1. H

    Looking for USA/UK Bloggers

    I am looking for an efficient blogger who can deliver the content on time without any plagiarism. If you are interested to be associated with me, please read on. Responsibilities Create new content. Research on various topics and write the content in a unique way. Finding and writing the...
  2. A

    AdSense + BlogSpot (Blogger)

    Hi, just a noob question : can I create a blogspot and be accepted by AdSense ? What are requirement ? I don't care about technical limitations : it's almost to make "a joke". But if I can monetize my prank, it could be nice. Thanks for answers.
  3. James4568

    Does Google Know if We Post Spun or Generated Content

    If we post generated content on our PBN blogs, but with no plagiarism, will it still be the problem? Can google detect whether it's a generated article or a written one. What I previously did is writing using speech to text.
  4. QuanticIT

    How can I make this in Blogger?

    How can I make this on blogger? It can be done easily on wordpress with free elementor but I am unable to do this on blogger. Any idea?
  5. larrylavell

    Seeking Senior Blog Manager for my PR Agency

    Looking for a virtual blog manager for the music promotion side of our PR Agency. Duties include: - Coordinating with Marketing Manager on new client blogs due and finished - Hiring interns and/or employees to assist with blog writing, proofreading, format, and publication of stories on our...
  6. hims.000

    What to do when someone copied your blog post ?

    Hi, I have published almost 300+ blog posts on my site. Recently I have noticed that someone has copied my 40% blog post and add it to his blog. I have mailed them to remove the post. but he is not replying to me. How did I get to know that somebody copied my content? I have picked a random...
  7. Mejbahul Alam

    Need Blogger Contributor to help me publish my Article

    l want to publish on and I am looking for a Blogging Outreach Expert who can help me to publish my articles in APNEWS.COM and with a ******** Backlink to my target website. I will provide the articles. You have to provide me your previous published samples to...
  8. Bhaskar125

    Name a Clean and Fast Blogger Blog Template.

    Hello there. I want a blogger blog template, Clean, Responsive and Fast. Just need a name. I will download the rest myself. I searched a lot but couldn't find one. Anyone have any suggestions. Please help me with a name to find a good one.
  9. Bloodseeker

    Launched my first Android app on Google Play Store!

    Finally, my first Android app is live on the app store. It's a webview app for my money site. App got suspended after the first review submission: I had the same issue that @Hello Fello had: But after...
  10. AmeliaLily

    What are the steps to make a plan before starting blogging?

    What are the steps to make a plan before starting blogging?
  11. Ricardo R

    Bots are visiting my Blogspot blog. How to stop them?

    As in the stats in Blogger show high numbers but actually there are very less visitors as the site is very new. How to stop these scrappers and bots on Blogspot? Thanks in advance.
  12. pepekobasa

    Ezoic doesn't approved me! (I am angry and disappointed)

    So I entered to the access now program and I passed the test. After Ezoic reviewed my website, they sent me this which is really frustrating. My niche is about sports and they said that I scraped content (which is not). I also don't have any malicious and sensitive content on my website, and...
  13. masudbcl

    I know BHW from the first day of their launch.

    Hello all. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. I know Black Hat World from the first day of their run. Today I did joined with my popular username. Hope it will be great learn. I want to become successful with blogging and vlogging. Hope you will wish me luck. I want to continue Blog...
  14. Md Masudul Hasan

    SMM Panel views add for revenue earn?

    I heard that If I buy views after monetization : (Basically youtube shows the channel or videos on suggested section) - than I heard or read long time ago that: the views will not generate any revenue. You tube ads will not show to the panel views- is it right? Details: If you place an order...
  15. Md Masudul Hasan

    Is my channel statistics are quite ok as a new started or beginner?

    Hi All Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Kindly check the image and check the statistics. I am a new youtube monetizer, video blogger. I like to do white hat SEO related tips and tricks videos. I do not have any rich camera. I do work with screenshot and screen recording system. I...
  16. Md Masudul Hasan

    Which blogger template is very much good for adsense?

    Hello Bloggers Have a wonderful day all. Hope you are all well. I am doing blogging for the last few months. I am trying to make some adsense withdrawn. My blog have adsense connectivity. But no body clicks on the adsense ads. So I am thinking that is may be template trouble. For template...
  17. crissdinesh

    Full or Flexibile SSL from Cloudflare for Blogger site?

    Hello BHW, Recently I added Cloudflare to one of my blogger custom domains. The settings are given below: On blogger: On Cloudflare: Chrome browser ssl check I see no issues with my site at this moment. The http, https, www and non-www versions are correctly pointing to preferred...
  18. Md Masudul Hasan

    Any body can suggest me a free video editing software for youtube?

    Hello Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. I have joined youtube 4 years ago. For the last 1 year I was learning youtube SEO. And I got monetization approval this month 6 the January. But I do not have huge experience about youtube video editing. I know only screen recording and thumbnail...
  19. Md Masudul Hasan

    masudbcl. Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger.

    Hi there Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. I am a Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger and working with Bangla Blog and Google adsense for the last 2 years. But there have not any huge earning. Though I was not giving huge time with Bangla Blogging but its only 24$+ now. Bangla content reach...
  20. Md Masudul Hasan

    How can I increase the views of my channel videos?

    I have a good news. Recently I got youtube monetization. I am white hat SEO worker. When I search any thing online- than I see peoples make the video without voice and next +yes method. They give the screen recording service to show the works fully. From that point of view I was interested to...