1. S

    where i can buy this type of backlinks or how can i make this type of backlinks?

    Hello, at first Pardon me if i mistake anything. I am looking for a way how can get this type of backlinks, I notice that brytesoft [dot] com this website have over 2M backlinks and all backlinks comes from 704 ref domain. Still, when i am using semrush or ahref for backlinks analytics this...
  2. Vebuzo

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  3. MrHax

    does images backlinks affect my seo ranking if i delete those images from my site ?

    Hello, SEO Pros! This is my first post on BHW. I have a website with a lot of do-follow backlinks on my site's uploaded images. I just want to know if I delete these images, will those backlinks affect my SEO ranking? I have set a 404 page redirect to the home page. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thelastlellek

    Does something like Google Stacking really work?

    Hey! I read stuff about Google Stacking and Authority Stacking here all the time. I actually checked some of the Example Pages that used the Google Stacking Method only to see the Google Pages not even Index. Does Google Authority Stacking actually do anything for your Website and Ranking? Or is...
  5. N3WY0RK

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  6. iamsanjeev

    Backlinks Techniques

    Hello Everyone, Please tell me which submission you will do to create backlinks?
  7. S

    How come freelancers are doing guest post/PR's for such a low price?

    Hi everyone, New here. It is my first post, and I hope it goes well. I am looking forward to learning a lot from here. I have curiosity about SEO and how the SEOs play around with rankings. For today, here is my question. I am into learning guest posts/PRs. I am going to possibly every...
  8. L

    Indexing blog posts keywords

    How to quickly index some longtail keywords of blog posts in top 100
  9. SMMTribe

    GSA SEO? Still Effective?

    I see a lot of people using that software to drive up their backlinks like crazy. Is it still as effective?
  10. Clickretina

    Building the biggest Database of Backlink Sources with step-by-step instructions.

    I had read many of the inspiring journeys on this forum but never thought that one day I would be living my own journey on this forum. For the past many months, I have been looking for starting out with something that could be a great contribution to the community and could help lots of people...
  11. TheSoloAct

    How is this website getting Google backlinks that are not links at all?

    Screenshots here: | One link from each: A website I recently audited on Ahrefs had two "backlinks" from Google, a DA 98 website. In the same way, they also have backlinks from Microsoft, Mozilla, NYTimes, Yahoo,, and many more 80+ DA sites. None of...
  12. L

    Keyword Ranking question

    In ubersuggest Keyword : Seo Difficulty ia : 16 in top 10 websites 7 have zero backlinks my website post rank match seo score is : 81 will this work to rank this keyword on top ?
  13. HenryObi

    How To Calculate Link Gap

    According to Matthew Woodward's video below: Do you calculate link gap? In the video, I don't know why he paid no attention to the overall link profile of the website.
  14. L

    My website is not indexing in google

    My website justhome page and few other pages indexed more pages not indexing like about , blog. posts etc more then 6 months gone any suggestion to me what i will do now please Thank You
  15. Turbo B.

    Anyone using

    Anyone using I want to know - does they send google bots to your URLs or takes money for air. Thanks.
  16. S

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  17. N

    6 months link building case study. Niche Edits vs PBNs

    Hey mates, I hope you are doing awesome! Here is another link-building case study. Before I start talking about it, just to let you know that I have nothing against PBNs, I still use them in ranking other sites. This study is just to share with you this “fight” between PBNs and Niche Edits and...
  18. EricAngela

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  19. PHPInjected

    PHPInjected Presents - Ranking 3 websites with Sensit AI content & ONLY BHW resources

    The purpose of this thread: I've seen a lot of either new members or curious members who post threads regarding whether or not AI content can rank. Threads like this thread, this thread, & this thread ask the question of whether it can be done or whether Google can detect it. There is also...
  20. blackmind

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