1. sikandar

    [Help] New website getting thousands of spammy backlinks

    I started creating content for a new website 2 weeks ago. I was posting one blog post per day. I have not started created any backlinks yet, but today when I used backlink checker I found that someone has created thousands of spammy backlinks to my website. I also found that many domains were...
  2. R

    How i get 200k backlinks ?

    I want to achive this website backlinks profile. DA: 24 PA: 51 TB: 187k QB: 121k How many is web2.0 , PBNs, article , profile etc ? Can you estimate?
  3. N

    My website age is 2 month, i want to create 100+ backlink per day. It's good or bad for my site?

    My website age is 2 months, I want to create 100+ backlinks per day. It's good or bad for my site?
  4. Hawkeye Digital


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  5. Ekooo

    What is important to know before buying backlinks?

    Hello, I have a shopify store rn and do some SEO for them. I want to buy backlinks soon but I just know the basic stuff but not what I should look for. Its a 1 product store and I sell e cigarettes. I have like 200 euros of budget and need advice for the criterias I should look for when buying...
  6. P

    Need Some Sites For Making Backlinks For a Tool Website.

    Hey, Is there anyone who has a list of good websites where I can make some backlinks for one of my new tool website? Also, any suggestions on how to rank it are also welcome.
  7. E

    Any One Suggest free guest posting services to my website?

    Hi folks, Now I built brand new blog (whitelightpath). But still didn't get any proper links. So anyone suggest free guest posting services? Thanks!
  8. L

    Please read the post i need some help

    Hello please i need some help to earn 5$ a day please I have fiverr account upwork account freelancer account but i am not earning anything from these I tried forex trading als but i lose money please i dont want to do any job here in my country to earn money i want to do something by my...
  9. zionbar

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  10. Monsterer

    Bye Bye to 2022

    I am wishing you a Happy New year 2023 to all my Clients, Moderators, my Followers, and Freinds ;):D of BLACKHAT WORLD (BHW) Keep Supporting and Keep Rocking :cool:
  11. AuraMarketing

    Backlinks are one of Google's top three ranking factors.

    Backlinks are one of Google's top three ranking factors. Check out these ten link-related stats—based on multiple in-house studies conducted at Ahrefs over the years.
  12. rajamsaad7

    How to sell more Guest Posts?

    Hi, I have a travel blog currently, I'm receiving some messages and emails from people for sponsored/guest posts so I usually charge them around $70 to $100 per post. but I want to increase this number because now I'm selling about 10 to 12 guest posts a month. I want to go around 30 to 40...
  13. theo_kr

    Do backlinks affect my articles ranking? or just my domain?

    if I make all the backlinks point to a single article on my blog, will that increase the exact article's rank? or just my domain in general?
  14. LatestPhoneZone

    I Need Help On 301 Redirect Please

    Hello guys, I need help please. I bought an expired domain 60 days ago and redirected it to one of my sites so it boost the backlinks and ranking. This is how I did it: I chatted namecheap support and the staff redirected the domain to my site. No hosting. Just naked redirection. Till today...
  15. Veil123

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  16. jsalim93

    Expired Domain With 380,000 Follow backlinks

    Hey everyone, I found an expired domain that has 380,000 Follow backlinks with the DA of 40. Do you guys think I should buy it? I need your opinions.
  17. BacklinkCompany

    Growth Hacker - Game Changer

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  18. JakeSantiago

    Made my first 3000€ - [Selling backlinks]

    Hi guys! So a bit of a backstory. I've been interested in SEO since 2018 and have fiddle'd with it a bit on and off. I managed to get a job as an outreach "guy" at a large SEO firm during summer of 2020. The firm mainly deals in buying and selling backlinks. I started learning a lot of new...
  19. SEO_Skipper

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  20. razharov

    Google update today: We will Ignore your backlinks and deny you in SERP if you had backlinks.

    So today google released an update about backlinks. They say they created a robot, that will scan all your backlinks, and if there are ANY backlink that seems bought, spammy, unnatural to your content traffic and site they will remove all the rank gains that you got from those links...