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  1. Sulphur

    Brutal Health Niche Aged Domain For Sale! Featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Life Hack, etc.

    Brutal Health Niche Aged Domain For Sale! Featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Life Hack, etc. This time, We caught a powerful aged domain that has the potential to rank quickly. With this domain, you won't need to spend your midnight oil trying to rank your website in a competitive...
  2. Mahir khan

    High-Authority AFFORDABLE EXPIRED DOMAINS - Great Link Profile

    Buy High-Authority AFFORDABLE EXPIRED DOMAINS to Rank Better on SERP Benefits of these premium expired domains: High Authority Link Profile Links from Top DR sites Niche-based Expired domain All are already registered at various registrars. So domain cost is inclusive of the price. Many TLDs...
  3. B


    Hello ! I'm looking for expired domain / aged domain that really have a power, a Strong one for sure and I'll change the niche, and Rank High in SERP. Please PM me if you have it. About the price range, As long the price and the domain is reasonable, I'm ready to pay. Looking forward for...
  4. B

    Need Expired / Aged Domain With Gambling Niche

    Hello, I'm looking for expired / aged domain with good quality for ranking for gambling niche. Because i'll be using it for boost the rank on SERP. Send PM for me if anyone interested. Thank you
  5. DunderMannen

    [JOURNEY+TIPS] 1000$/month on Aged Domain

    Been a while since I posted on here, but it's time for a comeback! For the first time, I got myself an aged domain. Bought for around 700$ on Serpnames. 16 years old, and 50RD's, a very good price for such domain imo. I'll try to keep this thread easy to understand, not just post results, but...
  6. S

    What should be the strategy to get maximum benefit from the aged domains?

    Will expired/aged domains content starts ranking immediately or does it need sometime? I published 4 thin content on my aged domain to test whether it ranks instantly or not but my content is not ranking anywhere. So, what should be my initial focus on the aged domains? If you have experience...
  7. tazarbm

    3 Non-Earning Websites for Sale

    Hi, I am selling 3 of my non-earning websites as I don't have time (and patience if I'm being honest) to take care of them anymore. If anyone's interested in acquiring them post here. All of the important info is mentioned below, but if something's missing let me know and I'll gladly provide...
  8. diequelle

    Free German Backlinks +55 | List of free backlink portals - Kostenlose deutsche Backlinks +55 | Liste der kostenlosen Backlinkportale

    I would like to provide you with a list of free backlinks especially from German .de domains. Again and again I see postings about this and have spent many hours searching myself. :poop: Now I have compiled a list for the whole community. IMPORTANT: Create a separate email address for...
  9. cloakme

    ❇️ DA Based Niche PBN Full Setup ❇️ Expired Domain ✅ Premium Aged Domain ⭐ RD Upto 100+ ✅ 15% OFF ✅

    Cloakme Presents PBN Full Setup !! Upto 5+ Year Aged Domains with RD Upto 100+ DA Upto 30+ Premium Aged Domain Full Setup Get Your More Powerful Expired Domains Here...
  10. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Question about 301 redirect and "aged domains" (Help a newbie out!)

    Hi, I'm getting into a new niche that I like, and will soon start a journey on blackhatworld documenting it. I have found a few relevant Domain names to my niche that have an average DA of about 13-18. My question is, should I buy all of them (about 6) and 301 Redirect all of them into 1 of...
  11. memekasin

    [Share] My Checklists on Choosing the Best Aged Domain

    Over the years, I have tried to create my own PBN's using hundreds of expired domains with good stats such as first registered date, backlink profiles, niche used as seen on Wayback Machine, etc. But since several years back, instead of using expired domains with at least one or more dropped...
  12. Ronnie Machio

    WayBack machine issue and aged domain question

    I have an aged domain that I am looking to get for a pbn. The site was first registered in 2011, well my issue is that Wayback has crawled it just 4 times since then and it has no complete website. the site has some decent links but they all point to the front page and no internal pages...
  13. SeoBoy001

    [ SEOBOY001 PBN ] Possible High Quality PBN Aged Domains From DA avg 25+ RD avg 500+ [ OFF INSIDE]

  14. savobaby

    High RD (400+ RD Minimum Links) ◀️ Aged Monster Strong ✅ Niche Edit Backlinks ⬅️

    I don't want to decorate this thread with fancy crap, so let's just get straight to the point. Every niche edit link that I'm selling has a minimum of 400+ RD (in many cases, it's more than 400+ RD) and never lower. I can't convince you of just how powerful these niche edit links are, but I do...
  15. HenryObi

    Should I Redirect This Ranking Old Domain?

    I'm about buying a site that's in my niche and with a perfect country targeted domain... but am confused as to what to do with it... We've already agreed price, couldn't complete transactions today due to personal reasons. Below are a few details of the domain -DA/PA 18/21 -UR/DR very low...
  16. shipluppc

    Help me for find out aged domain for PBN

    Hi, I want to create some PBN. I need some high DA domain links which I can purchase in cheap rate. Can anyone help me for finding aged domain or any tool by which I can findout that. Thanks
  17. D

    Is there any possibility to keep age of expired domains?

    Good evening, I know it's nearly impossible, but is there any possibility that expired domains can get their age back? Due to my experience Google resets them all back to 0, but I might be wrong. If it's not possible than please where to buy still active domains with age (and not too expensive...
  18. Veronique89

    Do aged domains have less chance of getting a penalty?

    Hi, hope everybody's doing fine and looking forward to a wonderful weekend! Small question: do aged domains have less chance of getting a penalty than new ones or does this sound like complete nonsense :p? All help and advice is highly appreciated! Have a nice Friday evening! Warm regards, Vero
  19. nandugan

    Aged Domain

    I have a 13 yrs old domain related to educational consultants. Can i use this domain for some other new service as I am not providing any services related to education. This is one of my clients domain. Domain has some back links with anchor text related to educational niche. Is it good to use...
  20. NikoNikic

    Know any bulk aged domain supplier?

    I need few months+ old domains. I know we can buy domains for 1$ at goddady so there has to be someone who bought hundreds of them that are now aged and today could sell them for 2-3$ I guess. Know anyone that sells those domains?