1. twistedtrick

    [GET] Free PR4 .ORG Staff Member Blog Creation

  2. G

    How Long Does It Take For A Site To Reach Authority Status?

    Let's say you have a site with a domain that is semi-match and has your main keyword in it followed by something like a suffix or additional word (using a easily brandable domain). The site gets updated regularly with 100% unique content and uses only white-hat seo to prevent getting penalized...
  3. R

    I have no idea how to do keyword research!

    Hey, I have recently picked a niche for an authority site, and am confident that I can provide really high quality, useful content for this niche. The keywords I want to rank for (according to google adwords), are medium and high for the most part. Does this mean i should shy away from this...
  4. johandr

    Tips To Make Your Site "Authority"

    So, lately a lot of people here are wondering what really make's a site an authority. I had the same question too a couple of months ago, and now I'm getting somewhere, and I wish to share some of that stuff with you. Some people think that authority come's from putting up some content on your...
  5. RodMar

    [Premium Authorithy Sites]| Unique Crafted Content and Design| Complete SEO included

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 08/06/2014 ---- Want to talk? email: support @ authority niche n skype: annsupport
  6. I

    Imogen's [Journey], step by step to Authority.

    Hi BHW, Apologies for the long first post. I promise my updates will be much more concise. ;) I'm not entirely new to IM, but still a newbie. Two years ago, I spent an awful lot of time and money on building MNS that just didn't earn. At the time I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I'd read...
  7. midnight_focus

    Midnight Focus Journey To Authority

    Well this my first journey topic. I'll try to keep it updated daily. I've been working on this site for a month now. Here are some facts about the niche and the Website. Niche: Very developed competitive niche BUT HIGHLY PROFITABLE Main Keyword: 350,000 Exact Searches Domain...
  8. D

    Building domain authority

    Hi all, My goal for this quarter is to build the domain authority of a site I have by 20 points (seo moz metrics). I'm thinking that niche & quality are going to be my friend. I need to build quality links to the home page to build the authority. Here's what I'm thinking of doing from a link...
  9. M

    Ultimate Keyword Research (Free guide)

    Though I'd share a pretty comprehensive guide to keyword research that a close friend used to build a PR6 Authority site. I Am now looking to do the same and would appreciate any advice you could give/ ways to make it more efficient and effective. ULTIMATE KEYWORD RESEARCH Step 1. -...