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  1. DeadShot

    [Black Friday Deal] Selling my PBN Aged Websites Built on Strong Expired Domains (Tech niche) - All Indexed & Ready for Usage!

    Selling Aged Websites (3-4 years old, Tech niche) I have used as a PBN, Built on Strong Expired Domains with a Quality Backlink Profile - All Indexed & Ready for Usage! About: - I have bought most of these domains in 2019 (some in 2020) from a domain dealer company and built a websites on them...
  2. Focused99

    Buying Expired Domains (Quick Question)

    What's up, guys. I found a great domain with a link from a HUGE site in my niche, but it seems like someone previously used it to redirect to his porn site in 2018. Do you think it's still worth it to buy? The domain is expired, so isn't linking to his porn site anymore, but I'm curious if this...
  3. IG Professor

    Wolf of ██ PBN Domains ██ Buy 4 Get 1 FREE TF10 [TF 5/10/20 | DA & PA 5/10/20]

    HQ PBN Domains ==>> Click to Purchase <<== The domain will be delivered to your email address instant (when I am online) or in 24 Hours; In case I am not in front of my laptop. If you are here it's Probably because of ; - You need to purchase bulk domains for your PBN - You need to purchase a...
  4. don7777

    Good Expired Domain??

    Need Help!!! Found this expired domain after some research in the Below are the Ahref stats. All backlinks are from English domains and 90% are do-follow. This domain is in the same niche as my money site. I don't have much knowledge on choosing expired domains so want to...
  5. weirdo23

    Buying expiring domain

    Hey there, I was just curios does anyone know how can I buy a domain which is expiring at 8/13/2018 (in the next 10 days)? I have found a website with amazing TF CF and the website is down at moment but as I have mentioned above it has some great backlink history :) When you open the website...
  6. Legit Boss

    Seeking suggestion to buy expired domains

    Hello friends, I am looking to buy some expired domains to build PBN. Can anyone help me out with the best place to buy expired domains with decent metrics? Thanks in advance.
  7. TheMystery

    [WTS] 7 High Quality Domains for PBN [RD 70+]

    Hello folks, If you're looking to buy some powerfull domains for your PBN - search no more, you've come to the right place. Today I offer 7 domains, each of them has: 1. TF 15+ 2. DR 40+ 3. Clean anchor 4. Spam free These domains were holding high authority websites for years and they have...
  8. J

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  9. IProvideSEO

    How To Build a Private Blog Network The Right Way - Video Tutorial

    Hey blackhatters, (did I spell that right?) I have been seeing a lot of questions asked about how to build private blog networks, buy expired domains, find domains based on PR/Domain Authority, hosting, and how to set up a network. I noticed that there has been a lot of confusion and...