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  1. A

    Is Cloaking Working fine nowadays with Adwords?

    Can anyone share is the cloaking working fine nowadays? What has been performing best for you? Simple Php, Zero Redirect using Iframes? I am planning to run nutra offers but not every offers supports iframing so hence simple php will be requred to use , is it getting malicious error etc or...
  2. M

    How to cook/farm Adwords Account correctly before cloaking?

    I am creating a Manual payment account via my MCC account. My MCC account is from 2011 and has good history however I had several (50 ish) suspended accounts due to violations violations but never payment issue/violations. I use a new registered domain but same hosting on all domains(GoDaddy...
  3. B

    Adwords cloaking - backend javascript vs php

    Hey guys. So i wanna cloak my affiliate site on adwords and for my backend i use node js(express js). My idea is to basically set up a bunch of criterias like matching user ip to known crawler ip lists, user agent matching etc. All of this is done before rendering/redirecting in the GET request...
  4. A

    Adwords Specialist

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for an adwords professional to optimize my gambling related cloaked campaign. If everything will go right, I'm going to hire for a long term.
  5. Harnur

    Google Ads+ Cloaking (HELP!)

    Hello, I am cloaking my website link for my google ads campaign. I am getting low-quality traffic from Google, so, i wish to do conversion tracking for my keywords. Will conversion tracking work if i am using cloaked link? Shud i use Google conversion tracking(will google flag my ads account...
  6. A

    Adwords low quality traffic

    Hi, everyone! I decided to run a cloaked campaign and created a review website for gambling niche and passed the review and it's really working well. I mean I buy 200+ clicks everyday. The problem is I can't convert my traffic to partner visitors. I'm gettin 200+ clicks to my website but just 30...
  7. I

    I an new to cloaking and needs help to set it up.

    Hello I am buying a Churn and Burn Adwords account and want to setup a cloaker on it. I have never tried it before and I am not sure it will help me with my line of business(Travel). Could somebody help me set it up without spending a lot to see if it works out for me?
  8. D

    I am a beginner in G Adwords. Any pro tips?

    Hi, Also, I have been reading a lot about Google AdWords on this forum. But most of the things are difficult to understand. My first question: 1. By how many types your accounts get banned? For eg, payment activity, suspicious activity etc. 2. Also, on what parameters Google judge a website...
  9. D

    ı need justcloakit account rent 2 day to trial

    Hello ı will buy account but first ı want to try before the purchase 1-2 days thats it max 1-2 k click who can provide this ı will pay your rent
  10. CertificationsXpert

    Cloaking For Affiliate Marketing - Basic Guide for FAQs

    I have been noticing threads who are asking about What is Cloaking and why do we use Cloaking Services in order to do Affiliate Marketing... I decided to compile some data related to Cloaking so members can take advantage in one GO from this thread and get the basic idea about it. What is...
  11. R

    Everything On Stake.

    Hi, I am a new member. I request all the admins & other members to help us. We want someone to help us with SEO , Ad Sense Or Anything else thats best for OTA. We had a dream, that we saw however things dint turn the way we want. We are a team of good holiday consultants. If anyone can guide...
  12. M

    Best AdWords account creation method

    Hi all , Any advice on what’s the best method to create a AdWords account for Cloaking, Any advice will help. Thanks
  13. MethMixer61

    Life of an Adwords account with cloaked landing pages?

    Hi all at BHW, I am posting on a clearnet forum after almost 5 years, apologies in advance to MODs if i take a couple of posts to get used to the rules here. What is the longest duration someone here has had an active Google Adwords account with cloaked landing pages and in what niche of...
  14. A

    There is a LIAR!

    I want to expose a hateful liar. I am looking for this person to buy the cloaking system. He told me that he has a very good system and is very easy to use. A fter everything was negotiated, he asked for BTC to pay. I never used BTC. I have paid for the money. Then this liar disappeared...
  15. S

    Adwords Cloaking Expert

    Hi, I am looking for experienced adwords cloaking expert familiar with JCI.
  16. S

    Looking for experienced Adwords Cloaker

    Hi, I am looking for experienced adwords cloaker familiar with JCI.
  17. B

    Cloaking Google Adwords 2018

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who knows the current Google Adwords cloaking schemes and can set them up for my projects.
  18. Saar

    Cloakin'/PPC/Ads Adv. methods

    Hi Everyone, it's a pleasure! I am looking for prospect traffic providers (affiliates) that have expertise in one or more of the promotional methods described in the title. If you obtain one or more of the skills mentioned above ping me via PM Best!
  19. A

    Run Tech Support Campaign for me and Generate Regular Leads

    Guys I need help with Running Tech Support Campaign for Lead Generation. I am ready to offer a Plan wherein you will atleast make 100$ per day.
  20. A

    Can Anyone Help me with Cloaking

    Need an urgent Help with Cloaking either through Justcloakit or any other similiar tool or manual cloaking. For Google Adwords. Please share the useful Tips & Tricks to make cloaking work with Google Adwords