1. A

    [JOURNEY] 5000$/mt in the end of 2015!

    Hello everybody, Welcome to my journey! There's a great content on BHW, I knew the IM field since 2012 but I quit until now because I have some problems in High school and I had to prove myself to The bust**** . Now I'm back This year will be the point of changing in my life, and I'll start...
  2. G

    Money vs. Morals

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here on BHW so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I created my first affiliate niche site a little over a year ago. Basically I got my hands on a product domain, created a site with some content and commented on a couple of blogs to get backlinks...
  3. O

    Motivated, Need somewhere to begin.

    Hello, I've been browsing these forums for the past 3 days or so now, as a guest, and it's got me really pumped! I am looking for any threads that can get me started in the world of Authority Instagram (or whatever it's called :p). Well, in fact, I'm looking for anything or anyone that can...
  4. chaabanov

    An Interesting Thought to Ponder

    Should one create 1 big authority site covering an entire niche or a big part of it, or create 10s micro-niche sites (having the same content topic of 1 post on that authority site, but expanded of course.) On one hand, 1 big site will have a better chance at actually becoming an authority for...
  5. SEO Power

    Toolbar PageRank Is Dead And I Won't Miss It - Here's Why

    So Google decided not to update toolbar PageRank again...but we all know that the PageRank values of every website in Google's index still influence the rankings of websites. Sadly, that data is not accessible by anyone except Google employees. As a result, most internet marketers and SEOs...
  6. S

    Need amazon affiliate site created (basic job)

    When it comes to design, I know very little. I am more of a marketer and focus on promotion therefore i outsource such basic design needs. I need someone to create a well themed amazon affiliate site that has a nice layout, nice theme, and is seo ready. I plan to turn this in to an authority...
  7. S

    Question - Guidance on making amazon authority site

    Hey guys, can anyone point me in the right direction for learning how to make professional looking amazon authority sites that are SEO friendly and would convert well? I'm not trying to spend hundreds on having this made so I think its best if i learn myself. Here's what im looking for: -...
  8. 23cromij

    My unique journey to make $$ with micro & authority

  9. S

    Adsense -Authority Site Journey - Goal $33.5 /day

    Hey , I've been lurker at BHW for a quite a while now. I've been reading a lot of threads lately, especially BLUEMATTER and SEOCRAB'S adsense journeys. I really don't have any SEO experience or any IM experience so i will be learning along the way. Alright getting to the the point of...
  10. T

    Channel Authority and Subscribers

    Hi there, I have been studying and working with SEO for a couple of months now. I simply have two main questions regarding Youtube, which I hope any of you can help me answer: 1) How do you build channel authority? (What are the ingredients?) 2) How safe is it to buy subscribers? (any...
  11. E

    Huge How-To Website vs Small Authority Site?

    If any of you had read my journey thread you would know that I am currently building a huge How-To website. Someone suggested that instead of doing that, I stick to small and specific niches first. My plan right now is to find keywords with over 2000 searches and over $2 cpc with an average...
  12. xlcrash

    Building BackLinks for Authority site!?

    Hi guys! I was wondering what are your opinions when it comes to building backlinks for an authority site... The site is new with around 30 articles! Which method is safest? What would you do? Thanks
  13. S

    Help I need High Domain Authority forum site list

    Hi Everybody Can help me ? I need High Domain Authority forum list. Please give me site or foot print Thanks
  14. E

    How to rank with hundred of thousands of sub pages?

    Let's say I got a brand new website (1 month) which has about 500k sub pages. Let's assume they are all product pages or similar so they all rank on very different long tail keywords. All pages are indexed in google but the page gets sandboxed (or algorithm slapped or however you would call it)...
  15. A

    New Domains and google sandbox

    Hi guys, I'm about to open my activity, it is a recording and videomaking studio. Now, my problem is: Due to the fact that I need to brand my activity, I cannot buy an old domain, I'm forced to take a new one. Because of the new domain, most of my seo efforts will be minimized due to the google...
  16. B

    Google Banned Domain With High Domain Authority

    I found a domain for sale that is nowhere to be found on Google. Its not even found on yahoo or Bing. It has over 10,000 backlinks according to Ahrefs and has high DA well over 60. Can a backlink from this domain be used to boost a ranking or only for negative SEO? Anybody have...
  17. clean99

    Hey BHW and this is what I have so far

    Hey BHW, I have been studying/doing SEO for the past 2 years now. I have learned a lot but didn't have much success yet. It's just recently that I had some upward movement in IM. As of right now I have few authority websites that I'm building, a small service on Fiverr that I have just set up...
  18. E

    Why is "how much youtuber make" Such a sealed topic?

    I've been searching for hours and not once I found a bold and clear answer or at least a close estimate of how much famous youtubers make. All I found was articles made by non-youtubers who throw a really rough estimate with no backed up facts. Even youtubers themselves claim to not make a dime...
  19. VaLeRyA

    Mydomain.Com /Net/ORG/BIZ/ME/IN/EU works for an established site?

    Hi.. i have my domain site with possibility of directing the 10 extensions domains and This way serves to give authority to a certain domain? someone proved this? could be made to work for up to authority? thanks
  20. S

    Saturated Niches

    I'm having trouble finding a profitable niche that isn't already over saturated. Is it a stupid idea to jump into a niche that I don't know a lot about if I'm finding a lot of untapped long-tail keywords I could use for pulling in traffic? These keywords would be loaded into SEO'd articles that...