cloaking / adwords

  1. C

    Im Looking for Google Ads Cloaking Expert Private Teacher (Paid Service)

    Hello BHW, Im newbie here, im just looking for Google Ads Cloaker Expert Private Teacher. I will pay the guiding service. Im really need expert cloaking teacher for google ads and need guide to build my dedicated server for my many google ads campaign. Best Regars MTR138
  2. M

    How to promote something which google ads doesn't qualify as per its ad policies ?

    Hi, I have been getting few clients from fitness industry and they wish me to promote their videos using google ads . Unfortunately google initially disapproved all my ads and now has suspended the campaign. I have to create multiple campaigns. And basically i also want to know is there any...
  3. D

    I need someone who can teach me Cloaking Google Ads

    Hi, I need someone who can teach me Cloaking Google Ads and FB Ads for Gambling services in Indonesia. There will be fee, please hit me up via email [email protected] Thank you
  4. G

    i need help to Cloaking Google ADS

    welcome I'm new here I want someone, can you help me by php script or help me create this script to cloaking google ads because I sell some services not allowed on google ads like (administrative docs) ?
  5. Moinsen223

    Google Ads Cloaking/BH Setup Expert

    I'm looking for someone who can teach me how set up my Google Ads in order to advertise Social Media Services (Followers, Likes). I would like to get to know a strategy to advertise such BH offers as others in my niche are able to do it as well. Just PN me with how you could help and your...
  6. M

    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
  7. A

    Can someone teach me about cloaking and AdWords?

    I want to know if there is anyone well versed in AdWords and cloaking, I know of a couple good cloaking services but if you could recommend me some too that would be good.... Thanks
  8. A

    Can Someone show me guide for cloaking and AdWords?

    I want to know if there is anyone well versed in AdWords and cloaking, I know of a couple good cloaking services but if you could recommend me some too that would be good....
  9. M

    How far into your funnel will Google crawl before approval?

    Here is an example Video ad (generic training course on making money) ------> Opt in page (collecting name/email)--------> VSL page talking about "BH OFFER" with time gated CTA (CTA button doesn't appear until video is over) In this sample funnel, will google be able to crawl past the opt in...
  10. M

    how to do Affiliate marketing using google Ads without suspension ?

    Hi , I have been trying to promote third party services and affiliate products using google ads and my account is continuosly getting suspended. I do not use any brand logos or brand name keywords. I am seriously needing an advanced help this is my bread and butter kindly help !
  11. rise520

    Is link shortening helping in terms of adwords cloaking ?

    Hey BHW experts, I have a few question regarding the Adwords Cloaking, my niche is gambling. 1) Does link shortening help in cloaking, how exactly it works ? 2) Should I use VCC instead or real debit card? Can I reuse debit card that got banned before? (got banned few times due to the...
  12. O

    Hello everyone.

    I am omi vichare. I am trying to run a small scale bpo in india. I am providing web development and digital marketing services. I am looking for help to with new demands pf my client related to internet marketing and cloaking.
  13. Cee Lo

    Advertorial on Google Adwords using cloaker

    Hello To The Community of Experts! Just wanted to know does somebody tried running blog post style advertorial (with the help of cloaker) on Google adwords for make money online/health/dating niche? Does it worth to try?
  14. B

    FB / Google Media Buyer Wanted

    Experience with cloaking Experience with blackhat ads Experience with high competitive niches Managed 20k and up a month minimum Experience with Ads/Images and FB/Google approvals Able to run multiple ads in multiple ad accounts, each one 300$ /1000$ a day spent PM ONLY IF HAVE EXPERIENCE...
  15. CloakerLy

    Cloakerly - One of The Most Advanced Cloakers in The Market .

    Filter your web traffic and improve your ROI with Cloarkerly. Join us TODAY AND GET TRIAL FOR 9$. Our modern and optimized cloaking technology improves your lead quality and keeps a real-time watch over traffic to your site. Cloarkerly filters fraudulent visits to your site by cloaking all...
  16. 527078861

    Cloaking with google ads and casino affiliate

    hi , Im new here! somone here are making cloaking with google ads to affiliate links? I have a couple of questions. thanks!
  17. M

    Cloaking script for Google Ads.

    I want a redirect(cloaking) script for Google Ads bots. I am not advertising any BANNED content. I'm just using several google accounts each with new domain(safe where i want a redirect). I just want for trafic to be redirected to a page and google bots to stay there. Hope you understand what...
  18. D

    Cloaking adwordws

    I am looking for someone to set up some Adwords adds to run that needs to be set up as a redirect website once ads are approved or looking for another way around I can get ads approved as google just will stop them due to the website being adult. Its not porn / gambling
  19. jiayu2301

    Google 'detecting' Circumventing System/Cloaking - how?

    Hello fellow BH PPC advertisers, I'm sharing my experience with the hope of getting input on demystifying how Google detects cloaking. Needless to say, I'd never underestimate big G and give them credit for detecting policy violations. The same way I give credit to Advertisers who were and are...
  20. A

    Is Cloaking Working fine nowadays with Adwords?

    Can anyone share is the cloaking working fine nowadays? What has been performing best for you? Simple Php, Zero Redirect using Iframes? I am planning to run nutra offers but not every offers supports iframing so hence simple php will be requred to use , is it getting malicious error etc or...