1. Sunya

    The best explanation of Bitcoin you will ever hear.

  2. T

    Crypto offers

    Hi Guys, I have some crypto traffic which I want to monetize. Anybody here who have some good offers?
  3. seo_alexa002

    $100M+ IN BITCOIN SHORTS JUST GOT CLOSED!!! [get ready]

    $100M+ IN BITCOIN SHORTS JUST GOT CLOSED!!! [get ready] Source - Youtube
  4. seo_alexa002

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days??

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days?? What you Think Guys?
  5. Cypherpunk Zero #4027

    Taliban Ban Crypto in Afghanistan

    Source: They never learn. Did this ever work for other countries? Any BHW members from that area? What are your thoughts on the law and how the news will affect price.
  6. Bloodseeker

    ⚡️ Can we actually make a passive income by running a Bitcoin Lightning node? ⚡️

    Hi, I did some research but couldn't find a proper answer. All the articles and videos say that you can make money by investing about $200-400 in equipment, but how much can we make? I know it won't make me a millionaire. And how hard is it to set it up?
  7. Toz

    Wow! Found This in an Old Dropbox Account I had from Years Ago!

    The price of BTC back then... Fucking hindsight. Also, I noticed I had BHW as a pinned tab. BHW is life.
  8. Harnur

    How to Buy Crypto in the USA?

    I have a decent amount of money in my US bank account, and i wish to buy crypto with it. I am not a US citizen, so, i can't register on the US crypto exchange as they require an SSN number, driving license, and US phone number. I don't have any of these. I don't wish to buy crypto from 3rd...
  9. TomTheCat

    Elon sold his Bitcoin stash

    As of the end of Q2, we have converted approximately 75% of our Bitcoin purchases into fiat currency. Conversions in Q2 added $936M of cash to our balance sheet.
  10. S

    How can I make money from a domain name I don't use?

    I've bought an xyz domain name a long time ago. It was originally a bitcoin faucet but because i couldn't find any suitable ads network my faucet failed. Now i just have the domain name sitting in my account and I want to at least make a bit of money from it before it expires. Any ideas?
  11. TomTheCat

    Who is coming to the Bitcoin Conference in 2023?

  12. bestspinner

    Crypto twitter

    Do you have any ideas what to do with this? I am open to any suggestions.
  13. A

    NEED Domain provider which accepts BTC or crypto

    I need a domain provider (not: namecheap, hostinger, namesilo, porkbun) that accepts bitcoin or any crypto that I can buy .online domain with.
  14. 4ry4n

    [Question] Best web based Bitcoin wallet to carry small change?

    Greetings BHW, What online Bitcoin Wallet could you suggest to me that would be stable? I am not planning to keep more than a 100 bucks in it. Regards,
  15. Bigcookies

    Crypto mining software

    Do you guys know of any crypto mining software that will perform well on a MacBook I've been told that I need a desktop but I don't have one and almost certain that there is some software that will perform well on a MacBook I just don't know what it is
  16. skferdous

    Lowest BTC transaction fee

    I need to send a small amount of bitcoin to multiple addresses. Can someone suggest the best way to send BTC and the lowest fee?
  17. bestspinner

    Bitcoin Portfolio

    how much of your portfolio is made up of bitcoin?
  18. R

    Need quick answers please!!!

    I'm currently on a binance futures trade, doing long on AVAXUSDT and my liquidation price is 17. I waited till it touches 23, but I think it'll go down than that. What should I do? Should i sell in loss or should I wait???