1. purpledust

    Instagram bot for linking, following/unfollow

    Hi guys. I am looking for an Instagram bot with normal features: like posts, follow/unfollow accounts and to comment on post with certain hashtags.
  2. G

    Youtube livestream view to 5000 viewers

    I have a bot and proxy that can push the Youtube LIVE Stream to ~100 viewers, but not more. I need to push it to 5k viewers. I am offering $100 to anyone who can make me able to accomplish 5k viewers.
  3. M

    Tinder / Bumble / Dating app Traffic Provider

    Looking for tinder/bumble/dating app traffic, with it being redirected to IG. Looking to create accounts at scale. Messaging / swipes / matches. Please DM if you can offer this, looking for someone with an already built out system. Will offer long term business. Will need proof you have this...
  4. xanaIDE

    Help using FingerPrintJS's BotD tool to detect bots

    I came across this tool from FingerPrintJS here, which is a tool to detect bots on your website based on their UserAgent...etc, here is the BotD's page on GitHub. They offer a generous free 3 million requests per month which is totally awesome, but I have no idea how it really works and how to...
  5. akaseo

    Is twitter trends sentimental analysis can be used in any way.

    I built a bot that can analyze any Twitter trend in a few minutes live or old for free. Scrape around a million tweets [with all the data] in 30 minutes on a normal computer. Is there any use for it? like if you had it how would you monetize it?
  6. PlusMein

    How You Secure Your Website From Bots, Proxy and VPN Traffic?

    Hello, One of our SaaS businesses that have restricted countries where we are not interested in work, or we see that from those countries we have a massive amount of spam or fraud, scam activity. We use Cloudflare premium, but it will not help us to secure the website from some bots, proxies...
  7. Iqbroly

    Seperate firefox profiles for each bot account

    I am learning about controlling social media accounts/bots using python and http requests and multi-threading all the accounts. I want human behaviour for these accounts to protect from bans. I will use free/affordable proxies. I need help on how it is done. - Do I need to create separate...
  8. ForoMan

    Half a million views and 20 comments

    New channel that started a little more than 1 month ago, millions of views, but when you check the videos, there are almost no comments, I've seen videos with a thousand views with more comments. Actually the channel is monetized, so it is curious that despite using bots in such an aggressive...
  9. Rumspringa

    Need a bot that will autopost videos every hour with some hashtags applied.

    Hello, Fucking sick of making new twitter accounts just for them to get banned immediately, so I'm going full BHW mode lmao. Got my anti-detect browser and now I've been trying to figure out how to code a bot to post videos from a local folder or something every hour with some hashtags in the...
  10. AlbertWeskey

    Reddit patched undetected chrome driver?

    So I've been getting my hands dirty and getting into botting. Was using a Python, Selenium, Undetected Chrome Driver stack all running through Brave (newb shit I know). Now all of a sudden Reddit won't let me log in through my scripts. Dev tools shows "Uncaught (in promise) Error: User is...
  11. Ruly_

    Automated Twitter posts from Reddit?

    Hello, does anyone know how to automate posts from reddit like these accounts?
  12. noellarkin

    Bots - Behavioural and Feature Detection

    Some observations on how anti-bot systems seem to be evolving. I'm only going to talk about browser automation based bots on desktop computers, I have almost no experience with HTTP request bots or mobile automation. - Behavioural detection Bot actions are our main achilles heel, bots are often...
  13. A

    Backlinker bots

    Hi, I am having some bot on my website who are creating backlinks with gambling keywords.:( Have you heard of such seo tool?? is it buid with python or something.... cose, the system seems working great except that I am getting bad backlinks
  14. BroadviewDev

    Hello, I'm Ray

    I program trading logic. I write in Pine Scipt. Most scripts out there are like 40 lines of code while mine are thousands. I really enjoy it. I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people on everything from 3Commas Trading Bots to full strategy development for any style of trading even full...
  15. Grudge

    Grudge's Development Service - Websites, Account Creators, Scrapers and Other Bots

    Refund Policy If you decide to terminate the project and we didn't start working on it we'll give you a 100% refund. If we did start working on it we'll issue a refund based on how much of the work was done. The refund amount for cryptocurrency payments will be done based on the coin amount...
  16. johnjameson

    What's up with this tiny account getting insane likes?

    They've got hardly any followers and very little history or activity, but their tweets over the past couple of days have blown up to insane levels. One has 600,000 likes, another has 400k and another 200k - all within last couple of days. Anyone got any idea what's going on? All of their...
  17. E


    Hello i saw there s some ppl interested on cmc bots for tranding if you are owner of any token thats listed on cmc let me know i can create bots for you basically any bot thats web based (browser )
  18. N

    Instagram Spam Report (Remove fake followers)

    Looking for someone who can go through my IG and remove any spam/bot/fake followers. Please PM. Thanks!
  19. Lil_


    What’s up everyone I’m new here. Just looking to build some internet connections. I am a newly graduate from university in marketing and have a big interest in connecting with someone or many, that are skilled in making mass Reddit pm bots or bots in general. If anyone has a reference or offer...
  20. G

    How big is the market for young reddit account with karma?how much could you make selling them?

    Hi, I need a good amount of cash in the next few weeks/months and I was thinking about making lots of reddits accounts, generate good posts and farm karma. I already made really stealthy bots for other websites. As a new seller here and on similar websites, if I had a +/- unlimited supply of...