1. susane


    WANT CONTENT THAT RANK ON GOOGLE? Articles Offered Guest Post Article Directories WEB 2.0 Website Content Blog Post Product Review Articles Details Required For Placing Order Number of Articles Number Of Keywords Number Of Words Each Article Target URL Additional Info (if any) FAQ Que...
  2. H1ghSky

    Should you always do extensive research for articles?

    Just finished writing a 5000 word review for one of my money sites and I honestly feel exhausted after having done a crazy amount of research. It took me 5 days to get this article done from start to finish. I’ve also got a bit of help from Jasper but for the most part I was the one putting the...
  3. R

    Repeat H2 & H3 Multiple Times ?

    Hi, do you repeat the focus keyword in H2 and H3 multiple times? Example - Focus keyword is low cholesterol diet H2 - low cholesterol diet plan H2 - low cholesterol diet foods H3 - low cholesterol diet recipes H3 - low cholesterol diet vegeterian Do you repeat the focus keyword like that?
  4. DXA

    Hello I´m Patrik and I want to find clients for my copywriting agency!

    Hey guys, I need your help. I have a copywriting agency in the StartUp segment and I believe we achieve the highest quality compared to our competitors but I don´t know how to spread the word since I don´t want it to be a massively spread campaign. I´ve been working as a freelancer for over 6...
  5. DensofNope

    Looking for Techcrunch, Your Story and other tech outlets

    Hi, Looking for anyone that can get a full-featured on the following sites like Tech Crunch, YoursStory, and other tech outlets. This is for a real company with real tractions communities. Please PM.
  6. wecreative

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  7. Cognitive

    Paraphrase and Enhance Content. Is it a good idea?

    We're experimenting with a new AI system (multiple AI models working together) that is able to not only paraphrase but also enhance the content. The goal here is to make the AI "understand" the main ideas of each paragraph in an article and write a new paragraph with a different structure and...
  8. R

    I need to publish an Article in 24 hours

    I have a Political article I want to publish in a News Website (if it's Israeli News Website better). I'm in a hurry I need it in 24 hours or less if you can do it message me please
  9. N

    Looking for someone to write and publish a wikipedia page!

    Looking for someone to write a wikipedia article and get it published! Must have experience and samples. Must guarantee the article stays up!
  10. TheOverlord

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  11. 9alaest

    Looking for a Native English Writer

    Hi, I'm Looking for a native english writer, Please Drop me Your price + Articles Samples Via PM. Thanks.
  12. Cryptology

    Best way to reuse my own articles for my own business?

    Hello everyone! I have recently started to work as a copywriter in my native language. My new client (for long term cooperation) is in the same niche as my blog which I created a few weeks ago... As I'll dedicate most of my time to this client, amongst others, I won't be able to produce the...
  13. Nancy224

    Which Social Signals Matter for SEO?

    Social signs are naturally developed, the motorized verbal exchange that stops via likes, tweets, legs, offers, checkups and backlinks. These conditioning demonstrate that guests are taking part in your substance, accordingly making an authenticity for those immeasurably significant web...
  14. cryptocheese

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  15. R

    Article Readability good but Grammarly :(

    If an article shows Readability score of 5 at Hemingway Editor but grammarly fixes some words and then Hemingway Editor shows Yellow (hard to read words), then what to decide? Which one is good to go with for adsense approval and SEO purpose?
  16. Codov

    Articles for PBN, after 3 hours of reading BHW.

    Greetings, reader! For the last seven days, I've been trying to find a content generation service. The best service, according to my forum recommendation count, is Jarvis. There are 2 subscription options: $29 for 20,000 words. $59 for 50,000 words. I plan to start publishing content for Tier...
  17. kurosaki4d

    Question about keyword reserach method?

    Hello guys, One of the ways that I test new keywords that I can potentially rank for is by publishing test articles of "1000 words" (well written), and if they rank near page 1, then I update it by writing a much longer/better content version of it. So, realizing that adding quite a few 1000...
  18. Myst3ry

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    Do you need high-quality SEO content? If you are here, then the chances are that you are struggling with finding a good and reliable content supplier. Most offers are expensive and deliver content that is plain and poorly researched. That type of article leaves you without chances to outrank...
  19. Hisoka1

    READY 2 RANK Articles - $2 per 500 words - SEO Optimized articles that are Ready 2 Rank

    Frequently Asked Questions- Q. What is the difference between $2 and $5 packages? Ans: Our experienced writers write $5 per 500 words content. For the $2 per 500 words package- we take some help from AI writing assistants (such as Please note that your article is not completely...
  20. seoboyz01

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