blogging advice

  1. M Or

    Hey guys. I want to blog on one of these sites leveraging their high domain authority. Which one is better in terms of SEO ? Will my articles rank better on or I want to know if purchasing a membership with one of them will be worth it. If you know of any other paid blogging...
  2. H1ghSky

    What type of backlinks are these?

    I was looking through one of my competitor's backlink profile and I kept noticing this weird stuff. They are all do-follow and when I open the link it's nothing but a blank page with 2 lines of text and a link to my competitor's website. Can anyone please clarify what this is about? I've never...
  3. IB SEO

    Best Site for Blogging

    Qs#1: Which Site is the Best for Blogging? . Qs#2: (For Blogging) DA/PA Recommended or not? . Qs#3: I heard " Focus on KGR not on KD for Blogging KW " is that True? . Qs#4: If that's True {I wrote an article on the word (whose KGR was Perfect but not KD) but they have not been ranked yet.} why?
  4. andykym

    Promoting My Blog Failed !!

    I have a blog based on CRO (I am a Beginner) niche. One of the way that I choose to promote is using Niche related Forums. I found WorriorForum, Actiontakershub, H-educate Forum , Money Maker Discussinon forum etc.... on these list I allowed to post only on H-educate Forum and Actiontakershub...
  5. crystalwiz

    Autopilot blog: do you enable the source link to show?

    Hey guys, When setting up a campaign in WP Automatic, do you advise allowing the source link to show below every post? What is your opinion on this?
  6. PawanYadav8511

    Where to find new clients to obtain writing projects?

    Does anyone have any idea that from where can I get some new clients for my writing business. I need urgent money and I am ready to work for the same but doesn't have client presently.
  7. Kintoups

    Find Websites/Blogs that haven't been updated in a while

    I'm trying to find some websites that haven't been updated in a while in certain niches and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or thoughts. So far, the only thing I can think about is to search for the footprint: Copyright 2000, Copyright 2001, and so on until 2020. Obviously, it's not a...
  8. Wave tester

    How to resolve Multiple meta tags issue

    Guys, I'm back in this Community after a very long back, But I strongly believe, I'll find some solution for my issue here. Recently, I found Multiple Meta Description tags on my Site. After this issue, our blog took a very long time to Index on Google. I tried, But I didn't find the exact...
  9. G

    What will be the best option for two different language blogging?

    I want to make a blog for a niche. But I am willing to post in two different language. What will be the option? 1. Post same topic in Language 1 - Post Language 2 - Post So there will be two post with same topic in two different language. 2. Make a subdomain Language 1 - Main site...
  10. Illumi_96x

    Is Geopolitics worthy it as a Niche topic?

    I'm pretty new to Blogging and I picking a niche topic to write about is easily becoming a nightmare. I love Geopolitics as a whole so writing about it is not a problem at all, problem is: Competition. I've done some research on that and it seems that most keywords are sazonal (wars, elections...
  11. FastWyoming

    Can you look at my blog and tell me what should I fix there?

    Hello, I would like to present you my new blog, my blog is simple but I would like to know what I should fix there and what do you think about it. Thanks.
  12. A

    Best Keyword research method for Google Adsense blog - Feeling lost/overwhelmed

    Hello Everyone, I am new to adsense blogging. I have an Amazon affiliate website and its growing slowly and now I want to start an adsense blog as well. But, I am stuck at keyword research best practices for adsense blog. Please give me a step by step idea about how to do it. I've read that...
  13. O

    Indexing Issues

    I need an SEO expert that will help me fix Excluded by NoIndex Tag Showing on my Google console. I will pay for it just hit my inbox The attachment is what all the page in my site look like on google console.
  14. M

    What's the Cheapest & Most Effective Way to Get Content For a Money Site? [Building My First Site]

    Hey there! I'm going to build my first niche site, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a lot of articles that have high enough quality for a money site. I've looked into scraping and spinning articles, but I'm afraid that quality won't be good enough. I would love to do as little...
  15. brenten_ilija

    How is my Blog Analytics?

    This is my blog's analytics for three months. Am I growing ? or any suggestions that you can provide.
  16. rankerguru

    How to write a lengthy blog easily?

    Hey friends! I need your help. If I find a good lengthy article of my niche in some other language, translate it using Google and then post it on my blog, will it be considered as plagiarized content? TIA
  17. hims.000

    What to do when someone copied your blog post ?

    Hi, I have published almost 300+ blog posts on my site. Recently I have noticed that someone has copied my 40% blog post and add it to his blog. I have mailed them to remove the post. but he is not replying to me. How did I get to know that somebody copied my content? I have picked a random...
  18. F

    I am planning to make a New Blog. But... Confused about this Questions

    Q 1. If this is a POST, then how the same post coming to the recent post every day. The content remains 95% the same, just the date and lottery name modified every day. Q 1 Competitor site: ( and...
  19. pepekobasa

    Indexing issues!

    Hello guys I have a question if you also have an indexing issues? Because my one site is having a hard time to index my new articles that I wrote on April. ( What I am talking about is my site 2 if you read my journey). However, my old articles are now on page 1 and 2 and I really don't know...
  20. Isuamfon

    I lost Rankings to low sites with Zero DA - HELP!

    Hi, great people. I just wanna know if Google ranking factors have changed because I've lost my site to 2 low blogs with low backlinks and domain authority If fact, the first one does it have up to 4 DA, and the second has 0 DR and all less than 3 DRs. But my page has more than 13 DR and 13...