1. jaroule

    looking for pitch-dech\business presentation *FREE template

    hello guys im looking for a website that provide good template for pitch deck and business presentation. thank you in advance
  2. LeviAckkerman

    Just started my first business at 20yo in Europe

    Just started my embroidery business, (yes, I'll make a journey about that no worries, soon!) I am wondering if you know any suppliers, I want to buy some hoodies, but cannot find any cheaper than 10$, I found the T-shirts, but still missing the hoodies, any suggestions? I mostly do Anime...
  3. Panther28

    Register today for a second business bank account

    I recently got a message from my bank telling me they were closing my account and they asked if I could forward them the details of where to send the money to after closing the account. Ok, so I did this and said I wasn't thrilled. Luckily I have a 2nd business bank account. A week later, they...
  4. ToughSeoX

    How much should I charge to sell MY OFFLINE Business that makes $1K+ PM?

    Just the operations, not the actual land. It generates $1000+ every month. I'm confused. is there any formula?
  5. deroty

    Benefiting from offshore companies to pay lower tax.

    Hello friends. I am from Turkey and I am opening an account in forex firm "IC Markets" Seychelles branch. What I want to ask is: What and which location can I incorporate in order not to pay tax? And I also want a debit card in that anonymous company name. I looked Seychelles and it costs 600...
  6. Castamir

    How to predict the future of ANYTHING (Predictive Analytics)

    - Ecclesiastes 1:9 Follow me for more updates. LOL
  7. R

    Opening a call center, need opinions and suggestions.

    Hello All, I am thinking to open a call center business in a third World country providing Hot leads to first World companies. The niche would be Home Improvement and Solar Energy panel installations. I will be prodiving them hot leads that are looking for Home Improvement services or Solar...
  8. J

    5 Reasons little to Medium Businesses square measure investment in New Networks

    Many little to medium businesses (SMBs) face growing pains: they’re besieged to supply superior client service, foster productivity for a hybrid manpower, and adopt sturdy digital tools to create each experiences attainable company-wide. At a similar time, SMBs have to be compelled to keep an...
  9. RatSeaExclusive

    What is your best business model?

    I feel like shiny object syndrome is taking my life away. I have a constant feeling of thinking about something much better than what I do right now. There is a struggle for me to take action for a long term because I believe I won't find: - A relatively effortless business - In which I got...
  10. smm jacopo

    Motivational videos on YouTube

    Seeking advice for a YouTube channel with monetization goal in the motivation and personal growth niche. My intention is to take English-language videos and have them dubbed by a professional in my native language. Leading experts in the field will be approached. Is it still possible to start...
  11. I

    Ultimate Guide to "Set and Forget" Businesses

    A set and forget business is one in which you can essentially set up the systems and processes and then let it run on its own with little to no input from you. This type of business is often seen as a passive income stream since you don't have to actively work in it on a daily basis. In easy...
  12. lilkrito

    [Startup] Looking to stat the blogging business model $$

    Hi BHW Beasts I have a few bucks with me nearly 50-60$, and I want to step into the blogging niche, so I want advice on my 2 problems: 1. I don't know the best niche to start with and the best niche that has excellent revenue !? 2. I want specific guidelines or plan on how to spend this...
  13. developerA1


    IMPROVE THE ONLINE REPUTATION OF YOUR BUSINESS Trust is at the guts of a successful business, and that’s why many of today’s companies are investing in online reputation management services. Buy Google Reviews – are popular; people wish to read them before making Buying decisions. 95% of...
  14. 3

    How to invest money with minimum work time?

    Hey guys. This is for a friend of mine. He is a military guy, he makes a decent amount of money as a teen (19yo), has few free time (2hrs/day) and he is willing to invest some money. With a salary of 400$ month, in a 3rd world country it's a big amount for a guy in his age, what can he invest...
  15. TomTheCat

    Business Failure 101 - Here's why you should care about your business

    So, in 20 years on the Internet I've seen pretty much. A lot of stupid things and good things. BUT something like today I've never seen, and it's part of business failure 101. Long story short, I've tried to promoted a hosting service for PBNs, called Easy Blog Networks. They run their...
  16. D

    AI, bot-detection and brand risk

    Hi I'm bordeline clueless on the subject of AI (actually I'm probably accross that border) but regardless I have a question about the level of risk that exists, or will exist retroactively in the future, of a brand's bot usage and whos public image could be tarnished by being exposed for using...
  17. Seo Lover

    How my ecommerce venture helped me build my own production house & how I plan to scale it further - Journey with weekly updates!

    About us: For a brief introduction about us, we are an e-commerce company that has excelled in the field of Neon Sign Business over the years with an unmatched boom in the market. WHAT WE DO: Let's talk about how it all started: In early 2019 we stumbled upon the idea of selling neon signs as...
  18. K

    Looking for a great networker, partner/ collab outreach and lead specialist for a us public company

    I'm working with a really big company that has entered the NFT/ Web3 space. For the different services and products they offer, they are looking for new Web2 and Web3 brands, and companies to become clients of their services and products. This is not just a simple jpeg or anything. They are a...
  19. Huncho

    LLC or LTD for e-commerce business?

    Hello Guys, I am looking to open stripe account for my e-commerce business. But i am in hurry. So when i asked an agent for LLC he told me that he can open and do paperwork for 1 business day but EIN need to wait up to 3 months, which is required for opening mercury or payoneer bank account...
  20. P

    Business Ideas with 500$

    You have zero friends/following but you have food, shelter,time,internet and 500$ in your bank. What you would do to make a lot of money?