1. H1ghSky

    Should I buy a website that’s been hit by google update?

    I’ve recently stumbled upon a competitor in my niche with a very good looking website from a design perspective as well as from a content perspective. It’s DA isn’t that high, but the website has been around for 3-4 years and has 90-100 good quality articles. When I checked the traffic...
  2. giftedstan

    How Can I invest in My Site

    I know this might sound weird, but I am looking for ideas on how to invest in my site, I recently built an automated site for fun, and monetized it with display ads, now I recently earned $200 from it and i am looking at ideas on how i can put back that money to it to make it grow more
  3. lilkrito

    [Startup] Looking to stat the blogging business model $$

    Hi BHW Beasts I have a few bucks with me nearly 50-60$, and I want to step into the blogging niche, so I want advice on my 2 problems: 1. I don't know the best niche to start with and the best niche that has excellent revenue !? 2. I want specific guidelines or plan on how to spend this...
  4. PawanYadav8511


    How can we rank our website asap with organic SEO?
  5. TheDankChocolate

    [Journey] Creating an Automated News Website with help of Manual+AI Content and scaling further.

    I have been into IM for quite some amount of time (5+ years). In my initial days, like some of us, I was going behind multiple niches on a single website (utter stupidity). But I learned my lesson very early and within 6 months of launching my first website, I came to the conclusion that if I...
  6. Sartre

    ⏩ Creating high-performing SEO content for your blog【Sartre's basic methods】

    It is impossible to overstate the importance of high-quality content to the overall SEO rating of a website. Yes, optimizing your keywords for search engines is crucial, but having the appropriate concept for keywords won't mean much if those phrases are not adequately organized and structured...
  7. Rollfic

    Is WWW in domain more trusted ?

    Namecheap's EasyWP hosting directly takes the domain as you don't have the option to add www with your domain. So people see just in their browser compared to traditional do you think www brings more trust factor? You use www or just or...
  8. xneet

    This Post is all about AI Content and Automation Content Sites [Must Read]

    This Post is all about AI Content and Automation Content Sites. These days I see a lot of people jump into AI Content Sites for quick/easy money and as a result of this, a lot of queries on Google are spammed with low-quality sites ranking on top. No matter what you say, AI content is still...
  9. M Or

    Hey guys. I want to blog on one of these sites leveraging their high domain authority. Which one is better in terms of SEO ? Will my articles rank better on or I want to know if purchasing a membership with one of them will be worth it. If you know of any other paid blogging...
  10. crystalwiz

    Autoblogging my a** to 100k visitors per month (Let's go)

    So I started a new WordPress blog on a new domain in April 2022. Developed slowly and set everything up carefully, looking super quality with all necessary legal pages and. Now I got approved by Adsense two days ago. You know what? The site is an Autoblog but a very high-quality AI blog. I must...
  11. ciphercipher1

    [JOURNEY] [BLACKHAT] My first autoblog ever!

    About me: To be honest with you there isnt really much to say about me. I will be first year in university that is in a different city and I am moving away from my parents, so i need some income. I am focusing on YouTube automation and auto blogging so I can keep working. I dont really have any...
  12. suicidesheep311

    the best ad network to start on blogging

    the best ad network to start on blogging
  13. Bedazzle

    How Many Blog Post can you Manually write in a day?

    This is for the persons that actually write top-quality content, how many blog posts were you able to knock out in a day?
  14. Didou

    Could that be why my EPMV has gone down?

    Hello everyone! My EPMV has gone down since I turned on mediation in Ezoic. Has anyone else experienced the same problem, or is it just a coincidence? Thank you in advance, and I wish you all a great day.
  15. B


    I want to build a fully automated blog. Which should scrap and publish questions from "peoples also ask" section of the SERP and answers from the related pages. in the case of having ZERO coding knowledge, what should I do to get my dream true?
  16. don7777

    125 articles with 100% unique content?

    Hi all, I just scraped 125 articles from an expired domain. The content is 100% unique, which I verified with Copyscape. All are niche relevant articles and the total word count is around 100,000. I just want advice on the best way to use these articles. 1. Should I purchase this expired...
  17. 4ry4n

    [Question] Do you use Schema Markups for your Blog? Did it affect your Ranking?

    Hello BHW, Do you guys intergrade Schema markups in your blogs? Does it make a difference in a non competitive niche to rank? I wonder if I should spend the time figuring it out or rather spend this time on making some great content. Cheers,
  18. Koloktronis

    Can Google Identify Translated Content?

    I am bilingual and I operate in a niche that has tons of content in my native language. I take the content in my native language, I translate it, edit it, pass it through a plagiarism checker and I republish it to my English speaking blog. I am wondering if "G" can understand that the content...
  19. DigimetriqOfficial - AI Article Writer | Generate Articles in 1 Click That You Can Rely On!

    How to use/ Options for Generations 1. Single Article Generation Let AI Write the outlines/ sub-headings and create an entire article using that. Hands-free and 1-click! 2. Bulk Article Generation Generate Articles in bulk - max 10 at a time. Options to use only Titles. Let AI figure out...
  20. akaseo

    should you answer all People also ask in your blog?

    If you have a keyword and have a bunch of very similar questions in People also ask should I answer them seperately in h2 headings or there is a different way? Also, does it help? Another question - the People also ask and your h2 tilte should be same to help you?