1. henikken

    Net 15 - Adhit- Cpi, Cpa: Search Publisher, Net 15 - Adhit- CPI, CPA: search publisher

    Net payments under the net adhit 15TH. Currently, we are more campaign iOS, android is being run. We need multiple publishers. People can contact skype: Josephine D. Rodriguez or Artjom Adhit. Nice to work and cooperate with you.
  2. BlackFox.io

    JV - We Have Offers for Every Country!

    Hey Guys, We're looking to partner with a few selected members of BHW. What we are looking to do is test our new superlink algorithm with your mobile traffic. Here are the Pros & Cons - Pros - +Over 10,000 active high paying and high converting offers through one specialized link. +Offers are...
  3. zanderzero

    Real Talk...

    I am currently in a job making ~$300 a week for social media management. Been seeing a lot of journeys regarding CPI/CPA are really inspirational, whether it be from facebook or instagram, that are making a lot of money. So... Advice Do you think I should stick with this stable job or go for...
  4. IGDoctor

    Looking for a CPI media buying coach

    Hey guys, I'm excited to write here again :p I made my Instagram journey before and think for a while to experiment media buying. I used CPI to monetize my accounts and will stay true to it. I read all I could find about media buying here and from other sources but still lack a lot of...
  5. J

    My First Payout - Weekly Using Instagram + Adchef

    I just wanted to share you my first payout on Adchef using instagram traffic. Many people out there were making thousands a day so i have to push more, I am posting these for the other newbies like me to not to give up, if you can't view the image then here is the links payment proof -...
  6. fmbaba01

    | JV |Looking to partner with Install traffic providers=$$$

    Hi, I work as an Affiliate with one a reputable firm. I'm into mobile install . Geo targeted, but more importantly the pay is good, the payout is superb, trust me on that. So I need dedicated person that can drive lots of installs. With lots I mean thousands daily/weekly/monthly. These...
  7. D

    Non Incentive App Install - Network

    Hey guys, haven't posted on here in a while. I had good results with sharepop however there was not a large selection of apps on there. I am looking for a network that provides non incentive app offers which are available on both ios and Android. Thanks!
  8. M

    [IG + CPI] Journey to make 15$ a day!

    After reading many threads, many methods and trying out many things, I noticed I will never reach anything if I don't stick to something and work hard on it. With that being said: WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY ON REACHING $15 / DAY USING IG + CPI I decided to share my journey with you, not only to...
  9. Kiwiii97

    KIWI'S IG JOURNEY II Including Dropshipping & CPI (Shopify & OGAds)

    Hey hey, it's your boy Kiwi. You might remember me from my first appearance here at BHW almost a year ago with this thread, where you could follow my journey as a newbie in IM as I was learning how to grow an Instagram Account and how to monetize it. It took me a whole bunch of trial and error...
  10. N

    Buyinstall give away 20 free packets 5$ for android

    You're going to invest a lot of time,effort and money into building your app, you want to make sure it’s in front of as many eyes as possible. Through traditional marketing, social media marketing, and word of mouth, you can get the word out about your app. However, your primary focus needs to...
  11. roydan

    Looking for CPI Traffic (Forex)

    Hi Guys! I'm looking for CPI (App Installs) Traffic for a Forex company I work at. If you think it's relevant for you, please send a message to: Skype: roy.danino or Email: [email protected] And I'll get back to you!
  12. Erald

    Social Media Journey to $100 a Day

    Hey, What's going on guys? I've seen to many Journeys here in BHW and I feel ready to start mine. There are two reasons why I'm starting this : One is to track my work , and Two is getting advice's and motivation from you Guys. I don't have any money so Investment will be $0 For this I will...
  13. andrewemerson

    [JOURNEY PART 2] Instagram + CPI & Pr0n Reuploading to 200$/day

    [ CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 ] After a break from my 1st unreached goal I decided to do the part 2 because my methods kinda changed, and I want to start a fresh journey now that I have more experience! [ REUPLOADING ] To save some time for some of you guys, this is not a "method" thread and I...
  14. DEADZ

    Any CPI Network that allows direct linking?

    Hi Guys, Anybody know of a CPI network that allows direct linking?
  15. M

    iOS Turkish App Installs

    I have app at Turkish Apple App Store and i want app installs for get organic uplift. Could you please give CPI offer for my app ?
  16. A

    We have our own in-app CPI traffic global wide.

    Looking for Direct Advertisers on CPI basis , Android / Ios with large budgets . Pm me !
  17. puneetas3

    Looking for Android Clean Master App CPI Offer

    Hi, I am looking for Clean master app CPI offer on any affiliate network to promote. I was getting good conversions for it on peerfly but the offer is now paused. If anyone know of any network where it is active or if someone is a direct promoter of it, we can partnership. Great returns and...
  18. BlackFox.io

    Need 10 Beta Testers - Earn $X,XXX per Day

    Hey Guys, We recently launched a new product we're testing with a small group of people. So far with the amount of partners we have we're not getting enough feedback to truly optimize. With that being said what we're offering is a rev-share opportunity. We can provide you with a super link...
  19. I

    TryInstall - High Paying Pay Per Install & CPI Affiliate Network

    TryInstall is a PPI (Pay Per Install) affiliate network. We?re helping our affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic. You are paid for every install generated by your website/software traffic. Our automatic payment cycle is...
  20. O

    What are in your opinion the best and the most reliable CPI-networks?

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get into CPI (Click-Per-Install) network and I'd like to hear about your opinions / experiences. What are reliable and good CPI-networks? I'm looking to get into program where you can earn by getting people to install certain apps and I'm looking to drive...