1. C

    Best autoblogging software for blogger that still works today in 2014

    Hi, I am looking for the best autoblogging software, that still works today for making autoblogs on blogger. I just tested Video- Jeet, but it still has bugs and also does not pull much text with the videos and is only limited to Youtube videos. I also tested an older version of Autoblog...
  2. kaizentr

    I need help for autoblogging from BHW family

    Hello guys; I am living in istanbul and this forum is always open in my browser. I learned too much things from you. I have no good english for blogging (writing) but i can understand while reading. I want to make autoblog web sites and earn like a boss :) If anyone can help me for this, i will...
  3. P


    Hello I'm new here, I did a search on the forum and not found what I'm looking for, so I will ask for the more experienced guys. I am looking for a autoblogging, I wonder if there is any plugin that can transform the internal searches made ​​on my website into wordpress tags or fixed url...
  4. Z

    Will using originall paid written articles really help in SEO? and is it worth the cost?

    Hi black hat world i wanted to ask the community a question about website creation and share my experience as well. In the past i have used some black hat methods to promote websites with some short lived success. some of the websites attained many backlinks and for a short while had a...
  5. S

    Autoblogging Amazon Kindle Free promotions

    I have WP Robot with the amazon module but can't figure out how to set it up that it posts from the free promotions with my affiliate id. I have spent hours trying to figure it out with no luck! Have also tried the same thing with RSS feeds but still no-go... Can anyone point me in the right...
  6. ID Internet Marketer

    [ask] What's Your Source For Autoblogging (Article - English) ?

    Dear BHW Member i wanna ask anyone what's the news site or etc that has good content (article - english) . i wanna convert into my language. tell me please. :bsflag:
  7. H

    Who thinks autoblogs are finished or do you think this still work.

    I am looking to set up some autoblogs may be 200 plus. Do you think I will waste my time because of Google panda, penguine updates. I want to make this decision. Can any one help.
  8. S


    I had two blogprofitz accounts with Apparently they sold their company over a year ago and now some guy named Rob runs it. Blogprofitz has been down for months and we have been billed for those months. No answers to ANY emails. Called the support number which is ROB's voice and...
  9. Bostoncab

    Please explain the difference between content curation ad Autoblogging.

    Please explain the difference between content curation ad Autoblogging.
  10. E

    Finding Good Product RSS Feeds

    Hey everyone!! I've been lurking around here for sooooo long, and learning SOOOO much about internet marketing! It finally came to the point where I've just got to start posting, though, as I'm starting to formulate questions that my searches around the forum aren't answering. o3o~ So I'm...
  11. Z

    Beta testers needed for WordPress autoblogging plugin

    Hi everyone, I created a new autoblogging plugin for WordPress called WPAutoPilot. It is currently in beta stage and therefore I invite all WordPress bloggers interested in giving a test drive to try it out. A prior usage or knowledge of other autoblogging software is a plus. Requirements...
  12. kytro360

    Reviews on Digi Traffic Multiplier?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has tried Digi Traffic Multiplier and what their thoughts on it were? Is it really better than any other autoblogging software? Does it really rank well?
  13. N

    Find success through Autoblogs!

    I had another topic in this section before, but it got deleted since I didn't adhere to the forum rules. I'm rephrasing what I meant to say, and hopefully this time I will be able to get the message across. I've been making big bucks with auto-blogging recently. I use 2 strategies: Make...
  14. F

    Opinions on manual autoblogging, citing sources etc

    Starting a new blog and dont have the time to write daily news article's. Looking to write a quick 50 word blurb then qoute a large portion of the article citing its source with a link. Will the big G hit me for plagiarism? Am i better off writing a quick unique 50 to 100 word max...
  15. A

    My First Autoblog Journey. GOAL = $20 A Day!

    Hello there, today i started setting up my first autoblog ever! when you finish reading this you are going to notice that i am doing very much monetization for it just being an autoblog :) i just want to see the results :) Okay So here is a quick outline! Niche: Fitness 1. Got My Hands On...
  16. A

    My Autoblogging Plan : Improvements And Suggestions?

    So, After Using 4 years of my life on IM I Dont earn ANYTHING, well i made 7000$ on youtube + cpa in 2010, but making 0 right now. But now i'm back, and i want to start autoblogging. And my Plan to start off with is like this.. AUTOBLOGS SETUP: Find 5 diffrent niches with market samurai : What...
  17. moneff

    Are autoblogs worth it?

    Hi there, I have one question that is on my mind from long time ago. After the last Google Updade (THE PANDA ONE.. hate it), Every website with duplicate content was.. with one word.. shit listed.. So.. my question is simple.. Does the Autoblogs working with the Panda Updade? I mean.. Will I...
  18. V

    Suggestion for my course of action

    I currently have a whitehat website and making around a dollars a day with adsense. I just need some recommendations on autoblogging because i am thinking of approaching that as my next step. I have a few questions I want to run a few autoblogging sites. Is it advised for me to just use my...
  19. A

    Autoblogging for newbies?

    Hi all, Was looking for some advice. I made my first blogspot blog today and plan on autoblogging it. Problem is I'm not sure how. I've got autoblog samurai but still unsure on what to do to get the ball rolling. Any tips?
  20. deki33

    [FREE Tool] Autoblogging and linking to inner pages...

    I run big network of autoblogs and this is a tool I made to help me with building links to inner pages. First you must have "SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2" plugin installed. It's free plugin you can install from wordpress plugin directory. Basically it will save all incoming search term and boost...