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  7. Blogsmith

    DA 27 Aged Domain: What can be the best use

    I have just acquired a DA 27 dot com Domain name which is 12 years old. It has very good quality backlinks too ... like 20 BLs are from websites with DA 70 to 93. Please advise best method to earn money using this domain. Thanks.
  8. A

    Buying aged domains with zero backlinks to avoid Sandbox - is it worth?

    Hey Guys, Does it make sense to buy an old domain with no backlinks if my purpose is to rank faster? Will it make ant difference at all? Thanks.
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  16. ContentWriter

    What Do You Get From Buying Aged Domains?

    This question goes out to those who are buying existing domain names. I am just curious to know what the perks are in buying them other than its established status or "authority" online. I would appreciate your responses.
  17. Neoalb

    Old expired domains good for anything ?

    So I was looking for a good domain to use on my porn re-uploading journey which I will start soon and accidentally found some aged domains in my niche, ages : 16 years 11 years 10 years (this has about 53k backlinks) 9 years I'm a total newbie in SEO so anyone can tell me if these are worth...
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  20. J - What would you value it at? - 15 years old (original registration Jan 1999) Curious to know what people would value this domain?