1. Feloxy

    Bulk blog image downlaoder (unsplash) +script, no API key needed.

    Hey, this will be my first real post here. A few weeks ago I was working on an AI generated content website but had troubles with images. I didn't want to spend money on generating images with AI since those tend to be expensive (at least for a student still getting into IM). I went on github...
  2. Norman_drey

    Forum vs blog, which rank better

    'm thinking forum might rank faster and higher than a blog, what do y'all think??
  3. T

    Drive free traffic to Adult Wordpress Blog in 2023

    hi to all, I have an adult blog. Currently the traffic comes from google and twitter. I am looking for ways to share my content (blog posts/blog images) as automated as possible (plugin/rss) to get free traffic. years ago the pornvideo reupload method was very effective... in the meantime...
  4. J

    blog share

    How do you promote your blog link? Whenever I post my blog link, the system would remove my link. What's wrong with me? Could you please give me some good advice to me? Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    What Are PAA Sites & Why Build Them?

    As the question states, what are PAA sites and why are they used?
  6. SERPhustler

    6 Niche Blogs Built using Aged Expired Domains with Google Rankings and Backlinks - Skip the Google Sandbox Right Away

    Blog 1: Niche: Home Improvement Unique Content: 30000+ words First Wayback Machine Record Date: Feb 23 2004 Referring Domains as per SEMrush: 45 Domain platform: Namecheap Current rankings in the top 100 of Google US search results as per SEMrush (Screenshot was taken on Jan 17 2023)...
  7. P

    Traffic increasing again after link update

    So, my traffic dropped $40% after september core update. I was around $1500/m and dropped to 800-900. Reasons might be related to not building links- didn't build for over a year. And publishing paid posts. Paid posts were small in numbers compared to actual quality post but still. 90% of my...
  8. ohhmiddy

    (Journey) Started a Blog to Learn the Different Paths of Digital Marketing

    Hey guys, welcome to this thread. A little bit about me first, I am a college freshman studying Business Administration, and I want to take a path in marketing. I recently watched Senator We Run Ads' YouTube video "how i would learn digital marketing (if i could start over)" and have really...
  9. justmeus

    What advice would you give yourself on the start of your SEO journey

    If you could give yourself advice on SEO when you started your journey, what would this advice be? Next week my blog page will release of my first website and could use some tips :)
  10. dexterzlab7

    Any one Selling Ezoic Approved Blog?

    Hi, I'm interested to know what is the fast way to get ezoic ads approved on my new blog, or if anyone is selling ezoic approved blogs kindly PM me
  11. ciphercipher1

    Looking for this ukraine war widget The title says it all, can someone tell me where can I get this widget? Or I have to code my own? Thanks in advance!
  12. ciphercipher1

    What do you think of PaLM?

    Hey what do you think about google's model PaLM? Will it be better for SEO purposes (because it is google's own creature and I think they will favor it over other models)? Is anyone currently using it? Please share your toughts
  13. L

    [Journey] AI content ninche blog

    Hey! Im a beginner in the SEO world, as this is my first project Im going to be running a ninche blog thanks to the AI All the ideas, the blog content, the titles will be AI-generated my only work will be adding pictures to each thread and doing SEO on the website itself What i've done so far -...
  14. kriespy10

    I fcked it up, maybe (need help).

    Hi, I started my first website blog in a fitness/health niche about 3 months ago, reason is long term I would definitely stick to this because of personal interest. But I might have fcked myself here. Situation: When posting a new post on my blog I didn't optimize my URL slug very well, in fact...
  15. rajamsaad7

    How the hell is this guy getting 9% bounce rate??

    Also I was watching his traffic stats how is this possible can anyone suggest whats he doing? I have a travel blog of mine with DA more than 50 and good organic traffic how can I get adsense revenue any paid efforts like buying traffic that will give more outcome in adsense also How to get...
  16. Ajju

    Facebook Page Story traffic safe for AdSense Blog?

    Hi , My friend Use Big FB Pages From USA and he is Selling Story Traffic , So Should i use Fb Story traffic for My AdSense Blog ? Is Facebook Page Story traffic safe for AdSense Blog?
  17. justmeus

    How to check copy writing quality

    Hey guys! We added a blog section to our website. We are currently monitizing third party traffic and we would like to rank our website through blogs aswell. Because we are outsourcing our copywriting I would like faster way to check the quality of the content. I currently use quillbot for...
  18. instagramheart

    Does google deindex AI content?

    How much AI content can be trusted? If I have 20 handwritten and 2 AI written, will my site be removed from google? Please help.
  19. T

    can someone help how adult posting on reddit works?

    can anyone give me tips on how to promote my adult wordpress blog on reddit? I've been banned twice without knowing why. I posted an adult picture via a subreddit together with a short description hashtags and a link to my wp post. what did I do wrong? other people don't do anything else, do...