article & content writing

  1. Skan

    Content/Article writing $$

    I've been writing content for some clients and I'm finding it difficult to get enough information on certain topics in order to cover wordcount with best content possible. Can someone share a hack or tip that may help write articles on almost all niches faster (method must be working now)...
  2. Skan

    Writing content

    How can I find client to write good quality articles for $2/100words and given topic or keywords
  3. R

    Content writer for rewrite 10-14 articles weekly

    I need a CHEAP & GOOD content writer for my new site. He/she will write content articles about woman health and care and any review. Most of the time we will provide with samples for rewrite them but is possible that the person will need provide with a few more articles. This is a long-term...
  4. Anna Barley

    Delete and update old article

    If I will update or delete my old article, Does it affect SEO?
  5. waff

    freelance content writing for clients directly $

    can someone suggest a way to find clients(or directly contact) that require content/article writing based on their niche apart from using freelancing sites like fiverr,iwriter,freelancer etc..(because i failed on these)
  6. Real Ranker

    A Relevant Content? An SEO Optimized Content? or Both?

    What do you think of How a "Content" should actually be? to be ranked or to generate Traffic? A Relevant Content? An SEO Optimized Content? or Both? There are many Prominent Elements which decide a Perfect Content though!! Let's Figure it out...
  7. M

    Are One-Sentence Paragraphs better?

    Hi! I have decided to change the style of the articles on my personal website, and I would like to know your opinion and experiences with that! It's the type of article that is using and recommending Brian Dean. He's not using the paragraphs, but about one or two sentences per line. Is...
  8. Zahab

    alternative for iwriter

    could someone suggest a site similar to iwriter to write articles for money. iwriter banned me for having 3 out of 5 ratings even without checking my rejected article and lost my earning of $7.
  9. Zahab

    content creation from tools

    does anyone know any tool that could make creative or other writing content without plagiarism and quite unique, suggestion would be appreciated.
  10. ninja21

    SEMRush (BeRush) Enter to Win $100! + 2 months PRO Free

    Great opportunity by SEMrush team. Write an article about SEMrush's affiliate program (Berush) and win $100 cash and a 2 months SEMrush PRO subscription! Visit this link for more details: No affiliate, no promotion!
  11. C

    Looking for online article about drones published onto legit site

    Hi guys, I have an eCommerce site that sells drones and I am looking for someone that can write and publish an article about my business onto a site that looks legitimate so I can use it for marketing purposes. For example, something like would work very well.
  12. HowToBeHappy

    Partnership Opp: Native English Article Writing Service

    Hello High-Quality Service. I am looking for somebody with a database of clients who can sell my excellent article writing services. I have a great team; I am editor and writer. Lots of graduates waiting to supply for an affordable price. You do the promotion; I supply the content. PM me for...
  13. T

    Looking for Review Posting (Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Bing)

    I am looking to have reviews made for a local family fun center in the US. Posting accounts need to be aged and have a history of reviews. Some can be new but most must be aged. Need to be from unique US IPs, preferably coming from southern California. Pictures will be provided and must be...