1. Md Masudul Hasan

    I got youtube monetization after 12 months try.

    Hello Youtubers. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. It was my plan to learn youtube SEO. I was trying for the last 12 months. At 13 months finally one of my video went to popular and I had earnt 150000 minutes plus and previously was 120000 minutes in stock. Finally it went to very much...
  2. abzar kamel

    Blogger templates

    Pls whree can I find free premium blogger templates, Thanks for your response and concern
  3. hercai

    How can I find sites with blogspot infrastructure?

    Hello, I knew how to do this before but I forgot. When I typed keywords + and searched, for example all Tech Blogspot sites encountered results. But I don't know how to search on google like this. The search was made with a special type. My goal is to learn about websites that use...
  4. hercai

    I need advertising firm with banner ads.

    Hello, is there any advertising firm that I can use as a banner ad on my spam websites? I want to quickly register with the advertising firm, get the website approved quickly, and quickly add the ad codes to the appropriate areas on my website and profit from them. I would be happy if you...
  5. hercai

    I need a scraper for blogspot

    Hello there, Is there a program or website for my Blogger site where I can scrape articles from a wordpress site or another blogspot site? (Scraper)
  6. htoolas

    How to redirect pc visitor to "X" link and phone visitor to "Y" link

    Hi, i want a html code or any method to redirect pc visitors to a pc offers and if the visitor using phone he will get phones offer. "something like smartlink"
  7. Milagro

    Anybody with high cpm propeller ads ?

    Hello guy I am looking for someone with propeller account with high cpm ? I want to team or buy it
  8. A

    Need a Technical Writer

    Hey BHW folks , I need a technical writer to write Article for the keywords and article provided by me. I will share the the articles that you have to re-write for me. Articles should not be Created by article spinning or from auto rewrite tools and also should comply with plagiarism policies...
  9. Arsalan Nazar

    Asking - What pages do i need for blogspot startup

    Hello everyone, I am starting a simple blogspot and adding up to 20 articles in it. I want to ask what more pages do I need to get Adsense approval? I mean privacy policy, terms, and conditions all that? I tried to find free generators but those seem like for online stores, But I am simply...
  10. GideonKe

    Today I read the forbes list and started questioning blogging as a business model

    I am using the "Income School" - Approach. I am starting to doubt whether I don't waste my time with that. I am writing about topics that are being searched for and season my posts with affiliate links. But I think: I am investing a lot of time into research, write something that is open for...
  11. hercai

    How to get fast Adsense approval on Blogger?

    Hello, I will create blogspot for my new site projects. However, since there are no ads on my site, I will not be able to earn money from visitors. How can I quickly register for ads on my newly created blogspot sites?
  12. C

    Free Adsense Arbaitrage Blogger Theme

    I need a free blogger theme include a good emplacement & next previous button Any suggestions ?
  13. JayDee1984

    Will parasite rank fast also with custom domain?

    Hi everybody, thanks for checking in, I read a lot about parasites and how they rank fast (shoutout for @Rachmaninoff and other members for sharing this info), and sometimes even outrank the money site for the same KW. my question is will parasite rank fast not only with the generic domain...
  14. AnkitSaini

    How To Get Approval By an Affiliate Network?

    Getting approved at big affiliate networks that have great payouts it’s a challenging thing. There are so many affiliate networks. Some of them are really good. But the main thing is to select a good affiliate network. Now the question is how do I get approved by any affiliate network? How To...
  15. S

    Freelance Hong Kong Blogger

    Minimum requirement : 1. TLD (top level domain) 2. Chinese / English language (400 words) 3. DA (domain authority) minimum 20 4. Do follow backlink
  16. charmtolucky

    Bulk Upload Blogpost

    Hello members, I created a blog using and i want to upload bulk post in the same The posts are around 300-400. Anyone have any idea on how can i do it?
  17. Agencybackground

    Blogger or WordPress landing pages, Which one you prefer?.

    So I m short on budget and planning to buy a domain and make landing pages on blogger, what do you think about it? When creating posts on blogger it shows all the posts if someone visits home page, is it same with WordPress + elementor ? I never used wordpress before and was wondering what...
  18. Intellifluence

    [Intellifluence] Influencers Drive SEO With Great Links

    We're back for a limited time to give you one of the easiest sales pitches ever. Take a free 1 year subscription. If this is tl;dr jump straight to the freebie at: For the rest of you... Intellifluence One of the Largest warm contact influencer networks on the...
  19. Carol Andrei

    Porn Blogger Template

    Sup fellow kids, i have a porn site i mean firstly i started with a free blog then i bought a domain then i put the custom domain on blogger (its simpler for me because i cant code in PHP or CSS for shit and i dont know what im getting into with hosting etc.) the current "theme" i use is shit...
  20. D

    Which hosting should I choose as a beginner blogger?

    I am from India and need some advice about which hosting to choose while starting my first blog.