1. R

    Video Ads Website

    I am building a website where people can watch video advertisements and make money. For example, there are some gaming apps that allow users watch a video ad to earn rewards/ or payments. In my website (not a gaming website),I want users to watch video ads and earn from it. Any advertisers for...
  2. shadowmk

    Making money with Facebook advertising

    Hello, I dont know where to start, so many ideas lately. So , i have been a member of this forum since 2010,. i was active on the community, read ideas, read journeys, but never wrote an article, or thread. I have been working online here and there for more than 15 years, wether is...
  3. shadowmk

    Facebook Ads. (promoting a science web articles)

    Hello... i would like to ask few questions.... I have a facebook fan page.... with about 400k likes... so im creating a website with INSTANT ARTICLES, and also ..other than promote content to my facebook people, i would like to advertise myself.... i know there was good times, people made good...