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  1. Shropdog

    Compilation of places for high DA etc links from amazing BHW members

    I have to say straight away, that none of the links below are from me, i am only the messenger who compiled the list ( and please do let me know if i missed any ). I will be adding more as and when i get time, So without further ado, lets begin: also, i dont think i need to say but just in...
  2. abdel007

    How to Get this Type of Backlinks !!?

    As you can see in the screenshot below, any tips to build image backlinks !?
  3. Stephen Gonzales

    Back linking Question

    Can over back linking hurt your site presences .
  4. Eyrand

    Long-Term SEO Project with GSA e Senuke

    Hi Guys, For a long-term SEO project is it a good idea to use GSA SER or Senuke to get backlinks from tier2-3? Thank you a lot in advance
  5. J

    Searching for SEO professional for Pharma

    We are searching for a serious SEO professional who is able to analyse our website and is able to increase traffic on our website in a highly competitive market; online pharma. We are a start-up but strive to eventually become an authority figure by providing high quality content. You need to...
  6. Genie100

    Need Backlinks from high DA sites - Fashion / Style (popsugar, bustle, vogue...)

    Hello, I have a client with fashion website in need of high authority backlinks from big media websites like Vogue, Popsugar, Bustle, Cosmopolitan....) Let me know if you're able to provide this service, samples and prices. Thanks,
  7. bountikular

    Blog Commenters Wanted Opportunity To Earn $42 For A Few Hours Work

    Hey There Fellow B.H Worlders! I'm revamping this offer as a similar offer was previously posted way back in 2009. This project is being done on a BETA Testing format in the first instance and if successful will be formulated as an active offer. I'm hiring people for an easy to do blog...
  8. FindDIY

    Google Ignores Malicious Backlinks

    Saw this while browsing today. In case anyone is worried about backlinks used for negative SEO.
  9. geek8

    Back-links Needed !!!

    Please i need someone who can do back links for me in my Entertainment Blog, At an affordable price. Comment with your * Price * Features * Contact details. Payment method BITCOIN Thank you.
  10. geek8

    What is the difference between guest posting and back-links?

    As the Title says... please can someone explain the difference between guest posting and back links in a simple way so i can understand?
  11. Perrybeard82

    Understanding backlinks

    Hiya still reading and learning but want to cheek I've got this right. I've found a key word with a difficulty under 45 on kwfinder and when I cheek the top 10 pages they have less than 10 back links and only about 30% of them are do follow. But 3 of the top ones are major sites, for example say...
  12. sysads

    How to rank on non-blogging sites

    How can one use web2.0 or any other SEO strategy to rank on a none blogging website. For instance if your website is a simple tools site like "word counter" etc, meaning there will be less page content.
  13. Nachus74

    Backlinks in PBN sites (doubt)

    How many links and how should they be, that is, an article every two days with 3 links? Should I put links to pages other than the 'Money SIte' (the main one) ???? How many?
  14. KingMatt

    Free Directory links that are still worth having in 2018

    Hi, Are there any free directory backlinks which are still worth having in 2018? Obviously most engineers are quick to dismiss them, but if directories were entirely negative - they logically would have gone the way of the dinosaurs yet people are still building them and paying for them Can...
  15. D

    Can You Help Me? I need some high quality back links sites.

    How can I stay on my rank? My competitors always trying out.
  16. E

    buying backlinks and paid posts

    so i am under the imprrssion that buying backlinks is bad. and if u get caught by google they will penalize your site. so how is it that seo companies can charge for backlinks and guest posting. isnt that the samething as buying links? webstie sells blog post spot to seo guy then i pay the seo...
  17. Z

    Are the links on reddit affect SEO?

    I recently posted a relevant link to my comment on a post asking for help related to business, the link is from my blog that is resourceful to the reader. I am not so good in SEO, but I came across this dofolllow/nofollow tag given to links, which I understood partially. Are all links posted on...
  18. A

    is this website give ganuene back link ??
  19. PandaBusters

    Backlink checker

    I have been using Money Robot for two weeks, with 2Captcha, the private proxies they provide, slowing down robot to register about 300 URL's every day, mostly Web 2.0, Social Media likes/shares, other blogs, social media profiles, etc. But when I look up my URL, by itself and in quotes, I never...
  20. blackhatkt

    Backlinks for porn site

    I'm looking for backlinks for my porn sites...