1. babelonia

    How to Promote CPI on Twitter?

    Hey guys, i found a 10 years old twitter Acc and i want to use it to promote my CPI offers. But i dont know how to do that... Can you give me some tips? Dont know which # to use, and neither where to search for followers. Im using CPI + Giveaway Method. I got a Landing Page + Reddit Acc (2k...
  2. babelonia

    Is SSL essential for ranking a website in the Top 10?

    I'm trying to create some blogs and monetize them with ads. I realized that SSL is a very important factor, but at the moment I have no money and no time for a job (full time college). I know there are free ways to get SSL, but I came across the following problem: The free servers I found do not...
  3. Rohit Mehra


    Hello Everyone! This Post Maybe My 3rd Post and I want Help From My BHW Friends I Have 1m+ facebook semi adult girl page on facebook And I am Posting Girls Pic In Daily Routine The Minimum Likes On every Post Are 10k I didn't Know How To Make money From This Page Anyone Have Idea Please...
  4. robebryant

    2020 journey to $10k / month [season 1]

    Ep.1 (Pilot) Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen, My goal for this year is to achieve full financial freedom and $10k a month would allow to do whatever I want and enjoy some of the luxuries this world has to offer. I currently make a few cents here and there using some methods learned here on...
  5. Sasook

    My journey to $10,000 for investments using Snapchat

    Hey guys. I am starting a journey to earn $10,000 for investments using only Snapchat, I will do this by using cpi and cpa offers + affiliate opt-ins, and sending them to USA traffic for 'a chance' of them winning money. How do I get Snapchat traffic? The first step is to shout me out on their...
  6. sagua

    Reward/earning apps in 2019?

    Hi, I have created some profitable Android rewards apps in 2016-2018, but after some policy changes we had to remove apps before Google banned us and I haven't done anything in that niche till now. We also have seen many poor reward apps, only with few buttons and awful design, which Google...
  7. P

    Hi Everyone I am new here

    I am starting CPA Network, and this is very good way to learn for it. Thanks
  8. GoGol96


    Hello so im new into the cpa game im trying to get approved with ogads but i cant can anyone suggest me something or how can i contact managers to get approved with ogads or some sites i have a few yt channels and some ideas
  9. wl3hacker

    [Journey] CPI journey to 33$/day with youtube

    Hello guys, My old CPA websites died recently and I found myself without any income, so I decided to start working on cpi and youtube. my plan: 1- prepare 5-10 low competition niches 2- rip some already ranking videos for those niches and also create some and test which ones are better. 3-...
  10. Ashway

    Looking for someone to work on CPI basis

    i have a campaign of CPI, its a gaming app. please pm me with your price per install. Bot installs are also fine but you need to tell me beforehand if its bot. Payment terms - post payment (1 month) Payment mode - Any
  11. K

    I Need a website built

    I need a website build for my cpa/cpi marketing! comment your sskype below please & I'll add you or simply message me on here, a photo of the site example is attached as well.
  12. B

    Driving installs for my application

    I have built my first android game and now I'm looking to get users through a CPI campaign. The application generates revenue using ads, so I need users who will engage with the app ( no bots and no low quality installs ) How can I be sure that the installs I'm paying for won't be wasted on...
  13. Z


    Hi . Im new to CPA ,I did many research about CPA AND I WANTS TO START WITH IT .Any suggestions how to start nd which network that give good offers . ANYTHING?
  14. P


    Hello, who know the best affiliate program to get cpi or cpa. Need affiliate program that will take any site and accept my campaign quickly(I have pc optimizer site). I need to get the installation of my program, Advise something please
  15. Kellydinh

    Which CPA networks have apps install offer?

    Does anyone know? Please recommended me. Thank you ^^
  16. Youngtrain Pan

    Nice to meet you guys!

    we have some good source for CPA!
  17. vishal9586

    Best CPI affiliate website

    I want to know best CPI affiliate website for tier 1 traffic. I can get downloads to apks and not apps on google play store. Which affiliate website should i use?
  18. lemeshko21

    What happened to CPI Networks like OGAds and TheBluMarket? What are some alternatives?

    Hi, I recently decided to go back to CPI marketing but noticed that both of the agencies I used to work with aren't operating. I can't log into either of them and when requesting a password reset, I'm told that a link is sent to my email but nothing ever comes. Their sites haven't been updated...
  19. B

    Instagram + CPA

    Hello. I would like to get an advice from someone for how to connect to my proxies and use them in bluestacks. Thank You.
  20. N

    Appthis alternative

    Lately appthis has been rejecting every single campagin is being created Hv been searching for alternative for Appthis That either allows affiliate links or allowed tracking links