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  1. T

    Who tried this money making method?

    Lately, I came across this guy Simon Wood and his course called "Conversio Super Affiliate Bots" making affiliate marketing with bots Has anyone here tried it and got a review on it? Thanks
  2. octopocto

    [ADVICE] I have 25.000+ downloaded videos by users with my bot. Next move?

    I have two video downloader website (free to use). You can basicly download video from different social media/stream sites (actually 100+ sites). Not Netflix or paid websites. All videos are open to public. I don't use any spammy tools, don't worry. Plus, I have a lot of Twitter bot and they...
  3. A

    Can I use direct Affiliate Link in Display Ads?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask something. If we are promoting CPA offers. Can I put direct affiliate links in Facebook ads, Taboola ads, etc.? If I will be using a direct affiliate link then, Will I violate the policy?
  4. A

    Looking forward to Marketplace like step set go, growfitter like in india

    Can anyone please help me to find out the best marketplace app in India where we can sell our products like step set go and growfitter it would be really great i have my own inventory which I want to take live for sale on different marketplace app in india.
  5. Hustlim

    Is it still possible to make money on TikTok through CPA?

    Hi, a number of YouTubers are popping up at me right now promoting making money on TikTok through CPA. Mostly through some motivational videos. It seems to me that this method only makes money for the person who is filming about it. I'm a TikTok user myself and more or less never look at the...
  6. S


    Hello to all the forum members, I hope you all are doing so great today, as a Content Writing, Solo Ads and lead generation professional I'm writing this thread to introduce myself and make awareness that am still a learner because “the day you start learning, you start dying” so I look forward...
  7. Myst3ry

    [JV] My HQ SEO Content + Your SEO skills for [Niche Sites/eCom/Parasite SEO/Lead Generation/Affiliate Marketing etc.] | 50/50 profit split

    Hey! I run a content writing agency and I can invest a lot of the content we produce. I am up for anything that has potential. Either niche sites(or a large portfolio of sites), sort of affiliate marketing, eCom business, parasite SEO or lead generation(where you bring the clients and we do...
  8. Harnur

    [ My Journey] How i made $27,078/month on Native Ads

    My Journey timeline How I made... $100/day [10 November 2019] $7100/month [30 July 2020] $19,180/month [1st December 2020] $35,823/month [7th February 2021] $54,000/month [6th April 2021] $77,382/month [1st August 2021] Journey to $682,000 in 2021 [1st Jan - 31st Dec 2021] $100/day (on...
  9. B

    16,000-20,000 Daily Unique Visitors Domain Traffic

    Hi, how are you all doing? I hope everything is going well for you and your families. I would like to hear your experiences or suggestions on what I can do with my domain traffic to make the most money I possibly can. I receive tons of traffic on a daily basis from my domains. I currently...
  10. BlackStar81

    ✅ [Step-by-Step Method] ✅ From $0 to $10,000/month in 2 – 8 Months From Scratch in Affiliate Marketing Business▶️ Income Proof Inside ◀️

    From $0 to $10,000/month in 2 – 8 Months From Scratch in Affiliate Marketing Business It seems to all of you that you need to invest a lot of money in paid advertising to get results in your online business. Others face technical challenges and hence stress and burnout. Some people think that...
  11. Titus Lotuss

    Affiliate Programs for Pharma

    LF aff programs that would carry pharma products. US customers only.
  12. phantasma

    what do you think is the best way to promote email submit offers?

    any advice will be appreciated.
  13. erwinmedia

    I'm going to start an affiliate website

    Yes! So I'm going to start an affiliate website. I have extensive experience in the field of SEO but never really took the time to start an affiliate website. Now that I have some more time, I think this would be a fun experiment. The approach is somewhat unfamiliar to me. So I thought it would...
  14. Spectra2000

    Welling to start affiliate marketing (need a recommendation)

    Hello everyone, i am willing to start in affiliate marketing, i might start a journey about what i am doing, i already have some experience in marketing, but i want to a recommendation from your guys if possible. I have been searching for a good affiliate platform or program to start with, but...
  15. S

    Lots of visits, but 0 leads. What to do?

    Hi guys! I have a particular website where I collected 168 visits on an adult dating smartlink campaign promoted in Scandinavia, but I have 0 leads. What can I do about it? Thanks in advance for your answer :)
  16. S

    Web Scraping - which tools to use?

    Hi guys! I recently learned about page scraping, and it seems like a great option, but I don't know where to start. Do you know of any good scrapbooking tools? Thanks in advance :)

    Everything you need for media buying: Part 1

    Hi there! We’ve been sharing manuals and guides on everything concerning traffic, traffic sources, funnels, creatives and stuff like that. Which is great and, we believe, quite helpful. But those who only are starting out in media buying must have dozens of questions like “where do I start?”...
  18. seojen

    Where to Get Biz Opp Offers?

    I'm looking for an affiliate network where I can get business opportunity offers to promote as an affiliate. I tried JVzoo but I don't seem to find any decent offer that's not too old. Clickbank is not an option for me right now. So, where do you guys find such offers? ( I'm aware of...
  19. N

    Need Real US Phone Number + Question For Experts

    Hey! I didn't really know where to ask this so I thought this category would be closest to it. Basically, I need REAL US phone number so I can register in the biggest business catalogs/create citations (GMB, Bing, etc. & other local citations) But the virtual phone number doesn't work for...
  20. J

    Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing On Instagram?

    Hi everyone, what is the best niche on Instagram which has a good conversion rate for affiliate marketing?