, but I only see a white...
  2. mo006


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  3. frOsti3™


    BUY ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD ON YOUR ACCOUNT All the apps you need to solve any creative challenge. With Creative Cloud All Apps, you can explore and deliver your best creative solutions — quickly, confidently, and with time to spare. Everything’s connected. So you can move smoothly between 20+...
  4. spyguyzz

    ⛔ONLY $8 / MONTH⛔ Adobe Creative Suite On Your Account ▶️▶️ Acrobat❗️Photoshop❗️Illustrator⭕ 20+ App ✅ Money Back ✅

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  5. H

    Looking for someone who have experience building websites for nft collections

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who has experience building websites for nft collections to work on multiple websites per month,i own a drop servicing agency and will be able to provide you with multiple projects per month (even per week) so please contact me if you know what you are doing and...
  6. Chiku Arsen

    Which version of Adobe After effects works on windows 8.1 ?

    The latest version works only on windows 10. I have windows 8.1 installed. Wanted to know which Adobe after effects version will be compatible with windows 8.1
  7. BlackSugarz

    Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Is there is a way to get Adobe Acrobat Pro life time for free ? a safe way
  8. A

    200+ FREE Graphic Designing Course (Limited Time Offer)

    :) Credit - 100OFFDeal Free Photography Tutorial – 10 Do’s & Don’ts in Photography Free Photoshop Tutorial – 10 Things you must know in Photoshop Free Jewelry Design Tutorial – 2Shapes: From zero to hero Free 3D Modeling Tutorial – Learn 3D Modeling: Shapr3D for Beginners Free...
  9. P

    Free Shutterstock Images

    Dear Graphics Designers here, This website allows you to download pictures from almost ALL PREMIUM PHOTO WEBSITES without WATERMARK for FREE. Shutterstock, Adobestock, GettyImages, Lovepik, StockUnlimited and a host of others are included.
  10. R


    I'm sorry to ask this question here ( I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO VIDEO EDITORS ) Where will I get presets for Adobe premiere pro for free most of them are paid (paid one's are awesome ) Can you suggest me some presets transition for Adobe premiere pro AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME AWESOME...
  11. maxa

    After Effects Problem ( error 0x80070002 )

    So staright to the point, when im done with editing video in After Effects, then when i export it and try to play it - this fucking error pops up. I tried every fckn possible solution i found on the internet, is there anyone who had this issue before ? What should i do ? Thanks
  12. E

    Any Expert of Adobe Illustrator Here?

    How do I save this value so I don't have to put it manually every time?
  13. PianoMan

    [LIST] Best Video Editing Software

    Hello! I thought it would be a good idea to make a list with the best free/paid video editing software, since there are often relevant questions. FREE Lightworks (The Pro version costs $24.99/month or $174.99/year) DaVinci Resolve (The Studio version costs $299) OpenShot Shotcut Filmora*...
  14. G

    How to Sell my skills?

    Hello again after a LONG TIME Over the course of years of failures i've gathered a particular set of skills and i'm wondering what's the best way to sell them? Please note i'm already working as an animator ( the pay is ... well it could be bigger ) i'm just looking for extra income because...
  15. Chiku Arsen

    Which Animation Software should be used for stick figures

    Thinking of making some comedy videos out of stick figures animation. plz suggest any software which you know or have used for doing the same. I have my scripts,plots written ... just wondering how to make them now. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks & have a great day.
  16. Chiku Arsen

    Video course on Adobe Animate cc 2019

    Can anyone provide me with an online free course on Adobe animate cc 2019. I want to learn it all from scratch. Planning of creating some animations for youtube and make a little money. If anyone has got or gone through a free course on such please pm or guide me through the links. Thanks &...
  17. L


    Hello experts which is the best software for voice over on text for videos i think there are many but i need one which looks natural Thanks
  18. cosmikstudio

    Adobe Illustrator 2019- Where can I find Mac Torrent? Any Ideas?

    I have been searching for Adobe Illustrator Torrent via Pirate Bay Proxy but can't find the 2019 version. It has the coolest gradient tool options so wondering if someone can help me find the same. Thanks in advance.
  19. Ranking23

    Need Photoshop help for Docs - quick $25

    Account has been limited, anybody need a quick $25. Please PM
  20. S

    Copyright Strike

    I got a copyright strike from Adobe on a video where I showed how to get adobe dreamweaver for free. Surely it's for educational purposes and I haven't uploaded the crack shown in the video. I don't see how my video falls under copyright. Is it safe to send a counter notification?