1. M

    Is Blogger with custom domain good from SEO perspective?

    I understand blogger doesn't have as many options and flexibility that you get with WP, and there is also a risk of google removing your blog. But apart from that and being a part of Google, does blogger have any advantage from SEO point of view? Or makes new difference? Or they don't rank well?
  2. Norman_drey

    2022 is blogging still profitable?

    With what's happening now, everyone wanna start a blog, everyone wanna own a website, even myself I've quit blogging but wanna restart a blogging career, I wanna ask, is blogging still profitable or a waste of Time? Should I just find something else to do?
  3. Norman_drey

    Blogging vs CPA marketing

    I've seen some guys making up to $200 daily on CPA marketing but barely see blogger make such what's the way forward?
  4. aybnjm

    bulk export blog posts ????

    Hello first post thread btw . I just wanted to know if I can export all blog posts from a random blog (that it's not mine) and import them to my own blog and how If it's possible. thanks in advance .
  5. P

    Failed Blogger with 350+ Keywords on First Page with Good Search Volumes - What's Next

    Hi Friends, I started my blogging career 24 months ago and wrote 400+ blog posts during this period. Almost 100% original content and 2-3 posts per week with related images and graphics. Here are some key metrics: Domain Authority: 19 Page Authority: 26 Moz Trust: 3 Spam Score: 1% Age: 2...
  6. H1ghSky

    Should you always do extensive research for articles?

    Just finished writing a 5000 word review for one of my money sites and I honestly feel exhausted after having done a crazy amount of research. It took me 5 days to get this article done from start to finish. I’ve also got a bit of help from Jasper but for the most part I was the one putting the...
  7. rajib000

    Handpicked custom content locker

    I want to make newly launched exclusive-hyped movie download site with content locker. Problem- need very very user friendly landing page and handpicked cpa offers from every network, so that everyone can complete the offer easily and get his things (99% conversion, nobody can go with empty...
  8. hercai

    Can Adsense be taken to the site with extension?

    Hello, can we get Adsense approval when we apply for Adsense with the site we created with the "" domain that Blogger provides us free of charge without a custom domain? Has your Adsense application been approved for your sites with a domain before? I would be very...
  9. kadsolo91


    my name is Abubakar i am currently into blogging and affiliate marketing i have a tech site here goodyonblog website i am looking to achieve alot in this blackhat forum and also contribute and share ideas with co members on this forum thank you fro taking your time to read this.
  10. deedee1whoa

    What do you think, when will Google close

    We've seen some services like social network Google+ getting shut down after 11 years of being live. Blogger was launched in 1999, been up for 22 years now. Direct competition to Wordpress. Seen some of you comment how it's only a matter of time when Google pulls the plug on it. In your...
  11. IB SEO

    Best Site for Blogging

    Qs#1: Which Site is the Best for Blogging? . Qs#2: (For Blogging) DA/PA Recommended or not? . Qs#3: I heard " Focus on KGR not on KD for Blogging KW " is that True? . Qs#4: If that's True {I wrote an article on the word (whose KGR was Perfect but not KD) but they have not been ranked yet.} why?
  12. IB SEO

    Blogging Career

    Is Gaming Niche Best For A Blogging Career?Best
  13. pepekobasa

    Escalating my two new websites after successfully dropping out of college

    Hello guys :) Probably you know my last thread where I will drop out of college to pursue internet marketing solely. I am proud and explicitly telling you that I have dropped out of college and sold my two websites for a total of 7000 USD. Right now, I am working on two new websites of mine...
  14. J

    How to create a automatic content uploading site on blogger

    Details: I have a site on blogger and there is another website on WordPress and there is a table in that site which they update every hour and it is the result of something special to me and I want that data to be on my website live as he changes anything in that table it should be automatically...
  15. V

    Should i index labels pages on my blog?

    hello everyone, i want to ask "do i need to index my labels page?" (I use blogspot) Is if I index the page label will be good for seo or even worse? Will if I index my label page will there be duplicate content? I need your help
  16. MarkBhatti

    First step to this amazing world!

    Hi! I am 26! I am a physicist and a guest blogger! I just stepped into BHW and i got to know that this domain is so amazing including all the knowledge and people which are immersed into BHW. I hope this will be an amazing experience and i am looking forward to know many successful and...
  17. B

    Where to pitch new ideas to bloggers

    I create free online tools, which need to be reviewed/examined by others. Ideally, it is a blog post as an independent person describes the features and weaknesses of the service. Instead of randomly contacting bloggers (which is annoying), I look for a place to pitch the idea to see if any...
  18. H

    Looking for USA/UK Bloggers

    I am looking for an efficient blogger who can deliver the content on time without any plagiarism. If you are interested to be associated with me, please read on. Responsibilities Create new content. Research on various topics and write the content in a unique way. Finding and writing the...
  19. A

    AdSense + BlogSpot (Blogger)

    Hi, just a noob question : can I create a blogspot and be accepted by AdSense ? What are requirement ? I don't care about technical limitations : it's almost to make "a joke". But if I can monetize my prank, it could be nice. Thanks for answers.
  20. James4568

    Does Google Know if We Post Spun or Generated Content

    If we post generated content on our PBN blogs, but with no plagiarism, will it still be the problem? Can google detect whether it's a generated article or a written one. What I previously did is writing using speech to text.