1. sharyqkhan

    Fully Automated Website Creation with Professional & Responsive Design (Autoblogs) at CHEAP PRICE

  2. oshan

    What is the best Free wordpress autoblogging plugin??

    so i started a small new website which i'm hoping to grow and monetize through instant articles some day i thought of implementing autoblogging to keep the page more active so if some know something like that please do share. And also i heard auto bloggers can take content from different sites...
  3. crystalwiz

    Any Free Instagram Tool that Can Autopost Blog Post/Image to Instagram?

    I frequently use IFTTT for processes like this. But I haven't found the feature that allows you to automatically send the image with url and description of a blog post to Instagram. Do you have any experience? What do you use as a blogger?
  4. SEOMadHatter

    Splogging V2.0

    It's been about a year since I started my first Splogging journal on BHW. Pretty sure it was just before I started traveling I vaguely remember it being cold and wet when I was writing the original setup. I still own a lot of those sites and they churn out a profit. But, since then, I've...
  5. 99lives

    I need an autoblog (not for SEO). What's the best way to go?

    I need to create an autoblog and I'm not interested in ranking it. I just need it to look legit, with updated content. It has been soooo long that I created one, that I don't know where to begin. Wprobot was the go-to plugin in the good old days, but it's too much for what I need (getting...
  6. O

    Is there Wordpress Image Auto Blogging/Post Plugin ?

    Is there a plugin out there for wordpress that can rip images from a url and then upload them to your site and post them with a desired "Post Title" you assign before hand ? If so which is best one for that ? Never used any autoblog/post stuff before. For my scenario here I don't really care...
  7. jayhop

    software recommedations for autoblogging

    I currently have 3 autoblogs using software that scrapes and posts articles. I am looking for other similar programs or program to scrape videos and images and autoposts them to my wordpress blog
  8. MuDiab

    How to Create Video Blog On WordPress

    How to Create Video Blog On WordPress Plugins, Themes and So on
  9. MuDiab

    Autoblogging + Unique Content

    If I maintained to generate only unique content for my Autoblogs. Will this considered also violation for Adsense?
  10. M

    Journey To Grow a fresh Autoblogging site from $0 to $30/day till July 2018

    Hi guys, I have created this thread to keep myself motivated & pumped and of-course to help others by providing an informative case study. I will be updating this thread whenever I will take any new move for my this project. So, what is the plan ? I am going to use the old school method known...
  11. MuDiab

    WordPress Post Tags

    Is abusing WordPress Tags with LSI keywords helps in someway with autoblogging ?
  12. MuDiab

    Is There Any Active Money-Making Autoblog Farms

    Is Autoblog Farms ( With A Twist ) Dead?
  13. gmsniperx

    ★ A New Content Discovery, Curation & Social Media Management Platform ★

    15 Review Copies in total at 50% OFF available!
  14. seyer

    2017 Splogging Adsense Journey

    Background: I've had little success with splogging for the past years, making a few cents per day per site but never really managed to scale up, thanks to lack of time from my corporate job. About a year ago I finished my MBA and dumped my day job and got into brick and mortar business...
  15. gmsniperx

    [Reviewers Needed] Content Discovery, Social Media Management and Automation tool

    Hi, I am looking for 20 reviewers for a web-based tool built for finding relevant content in your niche from around the web and social media networks and publishing it on Wordpress, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Medium. This is not a blackhat tool and does not violate TOS...
  16. batiatus

    Translated Content + Autoblogging + Adsense = PROFIT??? ($50/Day Journey)

    Hello BHW. I was searching something on the internet, I found a Non-English article directory, tried to translate the whole page with Google Translate and I’m fascinated by the fact that how good Google translates that language to English. Suddenly I thought that maybe I can grab and translate...
  17. CyberSEO

    Freebies: WordPress plugin which pulls Full Text atrticles from RSS feeds

    This plugin will try to pull full-text articles from the RSS feeds even if they don't provide it: The plugin uses the popular freeware Full-Text RSS library which can be found in the official code repository (in case if you are looking for recent updates).
  18. RMFT1

    The Persistent Noob & Porn Autoblogging

    Hey guys. I started a blog on April 11th 2015 while procrastinating from some homework. I mainly just started this cus I can't exactly tell anyone I know that I started a porn site. I've never really done any solo projects so I started with something that I knew I couldn't mess up. Porn...
  19. chris barker

    I can post 1000 Adult Videos on Your WordPress Adult Tube Site

    If anyone running adult tube site or planning to start new one, i can embed 500 adult videos from xhamster.. If anyone interested PM me.. Regards, Chris.
  20. irmscher

    100% Content Automation Tool (quality and unique content) [10 free copies for testing]

    Hey guys I've finished working on the new version of my Multiblogger script. It fully automates content creation and publishing, publishing to a deozens of platforms like Wordpress or even saves to your text file. Relevant videos and images with keywords as ALT tag are added. You can find more...