1. indianmojojojo

    GPT-3 Based Auto Blogging Service | FRESH OPTIMIZED CONTENT FROM WRITING TO PUBLISHING | At a Special Price | 1.10 USD Per Article

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  2. light and bolts

    Inserting keywords inside a text

    I have a piece of content and I want to insert a list of 5 to 10 keywords in the text. I don't care if the text makes sense afterwards. Anyone has ideas on how to do this?
  3. S

    This Guy from Reddit makes $235k per month from 2yr site without a team...

    ...if we don't count a linkbuilder. Post SUMMARY Start date: Mar 2020 Niche: Finance Num of articles: >600 HOW: Made kw research with free tools and used his own knowledge about the niche. Planned to make 10k per month in 2-3 years but managed to reach that number in just 1 year, after making...
  4. Cognitive

    Paraphrase and Enhance Content. Is it a good idea?

    We're experimenting with a new AI system (multiple AI models working together) that is able to not only paraphrase but also enhance the content. The goal here is to make the AI "understand" the main ideas of each paragraph in an article and write a new paragraph with a different structure and...
  5. T

    How to Create a Website that does Pure Churned content and doesn't get penalized by Google?

    I've been looking into a few websites - notably,,,, and They receive millions of visitors from duplicated content in mass production - and I want in. What code do I need to do...
  6. freelancermasudbcl

    Is seoestore panel backlinks are safe for google adsense content?

    Anybody can say seo estore panel backlinks works are safe for google adsense monetize content?
  7. PHPInjected

    PHPInjected Presents - Ranking 3 websites with Sensit AI content & ONLY BHW resources

    The purpose of this thread: I've seen a lot of either new members or curious members who post threads regarding whether or not AI content can rank. Threads like this thread, this thread, & this thread ask the question of whether it can be done or whether Google can detect it. There is also...
  8. P

    suggest me some tools of free content writing?

    suggest me some tools of free content writing?? i am very tired about it....please suggest me some valuable free content writing tools....
  9. E

    Need any advice about the website

    Hi guys, I hope everything is going well with you. Recently, I bought a hosting plan from namecheap and created a wordpress website in the field of fitness. But now, I don't know what type of content I should write. Should I research some long tail keywords at first? I really appreciate you...
  10. P

    how to check it is a duplicate content?

    how to check this content is used??
  11. Nihilism

    [Native] Californian Writers Guild - High Quality Affordable SEO Optimized Blogs & Articles

    SoCal Writers Guild We are a group of six California-based writers, writing content full-time for over four years. What we specialize in Blogs & Articles - You supply us with the topic & keywords, we write about it. Rewrites - You send us the link to an article, we re-write it. However, we'll...
  12. davids355

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    First things first; when you get started on your project you need to have your head in the right place. Think BIG, think POWERFUL, think of your niche website as a samurai sword - you want to keep to the original specification of a sword, you don't want to over-complicate it or turn it into...
  13. Hit First Page

    [Case study + journey] how i gain 30,000 pageviews in 3 month with autometed ai generated content website.... continue journey

    Hey, what’s going on, guys? This forum is truly awesome. I was looking for some cold email software tutorial and found some awesome guides in this forum, so why not create an account for this awesome forum? So I attempted to make it, and I discovered I already had a budget! What a surprise! All...
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    The Product ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am selling Q/A style articles that average 700-800 words for only $1 per article. The articles work great as filler content on T1 sites, and Google eats them up. All you have...
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    University Graduates With Excellent Writing Skills Who Can Help You Write The Top-notch Content

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    Want to buy amazon affiliate full website service

    Hey, I want to start making money with amazon affiliate that's why I need a full website with the best niche recommendation. Is there any best provider who creates a full website for amazon affiliate also guide me PM me who can provide me? or also can suggest the best provider? Thanks
  17. Hustlim

    I want to make a WordPress website with a plugin. Best plugin, advice?

    Hello, community, I want to make a website that focuses on affil, where I will publish original reviews in English. Affiliate offers have the option of creating a GEO affil link. This means that the service in question is in 15 markets and I would like to reach them all. How do I do that? I...
  18. Hostinglogy

    Keyword intention

    Can someone help me with understanding the intent of this title? "Upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription - The End of Free Google Business emails" Please give me your honest opinion.
  19. Rankimax

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