1. F

    How to find affiliates?

    Hye, I'm Farjad, new Manager in Idvert Group ltd. It is an affiliate network with Seven years of experience in the market. As I'm a new manager of an affiliate network, can you guys suggest me that How can I find affiliates?

    Need help or suggestions.

    Please move my thread to right forum if it's not relevant to this forum. Hello, BHW world. i want to ask you people the cheapest way to generate hot targeted leads for b2c in u.s. i want to know something cheaper yet guaranteed ROI.
  3. Jake662

    How Should I Send Paid Traffic To CPI Content Lockers

    Hey Guys, I have been using reddit and twitter as my main sources of traffic and I have managed to get a afew conversions however not as mutch as I would like to see. Therefore I am going to try paid advertising however I would like some advertising networks that you would suggest to promote...
  4. M

    How to generate CPI conversions?

    Hi there! Lots of people say they can provide CPI conversions on different forums. I also heard that mobile advertisers suffer from people who make fake ones. But I wonder, whether it's possible to make someone install something (especially some common apps, like UC Browser for example or...
  5. S

    Biz Dev for Well known Network looking to meet affiliates and help increase their revenue

    Hey Everyone! I am a business development rep for a well known network in the affiliate marketing space. I have 7 years experience in the industry and recently joined this forum to meet new affiliates and use my resources to help increase your revenue. If you have any questions or want any...
  6. kiks

    [Trick] Increase your CPI Earnings UP to 70% with Redirect

    Hello to everyone! Earlier today I saw a thread that was similar to that thread that I'm writing right now and I got the inspiration to share with you what I'm doing to get some extra leads from my visitors. That trick applies for CPI and CPA :) DISCLAIMER: I'm sure a lot of CPI users here...
  7. E

    Unlimited Money on OGADS?

    Hey boys, I JUST got approved for my OGADS account and I have a few questions...What's stopping me from getting a second phone, clicking on my own links and installing the apps to make myself money? I could always delete the apps, use a VPN, and keep clicking on the link and downloading the...
  8. S

    In Need of PK App Installs!

    Just like the titles says. I am looking for a lot of PK app installs. I need some suggestions to get the traffic/installs I need since PK is a difficult geo to target sometimes. Thanks!
  9. Nitin Desai

    Fornite Blackhat Method YouTube ?

    Can anyone can run this type of offer in big yt? The owner of the has created different account but they are aged and have 3k and 19k subscriber and in that the channel video has been uploaded 8 years or 9 years back. Please explain me this . Thank you in advance
  10. S

    Camelog Ad tester, does anyone know how they manage to get such good results?

    Hi All, I am a media buyer and worked with a lot of ad testers in the last couple of years. i came across few months with a new tool called Camelog.com which have very good results in terms of accuracy and speed. I wanted to know if anybody knows what is the difference between them and other...
  11. kaushik1861

    Incent Indian Traffic

    Hello Everyone I have running two incentive apps on play store(Like mcent).And each have 20k download. But don't have resources to monitise them.I just have putted the referral links of other apps. Currently I am not earning any big amount. But capable to do users payment. Also I don't have much...
  12. Dominor001

    OGADS How to deal with Desktop Conversions

    As in the image below, we can clearly see that Ogads sucks when it comes to Desktop traffic. The Android conversions are also low, and it looks like iOS has the best offers in terms of CVR and Payout. What I am going to do is to modify the landing page to redirect to CPAgrip content locker if on...
  13. caffeinesn0w

    How Can I Explain To My Parents What OGAds/CPA Is?

    Hey everyone, I believe this is my second post on BHW. I'm sorry if my post isn't structured well, or I act too much like a noob. I have been lurking around for not too long now, and I think I'm ready to use OGAds. I applied, got denied, contacted support, and got approved even on NET-7...
  14. caffeinesn0w

    Got Denied by OGAds, No Explaination Given

    About an hour ago I signed up with OGAds. I made sure that all of the information I gave them was correct. I explained that I would be using YouTube videos and Instagram as my primary sources. I linked my Youtube to show I already have one set and ready with 250 organic subs. I said I didn't...
  15. T

    Help Need About Ogads Stats!

    I joined ogads 4 days ago, and the problem is that i am receiving near 1000 clicks on ogads offers but in my account dashboard it is just showing me 200 to 250 clicks! so whats the problem?
  16. StartupHat

    keywords installs from cpidroid or other?

    Have someone used or heard any feedback about cpidroid? They offer keyword installs with 3 days retentention, which sounds good, but can’t find any reliable reviews. What service would you recommend for keywords installs?
  17. Lukmat

    Where to buy downloads - Android and iOS

    I can sacrifice myself and make a list of CPI services for all members to stop this all spammed advertisement from new members or "agents" who are trying viral marketing. The reality, there is no good place for getting installs. You can try some BHW threads on The Marketplace. These people have...
  18. N

    Can I scrape users from instagram?

    Hello guys! Does anyone know if its possible to scrape users from Instagram who has posted a post including example "Need iPhone x"? Because I started cpi+ig and I can see that many of the people I target have a post where they ask for the "product" I offer and most of them use the same...
  19. kiks

    Downloading an app for money? what they really win

    Hello guys i have a question and i need a clear answer :) So as you know many networks CPA, CPI gives you some money (0.40$ 0.50$ ) for every time someones install an app from your content locker. I want to know why they really pay you 0.40$+ for a download, i mean.. how is the profit from their...
  20. Y


    Hi everyone I have a lot of experiences on cpa offers promoting but I never try to get convertions using instagrame so can you please advise me and give me the best ways to promote using instagrame