1. janojebo

    [$Journey$] Passive income with BHW

    Hello This will be me second journey on BHW and will be completely different from from me first and successful journey. Since me main source of traffic (tumblr) is slowly dying and i hate IG, i want try something different for long term and with minimum work. I have decided to go with amazon...
  2. Nyczonestar

    Authority site from scratch or buy an established one?

    I am ready to take the leap after lurking the forums for a while. I will be outsourcing a lot of the work since I have decent start-up $. I have started a site myself but I keep thinking why not just buy an established authority site and build up on it. What are your guys take? Should I just...
  3. G

    Example of Keyword Analysis [Moz Question]

    Hello there! This is an example of a keyword for a niche I am researching on Moz: The purpose of this is a quick evaluation of the data presented through a few questions that I have. So let us begin!!! The volume range is quite low. Of course, some niches may still be profitable with low...
  4. aseriphone

    Question: How Much Content You Need ?

    Hello All BHWers :) I have started another Amazon Authority Site Lately. The Niche is very Good and I'm Targeting 3-4 Main Keywords. That Being Said, I have added about 8000 Words of Content in the site ( about 15-16 Articles ) on Blogs and Product reviews. That's Beside the Home Page of...
  5. O

    What are the Best Examples of Authority Sites You Know?

    What do you think are some of the better authority websites you have come across lately or that you know of? I want to continue to develop my sites into authority websites but I would love to see some examples of what others think the best ones are?
  6. R

    Newbie Advice On Setting Up Site Please :)

    Hi, I've been following this site for quite a while now, and last year decided to make my first website, I decided to make a niche site and bought a keyword from a member on this site. I was told the keyword was low competition and had searches of around 6,600 on google keyword tool. I setup the...
  7. acotut

    Looking for Guest Posts on Authority Health,Skin Care and Pets Sites

    Hello, As the title says i'm looking to guest post on Authority Skin Care,Pets and Health Sites. Please note that i'm not interested in PBNs or low quality sites. If you have access or you own some big sites in the industries mentioned above, I'd be happy to pay for a guest post. You can...
  8. Buzzika

    The Authority Site Experiment

    Hello BHW! I recently stumbled upon a content goldmine. Tons of content, written really very well. Both in terms of writing style and the quality of information shared. It is spread over a bunch of different niches (20-30), ranging from finance to rockets. I had created a thread the other day...
  9. sam55

    How can you outrank a site with this kind of link profile?

    There is this site which is raking for any keyword it is trying to (wordpress niche). He doesn't build links manually. It has some free wordpress themes that have credit links on the footer. That way he is just ruling the SERP making other blogs out of business. It has 4K+ keywords on top 3...
  10. T

    Want to have an authority site built best provider?

    I am looking to have an authority web site built and have noticed a few providers on this site wanted to know if someone had a provider they had a positive experience with they could point me at? Thanks
  11. A

    Sape links DA/PA - TF/CF

    Is there any way to check the DA/PA and/or TF/CF of sape links? I mean, in bulk, automatically or semi-automatically...
  12. Allark

    Journey of outsourcing to riches !

    Hello everyone, So here is the idea : I will outsource almost everything. Right now I have ordered 1 authority website (2 weeks ago) which I ordered some SEO packages to . I plan to order SEO packages to it every month and hopefully in 3+ months I will start to earn enough money to pay for...
  13. virtualbyron

    Authority CPA GAME - $500/month in 90 days

    My previous sites are health niched, I was too focused on health because of the high CPC but I just realize games niche can make big amount of money with CPA, is little saturated and the SEO not going to be easy win but I have find many good low competition keywords which could generate traffic...
  14. B

    SEO Siloing and how/when would you turn a niche site into an authority site?

    I'm about as green as it gets when it comes to affiliate marketing, but I'm quickly putting the pieces together and had a question for all the seasoned pros out there. I've found a pretty interesting market with a number of sub niches that I could absolutely compete and rank for within the next...
  15. G

    Web whatsapp for backlinks?

    Just wondering if you could use web whatsapp for backlinks, the domain and page authority are pretty high?
  16. xlcrash

    New Magazine Authority Site Setup Question!?

    Hi guys, I've been building authority sites for almost 5 years but I never build big magazine authority site like this so I have one question... This is a huge Magazine authority site with many topics and categories. I have prepared over 1000 articles, so my question is can I put for example...
  17. A

    Sleep for 4 hours, SUCCESS IS MUST

    Hi guys on BHW, today I slept just 4 hours in order to bring my first authority website. What do you think about that ? How much do you work before you make the success you're in now ?
  18. A

    Big chance for Newbies, Big authority site associate (Success is a must $$$)!

    Hi folks, I wish you have great plans for the new year 2015, and full of hope to reach all those goals whatever it takes. I search for someone to associate w/ (being partners) on this brand new project that I'm going to make ... Person requirements:D: - Know English writing and speaking(talk...
  19. A

    [JOURNEY] 5000$/mt in the end of 2015!

    Hello everybody, Welcome to my journey! There's a great content on BHW, I knew the IM field since 2012 but I quit until now because I have some problems in High school and I had to prove myself to The bust**** . Now I'm back This year will be the point of changing in my life, and I'll start...
  20. G

    Money vs. Morals

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here on BHW so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I created my first affiliate niche site a little over a year ago. Basically I got my hands on a product domain, created a site with some content and commented on a couple of blogs to get backlinks...