affiliate marketing

  1. M

    Traffic arbitrage, affiliate marketing.

    Hello, is there any mediabuyers who works in teams from Europe? And who can tell me how traffic arbitrage works in EU?
  2. A

    If you have experience in marketing I need your help

    Hello everyone, I can provide services to increase followers, likes and views for the Instagram platform, but I have a problem, which is that I do not have my own site to provide these services, also I am not sure of the payment method that the customer prefers, such as transferring money via...
  3. hustlersshop

    Telegram + CPA Networks

    Hi, I'd like to discuss what niches are the best to make Telegram channels and promote them. I know that niches like gambling, education, crypto are good for Telegram. Share your thoughts and experience.
  4. Jeepy

    ✅APDB.IO ✅5700+ Affiliate Program Database | Bi-Weekly Updates | Custom Filters | Lifetime Plan ✅

    Contact Us [email protected] BHW: Jeepy Skype: tehnikumapuika Terms and Conditions Order Here
  5. R

    Where to find Solar Energy companies? And how to sell them leads?

    Where can i find Solar companies USA? And sell them my fresh hot leads, I'm tired of affiliate networks shaving my leads so I'm gonna go direct contact with solar companies, obviously I've tried emailing some of them but i don't think it's an appropriate way and why would they trust over an...
  6. EPN

    5 simple tips to avoid Facebook Ad restrictions

    If you are reading this article, then at least one of your Facebook ads accounts has been banned or restricted by moderators/bots. We feel your pain. That’s why we want to share our knowledge and provide some tips to affiliates that are sick and tired of losing money and time. Why does...
  7. Influence

    [BLACKHAT] How can Quora and Reddit make you money?

    Hey fellows, the question's in the title. How can Quora and Reddit make you money whilst in a "blackhat setting"? Let's have a discussion about those platforms. Do you have any general ideas on what'd be an efficient way to get a buck in your pocket from these?
  8. R

    Tired of affiliate networks shaving leads.. Any suggestions on this?

    Hey all, so I've been running cpl offers on Facebook for Solar installation lead form, I'm running these offers from 4-5 networks. But they seem to shave alot, they still haven't accepted even 1 lead and it's really disappointing and discouraging because I'm the one paying money to fb but in...
  9. J

    Has anyone found success with promoting Clickbank products [high ticket ($100+ average)] on Youtube Shorts?

    As the title suggests, has anyone found any success with promoting clickbank products on youtube shorts? I get around 20k views a day, and have started 2 days back. I am creating shorts related to weight loss and am creating videos with proper CTA to check description, where I am promoting...
  10. R

    Can i enter leads myself in CPL offers?

    If I've authentic and interested list of leads with data can I enter in a cpl offer myself? I generate leads through fb ads.

    How do you choose offers?

    Hey guys, Was wondering on how you choose offers to work with? What criteria do you consider? Is it a long process?

    Sweepstakes: How-To Guide

    Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? With ever rising prices and ever present desire to own more, we’re doomed to be drawn to any sorts of giveaways. And this is how we got Sweepstakes offers - an always thriving vertical that even a newbie can manage. Today we want to share with you...
  13. H

    What is the best course for affiliate marketing in 2022?

    Is there someone else who has the best content yet other than matt diggity? also if someone has the affiliate lab link please send I lost my course link. Thank You
  14. R

    How to 100% hide my local ip?

    Hey, I'd like to know what are some ways to completely hide my local ip and activate my new ip on the sane computer, what are your ways to do that? Like a solid method which 110% disguise my local ip?
  15. R

    Good affiliate network which doesn't shave alot

    Hello everyone, what are some good CPL networks? By good i mean that doesn't shave alot like smartADV. I've been working on different networks and iam seeing alot of conversions on my tracker but can't see any on the network. So please tell me a good network which doesn't shave alot for leads.
  16. Starblazer

    ⚡⚡[Guide]▶️ 5 Methods to Make Money Online ❇️SEO ❤️CPA ⭐Affiliate Marketing ✅Reddit ❤️Youtube ⭐Facebook ⏩Snapchat ✅Quora

  17. P

    ROAS on cpa marketing methods

    Greetings guys, I am new to the forum this is officially my first post and just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I from Serbia work full time from 2pm - 11pm, but am searching to make more income streams since corona just basically showed us how not one kind of income stream can be...
  18. seojen

    Your Thoughts about Using Free Convertkit Landing Pages.

    Hi guys, I was looking into promoting affiliate links and landing pages and I stumbled upon convertkit and their free LP's. Can someone share their experience with using convertkit or point me to a thread about this tool?
  19. Nancy224

    How to reduce the bounce rate of email marketing

    If your soft bounces have risen over 2% to 5% or more, you can take a few actions to reduce them to a more manageable level. Use a two-step opt-in process. Send a confirmation email to new subscribers with a link to click to validate their address. This ensures that you only send emails to those...
  20. BitcoinGuru

    Searching for resource regarding affiliate marketing and blogging

    Hello, Im searching for good recourse regarding affiliate marketing and blogging. I prefer articles over videos. Thank you in advance!