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  1. JunJoo

    SEO Link Building

    Hey! How are you all. I want to ask something that I am working on client project for SEO its technical support site. But for being my first SEO project I am working on it. I worked and many by many keywords my site starts ranking on first page. May be just because of low competition, but...
  2. UrbanMedusa

    Need Someone To Index Small Batches Of Links

    Send me a pm and let's talk.
  3. UrbanMedusa

    Is Serplab Reliable?

    I have paid for some big time PBN posts, high rated backlink packages, I have done proper keyword research and have optimised and full meta tags in my sites header. But eveytime I run a check for my keywords and my website on serplab I always come back with Result not found in top 100 Its...
  4. UrbanMedusa

    How to check if bought PBN links are indexed?

    I bought a pack of links on a very popular and respected PBN. How do I find out if the links in the reports to the articles with my back links are in are indexed in Google.
  5. NobelNerd

    Finding new Good Updated links to add in GSA?

    Finally got GSA for boosting bgacklink for T2 and T1 web 2.0. I checked on blogs and here but most methods suggested seem to be old not working any new methods to use GSA find quality links to feed it too or if you have any good new updated links and will be kind enough to share some with me...
  6. F

    The Right Way of YT

    Hey, So Just a quick Question to all of the Experts Here , Should I need to SEO and Do HR +Other services + Unlist then List, Or Feed HR+Other-services then do SEO? Thank you
  7. B

    Backlinks for Norwegian market

    Hi iam looking for a good provider that have Norwegian backlinks. I know its harder to come around but taught would ask
  8. J

    What is your opinion of the value, of high authority links?

    Obviously I have my opinion about this, but I am curious as to what others are thinking. 1. What is the Dollar value, what you would pay, for high authority links? I understand that different niches can afford to pay more for links due to ROI, regardless of that let us know. 2. What are the...
  9. S

    I need help

    Okay I own an adult/gay video tube website that in less than 3 months I have Ranked up pretty well. I get about 6 thousand uniques a day all from just SEO. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME ADULT IS DEAD I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS ON THE NICHE. Anyways, It is time to start concentrating on back links...
  10. groundfalling

    Solution for Unnatural links to your site

    Hey Guys, I need a suggestion regarding the penalty by google for using Unnatural links to my site. I had bought some cheap back links from BHW for my site which resulted in google kicking me out of search results. I change the urls of all the pages and posts on site except for main domain name...
  11. locotron

    How to backlink WEB 2.0's ?

    Hello, when building back-links to my web 2.0 blogs where exactly should I point the back-links too? Let's say I have a WEBS blog, so should I build back-links to the root URL or the article page ? Thank you.
  12. kung fu panda

    50 Creative Ways to Build Backlinks

    1) Make lists People love to link to lists like the top 10 movies, 50 ways to increase productivity etc. This is especially so if they are on the list. Other examples include, 50 most important people online, 100 best movie quotes or 50 ways to build backlinks etc. Lists like these get Dugg...
  13. sharifawan

    Which software is best for getting quality backlinks

    Which software is best for getting quality backlinks? I've used licorne but i was unable to get qualitybacklinks. If there is any software that can give 1000+ quality backlinks? please also write me which type of machine will be needed for that software.
  14. S

    Attracting members from specific countries

    Okay so i run an anonymous txt faking site. Of course these kind of services are either banned or not allowed in certain countries. I have tested my services (the results are at the end of this post). So i figure there's no point in just going ahead and buying High PR back links 90% of them are...
  15. wkdcash

    Does anyone have a list of the best free places to get back-links from?

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a list of sites similar to: freebacklinks . pro My goal is to get as many free back-links as I can per article i write and publish. Please help, your kindness will be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  16. energizedmale

    Backlink Export

    How to export all my backlinks, you know any free software?
  17. energizedmale

    Backlink Search or Monitor tool for Free?

    Hello, I am looking for Free backlink search and monitor tool, if any one knows please share with me in return I give one Thanks and reputation.
  18. Subsonic

    Backlink search engine

    Hi all, I just saw this thread talking about a dedicated search engine for quality backlinking opportunities. I was going to answer to that thread but then my post became so lengthy that I decided to create a new thread. Just to let you know, this is by no means my idea. All respect to...
  19. D

    Article submission on my site!

    Just finished dusting off my site and I've added article submission, we have quite a few categories including a fail category you can post to, this would get you an easy back link but the more quality content you provide the better the back link! All pages will get indexed so your good to go...
  20. ajithrocksca

    [GIVEAWAY] Blog Post in PR4 10+ Years Old Authority Website

    I am offering one blog post per member in this authority website. Age: 10+ years Old PR: 4 Yahoo Directory Listed The article should be technology, gadgets, gaming, mobile, apps and video games related. Should have 250 words or more and can have only one link. Please send in a original unique...