1. mikeluy

    Need help with YouTube Blackhat [PROTECTION] [QUESTION]

    Hi I currently have YouTube niche channels generating income around 20K - 30K month I am going to do some blackhat seo testing on some new YT channels. I want to try upload mass content (not my content) from tiktok or from other YT channels in short format To protect myself and avoid any...
  2. O

    Subdomain on Spam Update

    Hello, i read online that google treats a subdomain as a separate website, so i want to know, if i have a website at, and i got hit on google, like my ranking dropped, would it also affect new subdomain created after the hit? like
  3. S

    I need spam to a specific email

    Hi I need spam to a specific email would mean alot if something like this can be done , nothing of a revenge tactic or spite as I am looking to advertise something but to try it out first . Hopefully someone on blachatforum can do this for me for a good decent price ! Kind regards
  4. Fast_Eddie_427

    .gov links (US Only, please)

    Good day all, I need one or two .gov links which are US-based. Could need more in the future. Don’t care if follow or not. If this is something you can help with, please PM me on here. I do not use Skype or any other similar services. Thank you in advance BHW family!
  5. A

    I want to know some open source spider pool systems

    What are the popular open source spider pool systems? It’s a system that can attract huge Google spider into their system. Then I can use this system to index my backlinks. similar to the index service system.
  6. B

    New Beginnings

    Hello everyone, I have spent the past few months reading and seeing the stories of everyone on the site while trying to take notes and learn what I can about SEO and the approaches/mindsets people have to succeed in this space. I'm such a beginner with 0 knowledge but really want to get my...
  7. giftedstan

    October 2022 spam Update

    Good day fellow BHW members, well, I just want to post my short findings. During the October update that saw the end of most PAA websites, I was affected, I have several websites that were affected, so as always, I came here to complain then I got an awesome reply and audit of one of my website...
  8. W

    Google is seeing my blog as a redirect page to one of my competitors. My website drooped from 8K impressions per day to 500 impressions per day.

    Hello guys! On October 21, my website's traffic dropped from 8k impressions per day to 500 impressions I couldn't find what the problem was till 5 days ago, when I was checking how Google Bots read my website, and I was surprised that the bot saw my website as a redirect page to one of my...
  9. superKruv

    [Method question] Wikipedia links to get your initial 30 DA fast and easy?

    Hey BHW. I was having some thoughts and want to hear your opinions before I am acting on this. Editing my link inside a wikipedia page will give me a very strong no follow backlink, so why not do that for every Wikipedia language subdomain? with so many languages Wikipedia translates to...
  10. kimblens

    How to hide traffic source from Amazon?

    Hi guys, I have an Amazon Affiliate Website and earning a decent amount of money but my traffic source is not accepted from Amazon Affilite Terms and Conditions. I’d like to find a way to hide my traffic source from Amazon but I can’t find one that is perfect: - I could use url shortener but...
  11. bbrokeaf

    Is Google Shitting On My Website?

    Hi Everyone :anyway: The Start I got motivated a few months ago to start a new site because I saw everyone making sites the PAA method/ai/gpt-3 and that allowed them to capitalize on cheap content to grow a authority site. So 3 months ago, I bought a fresh domain and I started an AI...
  12. Aadya

    Should I Remove This 301 Expired Domain?

    Hi, I had redirected this expired domain in may or June but after site is always tanking every month first I thought it was updates but now I think it's because of that expired domain my 150+ per day traffic my website had reached to only 5 per day should I remove that domain and create a new...
  13. giftedstan

    PDF parasite method

    Hello, my competitor steadily uploads pdfs to sites that's have "global_engine/download_custom.aspx" in the URL example, I've searched almost every query here on BHW on how to do that but I not seen any leads, a previous thread using "allowed file types" does not work here, I can...

    Youtube blackhat - go viral instandly method (working)

    Hi guys, I tested an old blackhat strategy which I have seen on multiple threads in this Forum however, I never believed that this actually worked. The strategy: Upload a HIGH-QUALITY entertainment-based video. I recommend making something funny, that will get high retention naturally. The...
  15. Humanize

    asking for Casino niche trick

    so, from my observation, casino niche mostly focus on backlinks while spamming mainstream keyword (CMIIW) my question is, 1.can KGR works on casino niche? cause we target low competitive keyword? 2. is there any trick to do beside spamming on keyword and backlinks? sorry if my question looks...
  16. ciphercipher1

    [JOURNEY] [BLACKHAT] My first autoblog ever!

    About me: To be honest with you there isnt really much to say about me. I will be first year in university that is in a different city and I am moving away from my parents, so i need some income. I am focusing on YouTube automation and auto blogging so I can keep working. I dont really have any...
  17. seo_alexa002

    Content or Links? Where you Will Invest More?

    Content or Links? Where you Will Invest More? And also if you can mention Reason Thanks
  18. Slorm31600

    Duplicate content between subdomains not penalised by google

    Hello, Someone I know by sight shared his business with me. He has duplicated his site more than 10,000 times with sub-domains bearing the names of cities, regions and departments. All his sub-domains are identical in content. But this last one ranks enormously and has not suffered any penalty...
  19. AlexSeiler

    [Method] How to easily scrape Instagram E-Mails

    We will use a Instagram OSINT Tool called Osintgram. What is a Osint: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is security-related information collected from freely available open sources (e.g. social and professional networks, news, websites). Usable insights are gained on the different information...
  20. B

    Hiring For Reputation Defense To Protect My Listings - Need to Push Down Trust Pilot

    Hi All, I own a very large direct to consumer supplement company (100 million per year) and get A LOT of affiliates trying to poach my traffic. I need to push them down fast and need to push down Trust Pilot from my home page. Please ping me and I'll give you details about the company...