1. mainceaft

    I need real Authority websites BLs service to get traffic/income with AdSense

    A couple of days ago, I tried to look into Fiverr SEO service, and contacted a coupe of sellers, when I too look at their offers and sample links I notice some of these service pure scam, mostly GSA B-Ls sold for high price e.g ~$50 and some more. Anyway I skip buying service from there at all...
  2. nikolavinci

    [1 Free Review Copy] TikTok Verification for Public Figures

    Hey BHW , I am looking for a reviewer for my TikTok Verification Service. Looking for TikTok Verification? If you are a public figure (Creator, Musician, Artist, Actor, Model, Public Figure) who is already verified on Instagram, YouTube, or other social with good press and are looking to get...
  3. digitalrocky

    Looking for High DA Backlinks Provider

    Looking for someone in this field from long time and looking for niche related backlinks from High authority domains.
  4. geekkamal

    How to increase MOZ's DA? How much time does it take to increase +1 Moz DA ?

    Please HELP Why my site's DA is still 45? and How can I increase it? I have been trying to increase the MOZ DA of this site - ( DA-45, PA- 46). I have been working on it actively for past 4 months. From competitor research, I can see that 90% of the competitors MOZ...
  5. L

    Indexing blog posts keywords

    How to quickly index some longtail keywords of blog posts in top 100
  6. shawn_007

    Backlinks to Article Pages or Homepage?

    Hello Folks, So, here's another doubt, that I have and this is getting very confusing. When you build backlinks from Guest Posts to your moneysite, do you link your homepage or the content page? Or is there a ratio as such that one needs to follow in order to get authority and juice.
  7. 4ry4n

    [Question] How many high quality d0-follow backlinks to add each day?

    Hello, When you guys are pushing for higher authority, how many d0-follow backlinks do you produce each day? These backlinks are from how many domains? How long do you keep this routine up? Regards,
  8. jemzozole

    How to build authority?

    Hello! My website stopped on 38 authority score (by semrush) and I have no idea how to push it forward. Is there any to-do list? I got a lot of new backlinks since I advanced to 38 authority but it's not growing. I have an address on my website, all terms, and conditions, privacy policies...
  9. arnie123

    Where to point backlinks to optimize authority gains? To homepage, pillar or posts?

    Hi, I'm about to buy some backlinks to a digital newspapers with high DA, DR and traffic. I'm not sure what's better: point the link to my home or to a single posts? What would be the difference in the authority transfer and spread? I mean, depending on where I point, can I get more or less DA...
  10. richboss

    Profile Authority Backlinks + Blog comments with High PA/DA Do-Follow Backlinks in Reasonable Prices ✅

  11. Josh Saga

    What really is an Authority Website?

    Hello All, Here to ask your opinions on this - how do we really consider one an authority website? If you can spare some time to answer all these In terms of Metrics In terms of Backlinks In terms of Content In terms of Ranking In terms of other factors It would be nice as well for others...
  12. T

    Podcast Jacking For Links, Traffic & Authority

    Matthew Woodward is back with another blog post teaching a strategy that he uses to build links, generate traffic and authority the past 18 months. It's called Podcast Jacking It’s simple to execute, costs absolutely nothing and doesn’t take much time to do He also talks about how to...
  13. arneyhaha

    [JOURNEY] From Nothing to Long Term Business. Launching an Authority Website from Scratch.

    Hi there. Hope you and yours are all doing well. I have been a lurker for the past 4-5 years and, first of all, want to thank you all for your valuable contributions to this website. I am a true procrastinator and tend to review way too many articles, websites and guides before taking actual...
  14. W

    what is authority site? how to build one?

    what is authority web site? how to build one? can anyone explain this?
  15. M


    I've been analyzing a niche with domain authority ''1'' and about 30 backlinks that are in the position one of the serps, is this normal?
  16. QRD

    Authority/Multiniche or Small niche related

    First of all I am sorry if I didn't post in the right category but this one seemed right for my question. I have several ideas and keywords for an informational and affiliate website, I am also not new to the SEO game but I did take a loong 4 years break when a lot happened. I havea lot of...
  17. GooglePimp

    Cache rules everything around me dollar dollar bill y'all.....

    Seems Xmas is early this year!!!! Your Favourite GPimp is back in town and I've got some Juicy Goodies for all my Black Hatters..... First to welcome me and make me smile gets a totally free smackalicious backlink tip fo freee ... Legoooooo
  18. hajimabur

    ASK, DA PA domain is small, but Ahref Rank is high. is it good?

    Hello, I have a domain with DA 8 PA 12, but it has a high ahref rank. This domain only has RD 6. For those who have experience. Please share knowledge. Is this domain good, normal, or bad? sorry my English is bad Thaks
  19. easyskank

    How To Gain Authority On Google Fast!!!! And get a free advert!!!

    WE all know how long it takes to gain authority on Goog so I thought I would share a shortcut with u guys. Ok so you build the site as always, punch out the articles and then wait for a bit. As soon as you see the scrapers hitting get as much content that they are liking as possible, I man feed...
  20. Shropdog

    How to increase author bio authority after YMYL algo update

    I've just started to work on some health niche websites in the uk and I know since Google's health/medic update mid 2018, especially the E.A.T or expertise authority, trust criteria are a big thing now I know that the author bio is a must these days if a good niche authority author, but...