1. B

    Any marketing Tips for a new IPTV Provider

    Hey guys thank you for taking the time to check my thread as mentioned in the title above I just started an IPTV reselling business this week I built a wordpress site for e-commerce I added all the subscription plans I'm offering yet I don't know how am I going to get traffic to my website...
  2. Charly Papas

    [Strategy Share] How I plan to generate sales for single product store (Germany)

    Hi frens, *Sniff Sniff* Do you smell that? It's a strategy share you are smelling. As a total degenerate, I bought large quantity of stock for a smoking device (cannabis) which is pretty dope and I am planning on selling it in Europe. DETAILS 500 units produced All packed and quality...
  3. G

    How can I scale my Facebook ads x2?

    Hi guys, I am doing good on Facebook, I am not gonna lie. Spending around 10k daily making good profits, but raising budget over 10k is difficult. Working in lots of geos currently. Give me your strategies how to scale big, please. Everything you have. Tips for higher CTR and lower CPC? Tips on...
  4. saibaaaaa

    JustCloakIt Google AdWords

    For Google Adwords expert that specialize in gambling niche, What are the settings for setting up your justcloakit campaign?
  5. bakkalci

    Adsterra Too Low CPM? Help

    Blog site for you to give info about UX of ADS, I didnt added social bar/popunder because I think they are weird,ruining UX. Banners are OK... Dont worry guys you can visit , theese impressions will never give me even a...
  6. B

    Marketing Expert Wanted For 7 Figure Company - Big Budget - Experience Required

    Marketing Expert Wanted For Financial Tools/Services Company. Long term work for the right person or team. Must have experience with Twitter Ads, FaceBook/Instagram Ads, & TikTok Ads, and be able to bypass policy restrictions. Also looking for TikTok/Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts video...
  7. CyberCommander

    Good plattform for real swiss user traffic?

    Hi guys Does anyone know a good plattform which you can buy a lot of real user traffic from Switzerland?
  8. wirestyle

    Journey to 10 million visits per month [ADULT TUBE]

    Hello boys and girls, fuck it let's start a new journey thread and go for the 10 million users per month. following on from my previous journey; What I currently have: This is just one site, I...
  9. Sartre

    Mediavine has accounced new programs for high-earners ❤️

    I was invited to Pro yesterday. Mediavine Pro: 85% Minimum Revenue share To qualify, you need a site earning $100k or more annually You get a dedicated support team You get access to a private Facebook group You get to bring new sites into Mediavine at 25k sessions instead of 50k monthly...
  10. Sartre

    ▶️ 7 places where you can track Google Algo changes + Bonus ◀️【Sartre's tips】

    Algo trackers: Ad revenue trackers...
  11. Alejandro Walker

    error when serving ads on google ads

    Someone who knows Google Ads. Loading a video for campaign on youtube ads and it always gives this error. The video doesn't violate any policies (it's already running in ads on Google Ads) How do I fix this error.
  12. Alejandro Walker

    error when serving ads on google ads

    Someone who knows about Google Ads. Loading a campaign to youtube and it always gives this error. Video violates no policy (This is already running in ads on Google Ads) How do I fix this error.
  13. Korshoi

    Journey to 30k visits per Day [Adult Tube]

    Hello BHW Members im here since 2020 you see now i'm new member because i create new account my original account have my real name so will start this Journey with hello guys :) My first idea to start my adult website in 2020 im start 2 websites with auto embed with wp script and some plugins...
  14. B

    PLR - Can I create a Facebook ADS in another country?

    Hello, I am new in PLR topic, my question is this: I am from Europe and I want to do a Facebook ADS in Brazil in purpose to get the brazilian public. It is possible?
  15. P

    Advertising on TikTok without getting banned

    Wanted to know if anyone is managing to consistently run ads on TikTok without being banned by their vague policies? Preferably, someone who got banned previously and managed to make a new, active account without getting it suspended again; how'd you go about it? What tools are you guys using to...
  16. atsdie

    if google ads in prioritizing a video should i let it?

    I've been running google ads on around 20 vids in 1 of my ad group. google ads has been heavily favoring a video I don't really want to the "main one" or the first one to catch the algorithm but I'm wondering if im shooting myself in the foot here this 1 video can become as high as 25% of the ad...
  17. K

    What is the best skill to learn to make the most money?

    Hey everyone, I have a lot of free time on my hands and am looking to put in a ton of time to learn a new skill and eventually make it my career, and I would love some input from all of you lovely members! What am I looking for in a career? 1. The ability to work remotely 2. The ability to...
  18. mcgDE

    Facebook Ads: Payment (CC)

    Hi, What payment does Faebook Ads accept? And if they accept credit cards, do they also require the 3D-Secure-Challenge? Because my card issuer doens't support this service right now. Thanks Regards
  19. Nw_Work

    Any ad revenue fetish people here?

    Is there any cost per impression and cpc both payout ad networks for websites? Seems Adsense gives only cpc based payments anything u know that pays for both??
  20. G

    Putting Video ads in app to make money?

    Hello so i have an app in which i would like to have users watch an ad/video ad or what ever kind of ad generates most money in exchange for a "special code" they can use in the app. I thought about using linkvertise but i dont know if i can generate unlimited links with that since each user...