1. L4rse

    Aged Google Ads Account, With Spend History Starting from $100 up till $150k

    My Contact Telegram: @LHF33 Comment down below for a 10% Discount. All accounts are from AD agency.
  2. Gravitylab

    [HAF] cloaking expert

    anyone who is pro and have good hands on cloaking, for google, bing and ad networks like TJ, exo , clickadila etc. though i dont run google, bing just only adult networks. person who can teach me different ways of cloaking and bypassing and atleast my accounts run for week or so. only expert...
  3. J

    Google Ads Update: €10 Threshold Nightmare

    After the recent update, It's now becoming more difficult than before to bypass €10 and get €300 threshold. Google is really making it difficult to use churn and burn accounts.
  4. ali78691

    Unacceptable Business Practices.

    Hello Everyone, my account is getting suspended becauseUnacceptable Business Practices. Previously I was getting immediate suspension because of suspicious payments somehow I finally found the solution for that and I am able to run almost every account I create but the problem is after few...
  5. L

    google ads and facebook ads suggestions

    I need some suggestions guidance about google ads and facebook ads which are the best tools to find keywords for both or tell me some other way from which i can find good keywords for both ads Thank You
  6. M

    Adwords 100$ issue

    Hello friends, New issue, currently - I'm facing 100$ issues, when campaign start, run and reached to 100$, then it stopped and goes to review, and next day it's again started and running flawlessly till reached 100 $, then again next day same thing, facing this issue from July starting -...
  7. B

    Unpaid Balance

    Hello BHWorld, I'm just curious for those who have been making thresholds successfully. I have been aswell but 40-50% get banned with "unpaid balance" I heard this is just a june/july/august issue, has it slowed down for you guys? Seems it's gotten worse since the beginning of june for me..
  8. A

    My Account Was Suspended For Unacceptable Business Practices

    Hey BHW, Needed some quick help/info. My ad account was suspended due to "Unacceptable Business Practices" and the reason they stated in the email was "Phishing - Examples (non-exhaustive): Sites that trick users into revealing their personal information by mimicking a trusted entity such as a...
  9. icansee

    Adwords expert & website developer

    Hey buddy, I know you are here for a reason, so let me know you better and let’s keep in touch. I always see a win-win from a collaboration and it should be like this in my opinion. I am in the marketing business for 17 years already, affiliate for 2 and adwords for a few. Let’s share ideas...
  10. I

    I need someone to run my Google Ads campaigns

    I need someone who has a solution to run Google Ads campaigns (blackhat). You should have multiple Google ads accounts as backup or a solution to create many Google Ads accounts. I don't want to buy aged Google Ads accounts by myself and deal with all the stress... This is a HUGE opportunity...
  11. D

    I’m making $10k/day profit with Google ads

    I currently have multiple aged google ad accounts with significant spend history (5,6 figures). I’ve used some of the accounts already for a niche & have been making $10k/day profit consistently. I’m wondering how I could use them to make even more money. Anyone with experience in this ?
  12. S

    Hiring PPC expert for whitehat gambling ads. Scammers skip (Video meeting & Bank Wire transfers)

    We are hiring Google PPC Expert to run our WH Gambling ads. We have googles permission to advertise gambling with our google account. Salary is commission % from net profit. PM me here. Best regards
  13. T

    Looking for genuine app installs from top tier country

    You can buy installs from adwords yes but the CPC seems to have increased alot. I used to get installs at £0.03 to £0.05 per installs (mainlky usa) about a year ago. Now those same installs cost about £0.12 per install. Same keywords and images etc... Also its hard to get a high daily volume...
  14. Nw_Work

    Have you run both AdWords and AdSense for the same website before?

    Asking as I am currently running AdWords on a website to get leads and haven't implemented any ad network on this one before, saw a lot of mixed ideas online some saying can some saying can't. It seems sometimes adwords can pause ads for leads if too many adsense ads as well it seems. Want to...
  15. PPC_BOSS

    Upgrade your blackhat knowledge and Uplift your skill

    Hi All, I am ad drop of water in the BHW ocean. Like everyone I have my own my to find the solutions and make the things working for me and my team. We am not Mr prefect and my campaigns also suspends and We also face the same issues you guys are facing in day to days activities. I may not be...
  16. T

    Google Ads App Campaigns CPI or CPC

    Last year i created a app install campaign for a tool app and it was getting installs from usa at £0.05 per install and I was getting decent volume at about 600 installs per day. Its not great but it sort of maxed out and had to work within a budget. I then stopped that campaign. Then this...
  17. Pureananda

    Diet Related Ads On Adwords. Any Experience?

    Dear BHW Members, I have seen some ads on google search ads about Diet/health(keto diet) related products. As far as I know, it's not allowed on adwords. Any idea how they are running these type of ads or how to run health/diet related ads on google adwords? One more question, How google...
  18. CreativeDaddy

    Click Fraud Protection

    When the matter is Click Fraud Protection, what's your thought's about the best tool, in terms of best protection/budget. I would love to hear your opinion and past experience about it. Regards CreativeDaddy
  19. W

    How is it possible hours after the account is reactivated, to be suspended again without changes?

    hey my brothers I'm from Brazil and I've been facing problems with BH ads, and through this forum I've learned a lot! I would like to discuss this with you who evidently have much more experience than I do in the matter. On 03/28/2022, I created an account on Gads for my company, the ad and...
  20. M

    How to promote something which google ads doesn't qualify as per its ad policies ?

    Hi, I have been getting few clients from fitness industry and they wish me to promote their videos using google ads . Unfortunately google initially disapproved all my ads and now has suspended the campaign. I have to create multiple campaigns. And basically i also want to know is there any...