1. M

    is Google Ads & Bing Ads Threshold blackhat method still working ?

    Hello there, so a few years back, a friend of mine told me of a black hat method to advertise on Bing and Google Ads 300$ threshold per account, by the time Bing/Google would charge the account, they find that there isn't sufficient funds on the card to charge , i don't know if the method is...
  2. I

    Bing related searches

    Need help with bing related searches
  3. Turbo B.

    Anyone using Bing ranking loophole?

    Is anyone using the Bing ranking loophole? I can't get it to work in any way. P.S. I am not selling or giving away anything.
  4. Outc@st

    Bing Ads & Clickbank Update

    Over the last few weeks I have been promoting digital Clickbank products via PPC. I experimented both with direct linking and by creating simple bridge pages. I have not yet gotten into email marketing... So far I spent $350 and I have not yet made a sale. I may have not gotten a sale yet, but...
  5. B

    How to index fast BING ?

    Hello everyone! how to get to the top of bing search results fast? these will be dating article sites that will then redirect to the dating sites themselves. I have several questions: what links should i buy? there are many link packs on the forum, which ones are needed for bing? Do I need to...
  6. jiya raichand

    Bing Search Issues

    Hi there, For one of my client website bing search fetching someone else review link in Bing Places. When i am searching my company name its showing but down reviews link someone else. I am attaching screenshot as well, please check - 411 listing link is not ours business link. Its some...
  7. razharov

    How much you care about Bing?

    Hey, for the past years I haven’t done anything related to Bing, but nowadays I see it more and more often as a topic for search engines. So I’m kinda interested of how many of you guys even care about Bing. Is there even notice able traffic from Bing? Do you need to do anything else for...
  8. O

    Spam Website on Bing

    Hello, i have a website, its basically filled with scraped content, i built it in less than 2 month ago, now i was having decent amount of traffic, i decided to test out something, i added Bing Clarity tracking code and linked to analytics, the next day, my traffic of more than 12k daily dropped...
  9. devinda

    How to get good traffic Keyword find from Bing?

    Dear do u know any tips for get good traffic Keyword find from Bing?
  10. devinda

    i Want A URL Bing Indexing Tool lt

    I want to Index Bing my website and back link Please suggest only Bing
  11. R

    Bing Indexing

    Hello, I have created a new site and first thing what I did added it to bing webmaster tools,added sitemap to webmaster tools and so on. Checked the url with URL inspection tool and it shows: Discovered but not crawled URL cannot appear on Bing. The site is new, without posts. Why the fk it got...
  12. konvar

    Website deindexed from bing

    After my website was hit by Google update, now it's Bing's (DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc.) turn. Do you think it's a good idea to change my domain? I don't know if my website will recover after the Google update. I've worked a lot and modified the theme and made scripts that automated the site; I...
  13. rodrigo della rovere

    Bing PubHub - website approval

    Does anyone have any tips for approving the site on Bing PubHub? I've been waiting days for the release.
  14. Poorboy

    How to get good traffic from Bing?

    I have a small blog site. Everyday I am getting around 200 page views from google and 100 from Bing. Google is not ranking my new contents while Bing is ranking the new contents but the traffic is low. How can I find keywords that would bring a little more bing traffic. Even a keywords with...
  15. G

    Bing Autosuggest Help

    Hi All, I'm run into an issue with Bing where when you search for my business, an unflattering autocomplete suggestion appears as the 3rd result. It started appearing this week and I'm just wondering if there's anyway to influence bing's autocomplete results?
  16. Turbo B.

    Is Bing a big liar?

    On many of my sites in Bing webmaster tools, keywords are ranking on the first page (#5-#7). If I make a search for these keywords on Bing (with the target country selected) - my sites does not exists in Bing SERP at all. Sites are indexed. What I am missing?
  17. giftedstan

    Bing not indexing category urls

    so i have a domain, its working fine, I now created a blog section at /blog and category section at /category of the root domain, everything works fine on google but bing does not index it I instead get "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We...
  18. A

    Looking for some who helps me indexing my sites at BING | Solid Budget

    I have never had any problems getting my pages indexed quickly at BING. But I've been having problems with it for a few weeks now and I don't have the time to take care of it. It's about several blogs and landing pages with a new domain and without any backlinks so far. Every month new blogs and...
  19. GringoMonkey

    V3.0 ☑️☑️☑️ PAGE 1 BING RANKING - No Rank, No Pay (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: V3.0 of my system exploits a loophole in the Bing Ranking Algorithm. Do you want to test v3.0 of my system for FREE to gain a hugely unfair SEO advantage and Quickly Rank Page 1 in the BING SERPS? I know that is a bold claim and you should be sceptical… BUT I want to be able to...
  20. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ BING SEO RANKING BOOST – No Rank, No Pay (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: This system exploits a loophole in the Bing Ranking Algorithm. Do you want to test this system for FREE to gain a hugely unfair SEO advantage and Quickly Increase your sites rank in the BING SERPS? I know that is a bold claim and you should be sceptical… BUT I want to be able to...