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  1. Alma

    My PAA + whitehat journey (currently at $12k/m+)

    Hey, Some of you may know me: I sold 10 lists of PAA websites about 8 months ago, when they weren't as well known as today. Few months after I started my own pure PAA website and yesterday was my first $400 day. Both visits and CPM are increasing. My only regret is not starting earlier. This...
  2. Aniket Roy

    How does google treat wordpress sites which use plugins to generate content on auto-pilot?

    I recently bought a wordpress site which had this plugin installed: now, while i'm aware that many wordpress sites use this plugin to make a dead website look alive. I'm curious how google sees such websites. i'm pretty sure this does not give any positive signals to google but just wanted to...
  3. M

    About Serplify !

    Hi, guys, i was searching around and spontaneously found something called Serplify which is much promising they have a super powerful landing page and testimonials which made me wanted so badly to buy this type of course or strategies I came here to ask people opinion about it does it worth...
  4. Pharoah

    Crank Out Unlimited Cash on AC. "Push Button Method"

    Hello Everyone, Like so many others, I have found something else that it is much, much more profitable for me, so I am now sharing one of my AC methods. This method is very easy to use and requires only that you press two buttons. This is what you will need... *Dragon Naturally Speaking...