1. yesmenotyou

    Making a snapchat users BOT

    Would anyone or agencies be interested in snapchat users that are paying for adult content regularly? I think this would help the growth for alot of onlyfans girl or agencies. Should I make this?
  2. shadow1591000

    Need Help With Youtube Uploading Quota

    Hey everyone! Im developing a software for automatic video upload to youtube. The app depends on uploading videos to youtube using youtube data API, the daily quota limit is 10,000 per project and uploading 1 video costs 1600 quota so the app can roughly upload 6 videos for one channel, if it...
  3. Tomatejo

    Looking for a Chaturbate Traffic Bot or Similar (Bump Rooms to first page!)

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to develop op or provide a traffic bot to help rooms to be on first page. You can contact me directly here: Telegram: @Tomatejo The bot or solution should work, with some proof if possible. Regards
  4. HavanaSun

    Anyone also using TikTok bots?

    I'm looking for a discord or Telegram of people who use TikTok Bots to generate Traffic, (I'm generating Adult Traffic for my OF model) Just want to find people who do the same to share ideas and grow togehter. telegram me if you are already using a bot and making decent results: @Aarontells
  5. K

    Custom Bot (checkout bot)

    I want to hire a freelancer to build a custom bot that kinda like auto checkout bot for a particular website. My budget is for first time payment is 200$ to 300$ but I am open to negotiate. This is for long term project. Please leave me a msg if you are interested.
  6. 3

    Looking for Truth Social Bot + Follows + Accounts

    Hello. I'm looking for someone to make me a Truth Social AIO bot that can follow, unfollow, like, and reply to posts under hashtags with a predefined dictionary. At the very least I'm looking for a script that will reply to posts so I can push around some links to products. Moving on, I'm also...
  7. H

    Looking for a coder/dev for making a bot

    I currently run a successful OF Agency and have had access to some tinder bots. Im looking for someone who can clone that bot and also make similar for bumble Dm me on tg @AronBreki Best regards
  8. N

    Looking for Zennoposter project maker

    Hi. Looking for someone to make me a zennoposter bot: - Account lists + proxy lists - login. - fill required details to start - Post article from my articles list - save link and repeat thanks
  9. wantviews

    Why? Just Why?

    This is what happens under many Affiliate threads. Why do they do that?
  10. yesmenotyou

    Looking for a Tiktok Bot on Android emulators

    Looking for a bot that can post on multiple accounts on android emulators. Where could I find such thing?
  11. N

    Want to buy SNAPCHAT BOT or someone who can make one.

    All i need is it to add users from a list i provide, and wait certain amount of seconds after each add.
  12. G

    Youtube livestream view to 5000 viewers

    I have a bot and proxy that can push the Youtube LIVE Stream to ~100 viewers, but not more. I need to push it to 5k viewers. I am offering $100 to anyone who can make me able to accomplish 5k viewers.
  13. L

    Bot for Social Medias

    I have multiple accounts from most of social medias Insta, TikTok, Youtube how do i find a bot to follow for example one account like the smm panels do?
  14. bamboleos

    Onlyfans Bot

    Hi I'm looking for someone to build for me a bot, which login to a onlyfans and open link in a tab. Bot should bypass captcha system or have 2captcha API built-in. Message me here or on telegram @scoobydogg
  15. bamboleos

    Bumble auto-swipe bot

    Hi I'm looking for someone to build for me a bumble bot in form of chrome extension. Bot should be able to set ratio swipes/passes and always swipe on superswipes. Should have built-in anti-detection features. You can DM me here or on telegram @scoobydogg
  16. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  17. Ventures

    Hiring PHP developer for sales bot project (Bonus points if familiar with GPT3)

    How's it going, I've got the beginning of a project already coded in PHP but looking for a smart dev to hire to continue to make improvements. How it works now is I manually use an Ai scraping platform for contacts (we will automate this later) I upload a CSV file and it uses our iMessage API...
  18. Mariusaf

    Developing and Making money with Bots

    Hello everyone! After many failed attempts of making money, I've decided to try Reddit adult to try to make money. I made a few bucks by doing it manually but I figured out that everything can be automated and thus decided to build bots to automate this process. I've made bots before in...
  19. G

    $1000 per day with crypto arbitrage

    hello friends, I have been on the forum for a long time, I am doing software work on phyton php jobs many people on the forum know that I am interested in crypto and I have recently entered the crypto arbitrage business i am doing crypto triangular arbitrage business, I am doing triangular...
  20. M

    Bot For IG Mass DMs + Create IG accounts + Scraping by usernames & followers.

    I am looking for a developer to make me a mass Instagram DM bot that can do the following: 1. Send unlimited IG DMs per day 2. Scrape usernames from hashtags and followers 3. Create mass IG accounts to send the messages Please send me a Message in my Telegram @Murphy734 Thank you