1. B


    I want to build a fully automated blog. Which should scrap and publish questions from "peoples also ask" section of the SERP and answers from the related pages. in the case of having ZERO coding knowledge, what should I do to get my dream true?
  2. HeadOfSeo

    Does autoblogging still work for making money?

    As i know there's no easy answer when it comes to autoblogging and whether or not it can still be profitable. It really depends on a number of factors, including the niche you're in, the competition you're up against, and how well you market your site. But There are still BHW member who are...
  3. DigimetriqOfficial - AI Article Writer | Generate Articles in 1 Click That You Can Rely On!

    How to use/ Options for Generations 1. Single Article Generation Let AI Write the outlines/ sub-headings and create an entire article using that. Hands-free and 1-click! 2. Bulk Article Generation Generate Articles in bulk - max 10 at a time. Options to use only Titles. Let AI figure out...
  4. D

    Best methods to find feeds/content for autoblogs (e.g. WP Automatic)? Most important do’s and don’ts/best practices for autoblogging?

    I'm looking for beginner autoblogging advice. In my case I will be using WP Automatic. What are the most important do's and don'ts, when it comes to autoblogging? Also, what are the best methods to find feeds/content sources for autoblogs? Any tips from those who have experience with or had...
  5. crystalwiz

    Is there any AI text-to-image generator?

    Hi guys, I would like to know which tool or website or API allows you to enter texts and it will return an image based on the texts. For example, I enter "cute dogs in Mexico" as texts and the output becomes a real image of a beautiful Mexican dog. I imagine that such a tool would exist like...
  6. crystalwiz

    WP Automatic Question: How do they do this?

    Hi guys, So I want to use Feeds as the source of my content in WP Automatic. How can I know the feed of the blogs I want WP Automatic to scrape content from? Can I just add the blog URL as the feed URL in the WP Automatic settings without having to worry about the feed URL? Will it work? How...
  7. smhripon

    Can you share any auto blogging website name?

    Just curious about WordPress automatic plugins and other auto blogging scripts? Does it really work? is there anyone who can successfully run an Autoblog website and make money?
  8. Vinny3001

    >>>> Fully Automated Wordpress Blogs for Sale <<<< *** Great opportunity to own an online business. 100% Newbie Friendly! ***

    Fully Automated Wordpress Blogs for Sale. Great opportunity to own an online business. 100% Newbie Friendly! New articles & videos are being automatically added every few hours Only 10 AutoBlogs Avaliable Introductory Price of Only $39 ($10 Discount for the 5 First Customers) Price after...
  9. Sartre

    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Hey folks, I have a background in computer science. I already own several profitable content websites (but nothing crazy), and I'm tired of creating/outsourcing content. I've created a simple app in Python that goes through the top results on Google for a given keyword, takes a paragraph from...
  10. Digimetriq

    Hello guys

    Hi Guys Vaibhav Sharda here, with my business username - Digimetriq. Founder of this epic tool which helps scaling up using automated content. Powered by gpt3, we scrape > spun > optimize > publish articles across 1000s of sites. By "we" I mean, an army of robots.
  11. WPAutoGuy

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Welcome, Check this All-Inclusive WordPress Plugin which will create Auto-Updating News Sites in Any Niche! (for maximum epicness: play "Queen - We Are The Champions" in the background, while reading this thread) Details: API requests included: 500 API calls/day If you need more API calls...
  12. H

    What are some of the ways you are making money on autopilot?

    Be it an automation news site, automated youtube channel, affiliate automation or anything, comment down the tools and method you are using. Let's help each other!
  13. wild vegetable

    [AUTOBLOGGING] yeah it works

    Hi, I am having some very mild success with autblogging (only visits, no money yet) What are the best ways to monetize besides adsense? I am thinking promoting affiliate products, POD, amazon affiliates. any ideas? Anyone wants to discuss? Best ways to increase user's time spent in the blog...
  14. Sweetrevenge

    {{{Journey}}} To Reach ☞ 3 000 euros ☜ Until December 2021

    Hello everyone, Welcome to another journey of mine. The first one was a success IMO because I reached the monthly income goal. In the second one, I failed miserably because of the niche I chose. This one, I’ll focus on 3 websites: * Website 1: my writing agency This is a new domain name that...
  15. Shinichi Izumi

    Autoblogging for Blogspot !?

    Hello, anyone can recommend me some auto blogging software based on RSS feed or social media accounts I am looking for free ones Thanks
  16. Meerakat

    Auto blog Journey To $1k+

    Hey people, seems like auto-blogging is dead, but is it? Not for news sites exactly. What if you are connected to a network of different sites, you take content(summary) off their feeds and rewrite it using word-AI. I mean these are nothing new and has been done for ages. What I am doing right...
  17. oshan

    What is the best Free wordpress autoblogging plugin??

    so i started a small new website which i'm hoping to grow and monetize through instant articles some day i thought of implementing autoblogging to keep the page more active so if some know something like that please do share. And also i heard auto bloggers can take content from different sites...
  18. crystalwiz

    Any Free Instagram Tool that Can Autopost Blog Post/Image to Instagram?

    I frequently use IFTTT for processes like this. But I haven't found the feature that allows you to automatically send the image with url and description of a blog post to Instagram. Do you have any experience? What do you use as a blogger?
  19. SEOMadHatter

    Splogging V2.0

    It's been about a year since I started my first Splogging journal on BHW. Pretty sure it was just before I started traveling I vaguely remember it being cold and wet when I was writing the original setup. I still own a lot of those sites and they churn out a profit. But, since then, I've...
  20. 99lives

    I need an autoblog (not for SEO). What's the best way to go?

    I need to create an autoblog and I'm not interested in ranking it. I just need it to look legit, with updated content. It has been soooo long that I created one, that I don't know where to begin. Wprobot was the go-to plugin in the good old days, but it's too much for what I need (getting...