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  1. unsungwarrior

    [GET] 25 High PageRank sites to get BackLinks, Boost your DOMAIN AUTHORITY!

    Here is a collection of 24 high page rank web sites where you can post your content, create your profiles, and drop your site?s URL without any reciprocal link from your site. Once you create these high page rank backlinks, they will be a source of web traffic to your site for years to come...
  2. C

    Question about Scribd backlinks!

    OK. So I thought I'd get a few backlinks from document sharing and I have one question. I created my pdf with a clickable link and it is clickable in Scribd. I checked the source of the page and nowhere does the link show up in the HTML. I'm guessing it comes up via some javascript. If the...
  3. sn0rt

    2 Month Old Affiliate Blog Site

    So I have this affiliate blog site that I've started up in June. When can I start backlinking? Is it best to wait till it 3 months old for it to receive a PR or should I start backlinking now? I know I should build up the number of links, but how many backlinks should I be sending out a day...
  4. F

    52 Gaming Websites Good for Quality Back Links!!!

    52 Gaming websites with page rank included, great for quality back links. In a .winrar file. If you like please leave a thank.
  5. maxken75

    What are the most effective backlinks today?

    I want to purchase a fiverr gig to do some good backlinks on my site, but which is good to choice? wiki links, forum profiles, blog comments, article marketing? please suggest me!
  6. B

    paul & angela backlink

    Hello can any one tell me what is paul & angela backlink and its value?? Thanks
  7. S

    What is the best paid diversified drip feed backlinks

    Looking for monthly membership type systems that build x number of backlinks per day for x amount of money per month and they are built from diversified sources. Any Suggestions?
  8. FamousPR

    [GET] 30+ Backlinks Submitters

    Hi BH Mates i Provided Here A list of 30 + Baclinks Submitter sites so enter and enjoy very high google Ranks.. Thanks will be appreciate..!!
  9. S

    SEO questions I can't find answers too.

    I am spending hours wasting valuable time I could be putting to use with the right knowledge. I need some pointers so I can prevent a lot of costly mistakes with SEO services here that may not even do that well for the setup I have. There is a keyword that is less than 2 weeks old so...
  10. N

    How Can I get PR1-9 backlinks Free

    Hey guys I started a blog in February 2011 with fresh domain name and everything. ......I think that's a good domain name except for the slash in the middle however that was the best name i could get considering it's length. I have been spending some time posting it here and there but i am...
  11. jagreen78

    Xrumer Profile Blasts

    ANYONE paying to get Xrumer Profile blast should reconsider the money they spend on this I did a ton of blasts last month and all of my rankings DROPPED big G's new algo change has devalued these links and IMO everyone should find a new alternative
  12. D

    About BACKLINKS......what you can say!?ASAP

    What is the difference between one monthly backlink and 12 months backlink and how to verify them?Any advice? Thank you in advance! P.S.I use Market Samurai.
  13. G

    Looking for Someone to help me with SEO and Linkwheels

    I have a Biker Apparel Store and site, I am looking for some help getting better page rank. I am looking for someone to do some SEO and Link wheel work for me, I also have a blog, I prefer WH marketing, and BH if it does not get me kicked from the Search engines?
  14. incomefast

    [FREE] Submit Your Website to 1000 Directories and webiste and get index in Goolgle

    Hi, I found some website to get backlinks and specialy for new Domain. Submite your domain name and get indexed in Google same Day.
  15. aldragon

    Dirty little secrets will be released :)

    I have been a member of this forum for not long, some of you know me because I have purchased your services or products, and some of you know me but don't know that I'm here. This forum has been a great experience for me. I have met wonderful people. As a fact I am pretty sure that I'm older...
  16. Kyle787

    Why can't I rank at all for my targeted keywords

    I am creating dozens and dozens of backlinks for my affiliate site on high PR sites with anchor text including my 5 targeted keywords and all I haven't ranked in google/yahoo for any of them except for the keywords in my url. I'm 1st page for my url keywords but why can't I rank for my targeted...
  17. freething

    PR 0 Backlinks

    Does anyone know how many PR 0 backlinks I need to get my webpage to a PR 1? If you know of a chart or table that shows this information, it would be helpful. Thanks.
  18. stopnstare

    Backlink Outsourcing & Verification

    For those of you who outsource your backlinks; how do you verify the actions? I am assuming a list of all links created is sent from the contractor(s). Do you manually check each link? Use an automated process? If so what? I am strongly considering outsourcing but only if there is a...
  19. jagreen78

    I need a back link provider ASAP

    Can anyone here provide me with back links for golf and travel?? I need a steady provider quickly.
  20. sikandar

    Top Wikis for Backlinks

    It is a well know fact that by start OR editing a Wiki, you will be able to link to your site as the "source", thus gaining important backlinks to your site. Here are some free wiki creation sites, where you can start your own wiki http://...