1. M

    Platforms for paid articles wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for a list or overview of websites that publish positive articles about our company in return for payment. The sites should be in Germany and German-speaking. Price-wise, we are very flexible. Anyone who can help us, gives us tips or knows a site is welcome to get in...
  2. R

    Are your content writers stupid ?

    From Twitter: A guy paid $1500 to a writer and the writer published the articles on his site before handing over the articles to the buyer. Has such an incident happened to you ever?
  3. don7777

    125 articles with 100% unique content?

    Hi all, I just scraped 125 articles from an expired domain. The content is 100% unique, which I verified with Copyscape. All are niche relevant articles and the total word count is around 100,000. I just want advice on the best way to use these articles. 1. Should I purchase this expired...
  4. G

    AI articles

    I want to get AI articles for my multi niche website, where can I find a good quality AI articles?
  5. DigimetriqOfficial - AI Article Writer | Generate Articles in 1 Click That You Can Rely On!

    How to use/ Options for Generations 1. Single Article Generation Let AI Write the outlines/ sub-headings and create an entire article using that. Hands-free and 1-click! 2. Bulk Article Generation Generate Articles in bulk - max 10 at a time. Options to use only Titles. Let AI figure out...
  6. Myst3ry

    [GIVEAWAY] 20 x 1000 Words of Content [Informative, Review or Buying Guides]

    Hey guys! We are giving away 20 articles from 1000 words in exchange for your honest review of our service. Thread URL...
  7. TheOverlord

    [REVIEWERS] █ SUPERIOR ARTICLES █ FREE Long-form Q/A Style Articles

    I am offering single article review copies to everyone for my hybrid AI-human article writing service. There are no requirements, though I do ask that if you receive a copy, you post a review. For Jr. VIPs, I am offering two articles for free. Link to BST to post review
  8. jaksana03

    University Graduates With Excellent Writing Skills Who Can Help You Write The Top-notch Content

    contact me: Skype:trinidadpana Email: [email protected]
  9. k9winww

    ⚡⚡ ✅ Premium Quality Content Writing Services ✅ ⚡⚡❤️ To Increase Site Traffic and Sale❤️

    Email - [email protected] Skype - [email protected] (Click Here) [There is a scammer impostor on Skype using my profile pic and name- always double check ID or verify via PM before dealing] Telegram - @k9winww Whatsapp - +923108184567
  10. GringoMonkey

    ● [METHOD] ● Article Arbitrage: How to Earn $1000+ for Each Article You Publish

    Have you ever wondered how to maximise the value of every article you publish? Discover Below the 7 Steps I follow to Earn $1000+ for Each Article I Publish on My Own Website You may or may not know that before I moved into IM I worked for a UK national newspaper and various international...
  11. Cognitive

    SENSIT | GPT-3 | 1-Click AutoPilot Full Articles | Unlimited Words/ Article | Rewrite & Enhance Content | API

    User Reviews: How to get the AutoPilot Free Trial? Please post “AutoPilot Extended Free Trial” in this thread. The extended free trial doubles the count of articles you can generate with AutoPilot (6 articles instead of just 3 with the standard free trial)...
  12. VampireDamon

    Vampire Articles | $1.60 for 500 words | SEO Friendly Articles | Hand written | 20% Discount | Review copies Available

    FAQ: 1. What are the payment methods do you accept? Paypal, Payoneer, BTC, Wire transfer. For Indian clients Gpay, Phonepe, Bank transfer. 2. What about a refund policy? We do refund you only if we are not able to deliver the articles. 3. What will be the estimated delivery time? 2 to 3...
  13. TheKingSlayer

    [WTH] Freelance Writer - Cryptocurrency and NFT niche

    Looking for an experienced native writer to dish out a few articles regarding a product of ours. Niche Crypto and NFT To discuss, please reply here or dm me or add on skype - live:.cid.f78bf657a3b8103f Awaiting your writing samples :) thanks
  14. H

    Looking for an article for Forbes, Yahoo or any major publication

    I need this asap payment ready and all little negotiations please contact. Article is well worth it not a reach. Celebrity placement!
  15. ThatBloke

    Have lots of original articles. What should I do?

    I have at least 100 original articles which was written by native English writers (SEO optimized). All these content were meant to be posted elsewhere but not within money the site. How can I use them to boost my rankings? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. Cognitive

    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    We need your feed-back on our latest project: we managed to create an AI module that will generate full articles/ blog posts. Most of the times these articles don't need need further editing (although it will be possible to edit them in one of the modules which are already available in our app)...
  17. B

    Google: Machine Written Content May Be Okay For Ranking Soon One Day

    good new for AI content creators. "John Mueller spoke about this topic again, just this past Friday, about how Google will eventually not care if the content is generated by a machine or a human but rather if the content is overall quality."...
  18. F

    Lets say i got 100k fresh articles

    Hi All, Lets say i got 100k or more fresh articles is it better for to post them all at once to my website or should i be posting a few articles everyday for the website to rank better. Thanks Abz
  19. F

    is ezinearticles down or is it just me

    Hi, is anyone else having issues accessing ezinearticles. trying to access a post but doesn't load, i can get to the main page of the website but for some reason when i click on insurance and then try to click on sub category for insurance it doesn't load. tried a couple of links within...
  20. Mayocheesecake

    2 x 1000 word articles and 2x 2000 word articles

    Looking for an article writer who can produce two 1000-word articles and two 2000-word articles in the next three days (sooner the better). If the articles are quality, we would possibly do business on a weekly basis. I'm looking for an English-speaking writer who can create articles that flow...