1. dom.domino

    Running twitter ads? How to Cloak Twitter Ads campaign?

    Hi, I have been trying to launch black hat twitter ads related to NFT's for some while now, yet only 1/15 of accounts has been successful. (I know crypto and NFT are against twitter ads policy) They all get banned immediately after even creating an ad that is not related to crypto, but something...
  2. D

    Need Cloaking Solution For $200,000+/month Ecom Store

    I currently run an e-commerce store generating over $200k+/month (profit). Unfortunately, the items I sell are prohibited by Stripe & they end up closing my accounts sooner or later once they catch on. I have figured out a solution for Stealth Stripe accounts, but I'm now looking to solve a...
  3. T

    Google Ads Search Campaign for Gambling Affiliate

    I am an experienced marketeer and I already have my winning ad. I ran it for quite some time and it constantly had a 2000% roas. But I made another website and my account got suspended for the other ad that I just made. It was a rookie mistake, but now my winning affiliate ad is gone. So I need...
  4. D

    I’m making $10k/day profit with Google ads

    I currently have multiple aged google ad accounts with significant spend history (5,6 figures). I’ve used some of the accounts already for a niche & have been making $10k/day profit consistently. I’m wondering how I could use them to make even more money. Anyone with experience in this ?
  5. H

    Running cloaking campaign with black page keywords, headline on Google

    Is it ok to run cloaking campaigns on Google with keywords, headline & description related to Black Page or restricted niche? Will it run longer too? If not then what is the solution for this since if I don't put keyword headline description relevant to black page I won't get users to click.
  6. H

    Is it ok to copy Safe Page content from other Site?

    Is ok to copy content from other site for your safe page
  7. H

    Does Cloaking not work on WP Sites?

    I have seen posts saying cloaking isn't effective or working with WP Safe Pages. Is it true?
  8. H

    What should I show in White/Safe page for Crypto Cloaking?

    I want to advertise a Cryptocurrency Exchange referral sign up link and want to create a white page for it however I don't have much ideas what should I put in it. I want to create a white page that is related to cryptocurrency. If anyone can give me links of example etc. it would be great. I...
  9. coolsheet

    How to track redirects on mass page sites I build?

    I use mass page sites for CTR manipulation and 307 the mass pages to a URL that emulates a click on a search result and populates a keyword into the search bar. Anyone know how I'd track the hits on those 307s? For example, a site generates 100 wp posts per day. When someone clicks the post in...
  10. S

    Looking for good Google Ads Cloakers

    Hi there, This will be my first ever post on bhw i guess in past 8 years of my journey learning, grinding new tactics and showing my gratitude to the amazing community members everytime i get a chance. And this has been for past 8 years or so. Anyways coming to the point, I am looking to...
  11. Marwnito

    Cloaking for Tiktok Ads

    Hello, I would like to know if someone could help me cloaking for Tiktok Ads. Thank you
  12. D

    I'm running an illegal gambling in Indonesia, how do you run google ads with cloaking?

    Hi, I'm curious, if you ever using cloaking with google ads, how much google ads account do you have? how long does it last? and where do you buy google ads account? and if you are running gambling services, how much do you spend and is it worth? some say that it's better fb ads than tiktok ads...
  13. F

    Any cloak works in 2022?

    Hello everyone, I read many posts and review but those are not latest. due to lawyer sue and technical issues I am not sure which cloak will works on fb campaign currently. Any help I would appreciate
  14. absolvo

    [SEO Journey] Handwritten Content + Cloaked Spam

    Hey aliens, this absolvo and I read a ton of journey threads and I think it's time to start my own journey thread. I've been planning this for some time and I think a journey thread is a great way to keep me accountable. The plan will be to create a "base" website that will -HOPEFULLY- rank...
  15. hoax tech

    [] intelligent cloaking service for Google Ads and other sources

    Do you often get "malicious software" in your Google accounts? Do you starting to work with black products and need really high-quality cloaking? You found it! Try 7 days for free right now! and you will get: - Js-fingerprinting - No restrictions on the number of flows - No restrictions on...
  16. Affiliate3750

    Promo Code - Cloakit

    Hello Guys, i saw cloakit is nice tool , and then noticed the prices and when someone use the promo code it will cut the half , does anyone know where i can get a promo code ?
  17. L

    New member here

    Hello guys, finally opened an account on BHW, I'm looking for a Cloaking expert for FB ads, please PM me :)))))
  18. Moinsen223

    Google Ads Cloaking/BH Setup Expert

    I'm looking for someone who can teach me how set up my Google Ads in order to advertise Social Media Services (Followers, Likes). I would like to get to know a strategy to advertise such BH offers as others in my niche are able to do it as well. Just PN me with how you could help and your...
  19. Albert Speer

    Need find cloaking solution

    anyone have experience about cloaking solution with BH offer nutra,plss contact me
  20. MrStutberg

    Facebook safepage should be unique or it doesn't matter?

    Hello everyone I have a question regarding cloaking on facebook. Do you always generate a new safepage when running camps on fb? At the moment every time I run a fb campaign I look for new safepage, but in the end they are not top quality and it takes some time to do it. I was wondering...