content locking

  1. elnor0

    question about the OGAds file locker

    When I'm setting up the file locker on ogads, it asks me to fill in a URL to redirect the user to. This confuses me since the only way i can think of getting a URL of a file, is by uploading it to google drive and copying the link from there, but I feel like I'm missing something and I'm just...
  2. B

    CPA content locking question

    Hey guys! I have a question on content locking. Would people actually be willing to complete CPA offers to get access to something like an ebook? I personally feel like people would click out if they see that they’d have to complete an offer to access it but people on Youtube say otherwise.
  3. fal

    What kind of channel is good for youtube ranking?

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I make CPA Videos (Content Locking) on niches such as game hacks, downloads and more. I have tried to upload CPA Videos multiple times on newly created channels (with a throwaway number to use custom thumbnails) but these videos mostly just die and/or don't appear on...
  4. M

    an honest opinion about my landing page? thank you

    These are some pics of my LP that i made today , a short and honest opinion is welcome from anyone! all i need is to get a domain & host for it! :) i want to test it a bit.. to see if it's really converting (or to see if it's working) i work with CPAgrip / Content Locking - i've set the option...
  5. Aiden L

    Any ways to rank faster on google?

    Average time to rank in google for low competition keywords? Also how would I go about making the process faster? Thanks in advance. Hoping to be a lot more active on the forum soon, had a lot of shit to do recently. I'm trying to rank a robux generator.
  6. R

    Good converting content locker landers? CPA

    Does content locking landers like this converts and good to the visitor's eye: What are some good converting content locking landers to content lock anything?
  7. hazzi

    Anyone doing YouTube + game hacks

    Anyone here still doing YouTube and game hacks ?
  8. hazzi

    Facebook ads and OGAds

    Looking to get into Facebook ads and content locking. Has anyone tried it? And any tips.
  9. C

    Movies, TV Shows, Live TV Content Locking - Detailed! You Can Do This Too!

    Introduction Hey everyone, I'm Ste, I wrote the post on CPA and YouTube a while back that got a bit of interest. A fair few people posted asking for tips and help and I thought I could actually help some people get started. I promised a sort of follow along journey thread, but covid really...
  10. Ankith K Shetty

    Can I make money in CPAGrip like this?

    I have a doubt, so I have a business where I get atleast 10-15 data everyday who are my customers, can I contact them using Whatsapp and share them the offer url and offer them free goodies that is related to my business and also something that they would love if they fill our the CPA grip offer...
  11. Ankith K Shetty

    Any CPA network that accept chat traffic

    I have learnt that not all CPA networks like CPA grip accept chat traffic, that is traffic from WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc of content locking offers. Is there a CPA networks that accepts chat traffic for content locking offers? Thanks,
  12. Ankith K Shetty

    Best Courses for CPA?

    Hi, I am new to CPA and what to learn some things before marketing it. Can you recommend any course or study material that is awesome. Ecspecially, I am looking to start with content locking. Thanks comrades Over & out, Ank
  13. Ankith K Shetty

    Any Content Locker that doesn't deny me?

    Hi, I am trying to get into content locking business. But I am being rejected where ever I am applying. Rejected in: Ogads Crack Revenue Maxbounty Is there any networks where I can earn with content locking and where a beginner can get approved easily?
  14. ziko12345

    Need a good content locking network for tier 3 traffic

    My main traffic is from philipines, india , thailand and some other tier 3 countries. I have tried ogads, cpagrip, cpalead and a few others but many of them dont even have offers for these countries and when they do, they convert bad or they pay really low. I know that tier 3 countries generate...
  15. Nekronomikon

    OGAds Content locker doesn't work?

    I have a problem with a content locker that I created on OGads. After completing the offer, one should get redirected to the file I locked. But the redirect doesnt seem to work. I tested it several times already, but after completing the offer, nothing happens and I stay on the offer site. Has...
  16. MrT131

    Supercell took my video down...

    Hey guys, recently i uploaded a YouTube video on how to get free gems in a Supercell game (CPA Content Locking). Now they manually took down my video because of "Copyright" and i'm not shure what i should do. Should i just continue uploading or take down all Supercell videos and hoping that...
  17. MrT131

    Post your OGAds month/day Stats

    Hey BHW, I’m looking forward to start again with CPA Marketing on OGAds. That’s why I need some motivation and want to see your stats. Thank you!
  18. A

    [HELP] cpagrip content locking

    hey guys i am working on cpagrip on content locking ( niche mod apk ) i always have clicks but no leads PS : i disabled all CC submit and i let just email . pin submit and mobile installs can you give me some advice to help me
  19. hatterftw1

    Need a New Content Locker Network. Any recommendations ?

    The main and basically only content locking network I have ever worked with is shutting down. I need to move all my traffic to a new one, any recommendations ? I really have only dabbled with a few others but never really sent much real traffic to them. And also being I been so content I really...
  20. AndreiDoesMarketing

    Streaming Sport Events on FB - Help needed

    Hi I manage some fb groups with people interested in watching sport events streamed live without paying. I know a website that is streaming these events. Now how can I go about posting a live stream on a fb group without police coming to my door and how can i monetize it (content locker or...