1. R

    Google Play Spam 2022

    I was thinking of the theory of re-skinning existing apps i have copyrights to, and posting a lot of them (like over 100 or more). Is it possible in 2022? Will each individual reskinned app trigger a SPAM violation (100% of all posted apps - violation)? Or is it 50%/50% (50 will be spam, 50...
  2. mo006


    CONTACT INFO: -Email: [email protected] -Discord: mo006#0465 -Skype: -Telegram: DELIVERY TIME: I will get it delivered within 24 hours. However, depending on my availability, it might take up to 48 hours. REFUND POLICY...
  3. TheEnginner

    Journey to $100/month with iOS Apps

    Hey everyone. I am happy to be part of this great community. To introduce myself, I am a full stack developer. During long years, I have been publishing Android apps, without real big success. My main incomes comes from freelancing until now (Fiverr, Upwork) and app/website flipping with Flippa...
  4. M

    SEO App for Shopify

    Hi everyone Is SEO Optimizer by Booster Apps still the best SEO app for Shopify? Is there something else I should consider?
  5. M

    Buying and Selling Apps

    Hi Is it profitable to buy Apps from sites like Flippa and either launch them on Playstore or further resell them at a higher price? Are there any other similar sites from where we can buy Apps Thanks
  6. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  7. Orozuz

    Ad network for apps

    Hey guys, I need an ad network, for apps, that doesn't require that the app is on play store or apple store. The app can be downloaded directly from a website. Thanks, have a nice one.
  8. T

    Google Ads App Campaigns CPI or CPC

    Last year i created a app install campaign for a tool app and it was getting installs from usa at £0.05 per install and I was getting decent volume at about 600 installs per day. Its not great but it sort of maxed out and had to work within a budget. I then stopped that campaign. Then this...
  9. G

    Admob account limited experiences??

    I was making about 100€ per day. About 7 weeks ago, for 4 days, I was making like 4000€ per day, due to fake traffic (not done by me)/sabotage. Admob didn't calculate that traffic when they paid me, so I got around 2500€ like usual - plus they put limit on my admob account. Now I am making...
  10. N1ckG2

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    How to Rank & Bank FREE APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less Get my full strategy and discover how to: Select the right niche – get this wrong and everything else can fail Choose the right keywords for your app Optimize your listing to outperform competitors Get more...
  11. Patchy420

    How do you earn with your IOS App?

    I know on android you earn with AdMob and other networks by displaying ads within your app But how do you monetize your ios app? -Is it has to be an in-game purchase? -subscription feature? I'm a bit confused Any Help would be wonderful! Thanks.
  12. A

    Little money with games ?

    Hi folks, I read several articles about game apps. By example this one or this one. What do you think about this ? To be clear, the goal is not to earn 100$/day but maybe few $ par day, to get a tips at the end of the month, without stress. Do you test some apps which are mentionned in posts ...
  13. L

    Question from app Experts

    Hello I have a question people are uploading youtube videos on their apps but when I uploaded cartoons on my app google did not allow me any idea how are they doing this?
  14. T

    Developer Accounts

    I did read somewhere you can have multiple google play developer accounts, but only one per gmail/email address. i wanted to confirm this is true or not? By one per email, does it then mean that its ok for the same person to have multiple accounts? As the same person would likely use the same...
  15. multiapp


    Guarantee: The service provides on average 20 working apps in public access with maximum allowed aggressive designs. Refund policy: Your deposit can always be returned. Our telegram: @appsangel
  16. F

    Why there aren't anymore GooglePlay Android Games/Apps journeys still?

    I haven't seen a journey related to Making android games or applications 'Reskinning' in a while. what happened?
  17. BlackSugarz

    Best way to manage many emails at once

    Hi, I was using my phone to manage my emails but my phone start lagging because of that 100+ Emails I am thinking to mange them on pc any advises ? apps / ways
  18. Carol Andrei

    i REALLY need some help/guidance | Mobile Apps

    So for the past 2 - 4 months i've been working on a 2D platformer game, its a pretty shit game not gonna lie, the art its kinda shit (pixelart) but the mechanics the physics are ok/kinda good. I put ads (AdMob) on it, NOW i don't know what to do, the game it's not finished, i've been working...
  19. Anekay

    What do you think of this kind of app and audience

    I am planing on creating an app for a small group like 20-30 people in my department. That pays them 0.02 for watching a 30 seconds reward video from the ad network Iron source. And the network pays up to 0.05 per reward video impression so what do you guys think. Is it a good idea and will the...
  20. javabro

    [Guide] Reverse Engineering Android Apps - A push in the right direction

    I was contacted recently to reverse engineer the Spotify app by a client. The client had already tried it with other developers and failed. Once my initial steps were done (explained below) - he didn't want to move forward. Spent a few hours on this (for which I didn't get paid). I thought I'd...