cold email outreach

  1. B

    Questions on cold emailing

    I've got a list of 200k emails of customers that have purchased atleast once from a certain site within my niche and was just wondering a couple things before reaching out to them. I tried a couple thousand emails on klaviyo a few months back but i had no idea what I was doing which landed me in...
  2. crystalwiz

    100+ Cold Email Templates at $39 + 40% OFF

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  3. leadsplanet

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  4. A

    Looking for a cold email expert to help with outreach

    Hi there, Need someone that is an expert with cold email to manage and run two cold emails campaigns. One would be sent to marketing agency owners, and another to small business owners. I would provide the emails and the copy. Looking to sent around 500-1000/day each. Thanks, Aaron
  5. Stianos

    Sending out Cold Emails

    Hey Everyone. I have been sending out about 10-15 cold emails a day for a very legitimate service I offer online. I was wondering if there was a way to automate it to around 100 day without getting flagged as spam? For reference I am currently using outlook.
  6. A

    Best Proxies to Buy For Bulk Cold Email Marketing?

    Hi can i get some idea which proxies would be the Best for doing Bulk Cold Email Marketing? (Mainly for Gmail) Heard normal accounts email marketing has higher inbox rate than Smtp email shots.
  7. HustleFriday

    What We Understood Sending 120k Cold Emails For Outreach Last Month

    So after a lot of discussions amongst our team members, we finally decided to launch an outreach service last month. No, I am not going to share a link as this is not to promote that service. It is about what we figured out after sending thousands of emails throughout last month. Here's the...