1. K

    CPI network

    What's is the best CPI network??
  2. ideastro


    Hello everyone, welcome to my thread :) Lets cut to the chase, currently I have Massplanner($17 a month), 5 proxies($10 a month), and bought 10 accounts for $2.50. The accounts I bought are non pva fresh accounts and I am pving them using private Filipino sims. Day 1: Loaded up all accounts and...
  3. Kiwiii97

    IG + CPA Journey to $100 a Day

    WELCOME TO KIWI'S IG + CPA Journey to $100 a Day A couple of months ago (around the Pokemon GO hype), I decided to try Instagram + CPI out. This was right before the method by Cryogenesis came out, and it wasn't all too much of a hype around it in relative to what we've been experiencing just...
  4. L

    i want buy ogads account or someone help me register.

    I had register ogads before ,but rejected . now I had 20 Instagram account and follow 100 people every day per account . I do not want waste this traffic . I think CPA lead is difficult for me , so I want get a ogads account . is anyone can help me .
  5. installcube

    Seeking for CPA network with good PPC/PPV basis

    Hi! Anyone can advice some CPA network with good CPClick/CPView impressions? Ping directly or skype: account.installcube with request: "#cpa_traffic"
  6. dosk

    My Journey to Success with Instagram + CPA Mobile Ads

    Overview Hello, I'm Dosk. I've been a BHW member for about a day now, but have done many experimenting with CPA advertising in the past. You can find my introduction here. I plan on being active on this thread, with my journey on Instagram and OGAds. http://members.ogads.com/signup.php...
  7. M

    Looking for someone to make cpa vids for me!

    Hi there, i am looking for someone who is able to make cpa/cpi vids with proof. Can you do this or knows someone who can? Please let me know here.
  8. Susie Lee

    Search for installs for direct/exclusive offers

    Hello guys! We have tons of CPI/CPA mobile campaigns! - incent/non incent - iOS/android - any GEO - all verticals Pay by paypal and wire bank. If you are interested in partnership, please ping me: -skype: susielee1410 -mail: [email protected] For quickly approvement, let's ping me...
  9. DigitalShark

    Huge problem with IG + OGAds... please help!

    Hello, about a week ago I had around 13 accounts running in my niche and I was getting around $7 per day and I was happy with it, that is around 0.7 per acc. 3-4 days ago it dropped to 0.15-0.20 per account and currently I have 20 accounts running and I made 3 dollars this day and yesterday with...
  10. DigitalShark

    Best CPI affiliate network?

    I need an CPI affiliate network with offers that I can promote on FB ads, IG ads... Basically, I need network that will give me my aff link and when someone downloads an app from Play Store or App Store I get money.
  11. mattoflawrence

    СPA & CPI: Question of morality.

    Hello kind people of BHW! Unexpected thread from me, but I really want to discuss it. Maybe, this way I want to try to convince myself to continue with CPA more "white hat" way. (and pardon for my english, not a native one) So I've practice CPA for months now. I finally figured it out how to...
  12. MidtownMan


    Hey guys what's going on? I have a new journey that I fully believe will be successful. $20 a day with OGAds and Instagram. As if there already isn't enough ig CPI journeys on here lol. I came upon a rough patch and have completely ended up splurging my $5k savings between my car and b!tches...
  13. K

    Need CPI Advice

    I have some CPA account, and some good CPI offers, but I still can make money? Does anyone can teach me? and what method that convert well for dating app install? thanks before
  14. McHenzy

    CPA Programs That Doesnt Fail FrameBreaker Test.

    Hi, I have much TE credits and am looking to take advantage of them before they run out. I need to ask you guys if you have any affiliate program(s) offering CPAs that does not void frame breaker test. I need direct urls to the CPI or CPL offers in the said affiliate program, not those cloaked...
  15. Artjom

    Looking for new Affiliates

    Hello! I`m looking for affiliates who work with CPI basis Ping me PM or skype Skype: artjom.adhit
  16. Artjom

    Looking for new Affiliates

    Hello! I`m looking for affiliates who work with CPI basis Ping me PM or skype Skype: artjom.adhit
  17. nanoinfected

    No more reading , No more hiding , Time for action

    Hello BHW ! I've read and followed too many successful journeys for different OPs , since June , i was so motivated , and every month i prepare my self mentally to start and begin my own journey secretly , why in secret because i was afraid , afraid of failure ( you can't imagine how much lol...
  18. R

    Not Another Instagram + OGADS Journey!

    What?: Newbie Instagram+OGADS Journey to Make $$$ Who?: Hey guys, I'm a 20-something year old, long time lurker, with a whatever 9-5 that allows internet access. The only money I've made online is with a couple amazon affiliate sites that still make $$ a month after I abandoned them. My heart...
  19. JLTMzz

    Instagram + Ogads Journey to 21$ a day

    Hi there, My name is João,im from Portugal (European football/soccer champions :D:D:D) and im starting college in a few days.After researching for several weeks this awesome forum,I found some success stories with this method and I had to try it.I hope this works because college in Portugal is...
  20. Xiroz

    CPi and PPI

    Hello there BHW I got an IG account and would like to start monetizng my followers and i had already set up an landing page. Ive tried sharepop but it doesnt cover wide countries therefore im asking you guys if anyone have encountered any good affiliate networks that pays well. Already looked...