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  1. ErossplayLa

    Freebie / Giveaway Free Unclassified Adult Link Submission

    Hello IM makers! Since I have been here on the forum ever since the start of my internet journey and learned a lot from here, i will make a Giveaway. I have an eCommerce store with Adult Pleasure Toys which, is starting to take off. I worked hard as a motherfucker for more than 8 months at...
  2. WikiLeaker

    anyone bought cheap websites related to their niche for backlinks?

    the authority of each website obv unlikely to be significant so do you think the results will be minimal? how smart are google towards this with the current algorithms? anyone who has done anything similar feel free to comment.
  3. ThisIsMyLife

    How To Index Any Webpage

    This Will be a detailed thread about How to Index any webpage you are wishing to: Many of people who will land on this thread for sure they know the importance of getting a webpage indexed by SEs especially if this webpage was pointing back to your money site (Backlink). Important Note: Before...
  4. SEODominator

    Backlinks of an Expired Domain not Indexing!

    Hey fellow BHW members! So, here's what I've been struggling for since 4-5 months. I bought an expired domain which has really high-quality backlinks (20+ authority links) which are not getting indexed. Those links are 8 years old now. Hence, I've been thinking that Google probably forgot...
  5. El Magico

    Do Web 2.0 Show up as Back Links?

    I created and indexed some web 2.0s are they suppose to show up on Moz open site explorer or majestic of even google search console. Because its been about 4 days and I don't see them.
  6. lockheadsr71b

    Not getting confirmation mails when registering in directories.

    I seem to be having a problem. Whenever I use the mail that is on my domain I am not getting e-mails from some directories. Which means I cant finish registering and cant create backlinks. Do you have any idea why I am not getting these mails ? The configuration of the firewall, the...
  7. MuDiab

    Contextual Backlinks Vs Normal Backlinks

    Hello Everybody, I want to know what is the difference between Contextual Backlinks which placed within the content itself and sidebar widgets, footer and other backlinks. In terms of the value passed to the main site.
  8. D

    I Want To SEO My website,How Can Do It

    Hi, I have a website. I want to Know how to rank my site and get visit, I am waiting for your reply.Thanks
  9. L

    i am new to this website i need help with seo pleas

    i have live tv website i spent almost 600$ in backlinks from fiverr and other website i think all lies they say i will get your website first page now more than one year still cant find my website on google with main keywords like live tv streaming or live tv free can any one help me what to...
  10. RichardsonHarry

    Reached 1st Page from 3rd page for HP keyword with one change in content

    Hi friends, recently I have posted the thread How I reached 3rd page from 7th page. This is my 2nd case study about keyword alteration. People who believe Page Rank is important please look at this, for my site -page rank is ZERO. People who say Domain Age is important please check out this, my...
  11. FORSAK3N

    Food Niche High Quality Backlink Article Content Rich

    We are looking for a top 1 million Ahref site with strong content PA/DA etc to post an article about our company that will stay up and past the test of time in the food industry. We have zero interest in PBN, Web 2, Blog Post Wheels, etc etc Just have a really nice site or one you work with...
  12. D

    Money site need some advice

    I have an amazon affiliate as my money site. I am getting very few clicks. I currently have almost no backlinks. I am trying to decide on my next step. Here is what i have been thinking. 1) Start making a pbn with expired domains and then using the pbn to link to my money...
  13. T

    Back linking question?

    What are the best social sharing and back linking softwares for 2017? What I'm trying to do is rank Youtube videos and maybe some amazon affiliate sites
  14. Reg Park

    Google ranking with one article

    Hey guys, I have a question about web 2.0 backlinks. But first, from my understanding of seo experts, it is possible to have 1 in depth article among others on your website to appear on google's first page. So let's say I own a health website and I want to rank for a super in-depth diabetes...
  15. Ekta Chauhan

    How to improve bad back link score

    The back link score of the website i have work is bad. Please suggest me techniques to improve the back link score of the website.
  16. Morshedulislam

    what should be the best price for 30 web 2.0 blog submission?

    web 2.0 blogs consider the most effective and long lasting backlinks for your business or website. Its represent your website. You can get your keyword on those blog urls which helps a lot to crawl your website by your keyword and too fast ranking. Its 100% spam proof and if you can use unique...
  17. J

    Ranking by making web 2.0 links using money robot submitter?

    As title say. Is is possible to rank a website using web 2.0 links and built using money robot submitter. I try it and able to make web 2.0 links per campaign on average. So, If i make 3 to 4 campaigns daily, then i can easily create 50 links daily So, my question is that it possible to rank a...
  18. farhan ali

    I need Indian Business Directories

    Hi. I need Instant Approve Indian Business Directories list at least 100 .. Please I don't need Junk Directories or under approval directories. Thanks in Advance.
  19. Mike Abramov

    Need Turkish Links

    1. We need only high qualitative websites: a. Alexa Rank less than 500 000 b. Number of pages in Google Cache: more than 100 c. Domains TLDS - Turkey d. All links should be “********” 2. Generate texts for guest-posting 3. Post articles on a websites Article Requirements: - Create...
  20. JunJoo

    Something Related To Bookmarking Sites

    I am thinking that how a social bookmarking website generate revenue, as not every site give paid backlinks. One more thing is that I have a domain and a shared hosting, so what if open a social bookmarking website. If it is beneficial for me to at least get what I spend on my hosting. What's...