cloud hosting

  1. PeterPerseo

    Looking for a VPS/Cloud hosting with cPanel installed and ready

    Hi, after many years building and managing hundreds of wordpress sites ONLY on shared hosting, now I need a vps or cloud hosting for a new project, but I need an hosting ready to go, with cPanel and softacoulous already installed and ready to work. I'm not able to install them. Does anyone know...
  2. J

    40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans

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  3. Bloodseeker

    Any cheap RunCloud or Cloudways alternative?

    I want a server management tool like RunCloud and Cloudways that is even cheaper. Cloudways is the cheapest among the both but it offers less flexibility. Cloudways costs a minimum of $10 per month = $5 for server + $5 for the management layer $5 for the server is fine. I want software that...
  4. T

    Which Company has the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Plans?

    Hey, I am looking for a nice cloud hosting plan from a known company. It should be able to handle 150K monthly traffic. Please suggest the most affordable plans.
  5. HenryObi

    What Website Host Do You Know Offer Auto Scaling And Can Handle 1k Visitors Interacting With The Sit

    I'm looking for a reliable hosting that offers auto scaling and can handle over 1k users Interacting with the site at once. When I say Interacting, I don't mean merely reading articles on the site. I mean something like playing a quiz which makes requests every... Very few hosting providers...
  6. Sujatha M

    Best Hosting For Handle 250+ Realtime Visitors?

    Hi, I want to know the best web hosting provider who provide the powerful hosting service that can handle 250 to 300 real time visitors. Suggest me some cheap and best web hosting services. Thank You.
  7. Rank Cartel

    ♛ Royal Cloud Host ♛ Premium Quality SSD Cloud Host | With Premium Support 24*7 [Free Review inside]

    High Quality UK Based SSD Cloud Host With Free SSL Certificate TO Protect Your Website (DDos Protection Include) Royal Cloud Host Refund Policy :- If we fail to deliver what we say , we will provide you full refund About Service :- 24*7 Support High Quality...
  8. A

    Is TMDHosting Good?

    I am so much confused which hosting should I go for Shared Hosting or SSD Hosting or Cloud Hosting. Some people say go with Digital Ocean, TMDHosting Cloud Hosting. One of my friend recommended me Siteground Web Hosting. I am looking a new hosting for my new money site. Please, help me...
  9. D

    Need info about payment methods in cloud server hostings

    Hi Guys, I need to know which kind of cheap payment methods can be used in server pilot, digital ocean. Recently heard, that 1$ cards can also be used. Does anyone know about it ? Thanks and Regards !
  10. A

    Plz suggest the best cloud Hosting

    Hello Guys, I need help, I want to change my hosting provider PLZ suggest me the best cloud hosting provider My budget is 10$-15$/mo Thanks
  11. StealthPayPal

    Is Cloud hosting better for wordpress

    What is cloud hosting. and is it good for SEO ? I have heard that cloud hosting allows you to use the resources of multiple servers. So does it have any bad affect on SEO ?
  12. Visual Eagle

    Google Cloud for PBN hosting?

    Anyone here using google cloud for hosting PBN domains? I recently got a hang of making the trial accounts and I still have some good domains that I would need to setup for PBN to rank my other site. Since I would change accounts after like few months (and transfer domain to new) would maybe IP...
  13. thecoolhascome

    Looking For Lowkey Hourly Billed VPS's

    Hello, wondering if anyone can make a list, or just give me a few names of cloud hosting providers that are not very well known, and bill hourly. I have tried so many, and things like vultr, and digitalocean are banned on the sites I am trying to make Proxies on. Thanks in advance, John
  14. R

    Best Hosting for Website Speed

    I would like to speed up my Wordpress blog, any suggestion related to hosting please? The blog receives between 1000 and 1500 visitors daily and in general its very simple its pure informative and most of pages contains text and couple of images Currently the blog is hosted on a shared account.
  15. R

    Google Cloud Hosting

    I am thinking of hosting my Wordpress blog with Google hoping to get a faster loading speed. Can you please tell me your advise and if you recommend Google or not? Any better alternative?
  16. J

    Is Kyup compatible with different WordPress plugins?

    I want to know if Kyup is compatible with different WordPress plugins? Does it affect the performance or speed of the website and which is the best to host Kyup container-based hosting?
  17. VeronicaSmith

    How public cloud is better than private cloud?

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. Actually I've heard a lot about cloud hosting and its types. But I'm a bit confused between both of these cloud hosting types. Hope to have a good time ahead in this forum :)
  18. B

    Intro (1 Search BPO Process LLP and BVWebhost CEO)

    Hello, My name is Ashok Reddy and I am the founder & CEO of 1 Search BPO Process LLP and BVWebhost. I am learning lot of new things from when i started my outsourcing and web hosting business. 1 Search BPO Process LLP is and outsourcing company and is now running good. My current task to bring...
  19. T

    Dropbox alternatives for PPD files connected to games?

    Hi! Dropbox blocked my account that I used for uploading files used to link lockers published on my PPD blog. I need alternative where I'll post my files and they won't get deleted + I'll get direct links to them. I don't require much, not much space at all, transfers don't matter. All that...
  20. X

    Cloud storage affiliate Program

    Hi There i just Need you guys suggestion Actually i joined an "cloud storage" affiliate program which offers FREE unlimited cloud hosting, But i am confuse what is the best place to advertise this offer such as how to target peoples for this kind of traffic , and What will be the interest of...